esme marshall


Esme Marshall

Every generation a beautiful woman comes along and defies and re-defines beauty by cutting her hair into a short pixie gamine look. Esme was that model in the ‘80’s. With her bold eyebrows and quintessentially luscious lips, She stole the hearts of everyone in the modeling industry and created a fever for short hair that has only been matched by such notable celebrities as Mia Farrow in the ‘60’s and Halle Barry in the late ‘90’s and 2000’s. Though Esme’s career was short and tumultuous, she created a fever that burned out long before her look ever will. About two years ago I was invited to a dinner in the meatpacking district with some good friends from LA and as I sat across the table. I was entranced by a breathtaking young woman. I couldn’t think of where I knew her from, where had we met before? When I couldn’t stand it anymore I asked, “Have you ever heard of a model named Esme Marshall?”, and she replied, “Well thank you that’s actually my mom!” (wow the circle of life, how circuitous it is). She laughed and I realized in that moment she had the same poise and je ne sais quoi that made her mother a fashion star. She told me how her mom didn’t really want anything to do with the modeling business anymore, and of course I had to ask her, “Well where does she keep her Vogue covers? As I would keep them in a shrine forever!” and she told me “That’s a part of my moms life that she really doesn’t think about anymore, they’re actually in a box in the attic, and I haven’t seen them in years, nor has she. She lives in a small town in California with a simple life and job, and focuses on the present.” (And we all know that, that is a gift and that’s why it is called the present). Well Esme always shared that gift of beauty with us and she clearly shared this beauty and the beauty she possessed within with her daughter, a job that clearly gives her more joy than being one of our generations great beauties ever gave her. Thank you for sharing Esme, Happy Mother’s Day!