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Esme was still full of joy that my heart had finally been touched after all this time, no matter the potential for tragedy. She’d thought I would always be alone…

looking forward to season 2 violet pointing at sunny in a fursuit and telling olaf “this is chabo the wolf baby”

On Disguises

i totally realized something today

in the snicket universe, disguises always work, no matter how ridiculous. this is central to the plot, and it’s how nobody recognizes madame lulu, how the baudelaires can pretend to be a two-headed person and a wolf baby, or how klaus and sunny convince esme, all the henchmen and an entire operating theatre that they are nurses. the baudelaires, in turn, are tricked by the bald man, fernald and esme with basically no effort - the bald man just puts on a bad fake wig, fernald wears some fake hands (or, in one case, just really long sleeves) and esme literally just wears a motorcycle helmet. in tua, someone even successfully disguises themselves as a cow. but the children are never fooled by olaf’s disguises - even though they are usually more elaborate than everyone else’s.

in a way, it is partly down to lemony’s explanation in the vile village - the way you’d know that a stranger wasn’t your uncle - because they’re so familiar with him and so scared of him, they are simply more atuned to him. but also, i think there’s another layer to it.

in TPP, they put themselves in front of the harpoon gun he’s pointing at dewey denouement. this is undoubtedly brave, but really - they know he isn’t going to fire. because they know him. and they have realized, as the reader does during that scene in TPP, that olaf is always wearing a disguise, even when he is isn’t dressed up. he is 95% bravado and 5% bitterness, and ironically they know that better than everyone around them. they can see right through him, no matter what disguise he wears, or even if he doesn’t wear one at all.

lermanisms  asked:

This is no doubt a strange question but what kind of wedding rings - if any - do you think the Cullens have? I know Edward has some of his mother's jewelry (how he managed to go back and get it is something I'll never quite understand) that Bella now has (and seemingly heaps of it, if I remember correctly). So do you think anyone else has any "family jewels"? Or maybe just pieces they've picked up over the years that they've grown particularly found of? Thanks!

Movie!verse-wise, Carlisle’s Cullen crest ring is supposed to double as a wedding wing. The cast talked a little about getting to pick what kind of jewelry they thought their character would wear their crest on, and Peter picked a ring for that reason. I think it’s fitting–Cullen might be his name, but they didn’t really become a family until he married Esme. Men wearing wedding rings wasn’t that common until the last few decades (and even then not everyone does–my father and mother had been married forever and he’s never worn a ring. My brother got married a few years ago and he does). But given the “movie star” doctor thing, I imagine he’s got to have a pretty obvious ring on that finger if only to try and keep admirers away. Probably has to take it off for various procedures and gossip starts “He wasn’t wearing his ring!” “Isn’t he getting ready to perform blah blah blah?” “Don’t ruin my fun.” 

I think Esme almost certainly wears a wedding ring of some kind. The trend of diamond engagement rings really took off after the Great Depression, but it existed in some form before then, so I imagine Carlisle gave her some sort of bauble when they got engaged too, although maybe not a solitary diamond. I had a headcanon that he’s picked up random things over the years because he has an eye for beauty and he had this lady’s ring he bought centuries ago that ended up being perfect for Esme. (She likes antiques! ;) 

The kids don’t/can’t pose as married couples in public–except when Rosalie and Emmett live separately–so I kind of imagine they’re sneakier about it. Maybe they wear rings on a chain around their necks, or do matching necklaces or something to symbolize their married-ness without giving it away in front of hte high school kids? Rosalie’s got a whole collection of engagement and wedding rings to choose from–she gets a new one every time, of course, to match the different styles of her wedding dresses. Alice probably just has the original ring(s) Jasper gave her.  Emmett and Jasper may or may not ever choose to wear rings, or maybe they wear them on different fingers, or the style is not obviously a wedding band, etc.  Alice’s terrible father was a jeweler, right? Not that she remembers it. But maybe there’s some subconscious memory there somewhere that informs her tastes. 

Edward is going to wear his ring NO MATTER WHAT. I feel like people are going to be like “you’re pretending to be 15, you can’t wear a wedding ring″ and he’s just like THE VERY MOST I WILL DO IS MOVE IT TO THE OTHER HAND, THAT IS ALL.  And Bella’s just like whatevs and moves her wedding ring and engagement ring to a chain around her neck. 


This is probably just wishful thinking.. but what if Esme is the girlfriend we’ve all been hoping Lauren would get? I think it’s definitely a possibility! Also not to stereotype or anything, but Esme was wearing a red flannel so..

So, the other day I was tagged to do this by my wonderful friend thefaultinoursummers so I’ve finally gotten around to doing it!

1. People call me Anna Banana or Annacus, but my parents call me Anna Panna :)

2. My eyes are very blue!

3. My hair is somewhere between dark blond and light brown, the boundaries are blurred for me!

4. When I was 11, I got by thumb trapped in one of the doors in my house and i had to go to A&E. I broke it and had to have it stitched back together. 

5. Green!

6. Oh, this is difficult… I would say my bedroom but that’s a bit boring. I LOVED New York when I went in 2012, it was amazing, but I also love Edinburgh and Oxford, they are both beautiful cities!

7. Really… I can’t name one! I love Jenna Coleman, Emma Watson, Hayley Williams, Anna Kendrick, David Tennant and the list goes on and on…

8. I’m not really an animal person but I adore owls! I own a fair few things with owls on!

9. The Frog Prince by Keane has always been my favourite son but they aren’t my favourite band, Paramore is! My favourite Paramore song is Part II!

10. It is a tough competition between Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows… I can’t choose! 

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