I was so jealous because everyone else has these amazing costumes and they’re learning archery and they’re learning horse riding and I’m like butt naked. So I’m like, ‘Okay, how about Season 2 either give me a costume or I’ll ride naked if I can have a horse. They’re like, 'We’ll see what we can do.’ I got a costume.
—  Esme Bianco |x|

HBO: Which character do you admire the most?

Esmé Bianco: It would be easy to say Daenerys, but I’ve got a lot of admiration for Catelyn Stark. I think Catelyn holds to her beliefs, what she believes is the right and proper thing to do—like when she lets the Kingslayer go. She’s been through so much and is still standing proud and supporting her son. I mean no one has had it easy, but I really admire her.