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under the cut you will find 72+ female first names that have multiple syllables and at minimum two corresponding nicknames. i’m a huge fan of longer names and tend to go to them when making characters so i figured i might as well make a masterlist of the ones i rly like! ik 2546 other people have made name masterlists but u know what, im doing this Anyway. i tried to add nicknames that may not be super popular for that name (but lbr, you also might’ve heard them before) to help widen the pool of nicknames.

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01. a masterlist of [ FEMALE ] names                                                                                   by hyfrph

↳ a list of names that i really .,,. really enjoy for my gals !! I use some of these and the ones in italics are my fav !! last, male and non binary names to come !

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Masterlist of: Favourite Names

Here is an alphabetical list of male and female names that are my personal favourites that you could use for your OC’s or your character’s kids etc. I have taken inspiration from TV shows and/or movies and yes some of these names I want to name my child(ren) one day. Some of these names may be very British, but hey it’s allowed as I come from UK. These are based on my opinion and I don’t wish for you to take offence.

Names may be added as and when I can think of or see ones I like.

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