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Title: Wherever You Go Today

Author: Ithinkwehaveanemergency

Summary: The five times that a McCall Pack member hugs Theo and tells him they love him, and the one time Theo does it to one of them.

Or, the all but mandatory 5 + 1 fic that nobody asked me to write for the Thiam fandom.

Inspired by listening to my Fleet Foxes Vinyl. I’m sure you can guess which song.

Tags: Complete, Not Rated, under 5K, 5+1 Things, Getting Together, Post-Series, Idiots in Love, Theo Raeken Needs a Hug, Theo Raeken Gets All the Hugs.

A Peek Inside:

The first time Theo gets a declaration of love and a hug from a pack member, everything changes.

Theo had helped the pack several times over the course of their battle with Gerard and the Anuk-Ite. He had also traveled and fought by Malia’s and Derek’s sides, when the three of them had been sent to aid and warn other packs of the new global network of hunters.

He didn’t think he was necessarily on anyone’s good side, but he was definitely a strong, trusted ally. By the time a month had passed, he was involved with all pack matters, particularly ones that involved Liam.

Note: This is actually so soft and heartwarming, you must read it!!

Title: There’s Nothing Holding Me Back

Author: DaSmileyWrites

Summary: Theo wasn’t able to control his impulses. He had to make a move. This was gonna be the best night of his life.

Tags: Mature, Smut, Bottom Liam, Top Theo, Resolved sexual tension, Fingering, Anal sex, under 5k, Complete.

A Peek Inside:

Liam tried to relax, feeling the hot water rolling on his back. He pressed the palms of his hands against the cold tiles of the shower and lowered his head, letting out a sigh. He still felt tense, but the warm water helped him clear his thoughts.

Suddenly he heard the bathroom door open. He quickly turned around in surprise, ready to yell at whoever entered in his personal space. He froze in chock when he looked at Theo’s figure leaning against the door frame. Liam didn’t know what he was doing in here, until he met his gaze. Want. Need. Pure lust. He gulped, couldn’t find himself to move. He didn’t find the strength to even cover his naked body from the chimera.

Title: Of Course

Author: taylorkitsch

Summary: Because, of course, Liam loves Theo. And of course nothing is meant to last.

Tags: Complete, Teen And Up Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply, under 5k words, Fluffy Ending, Fluff, Nervous Liam.

A Peek Inside:

“You left me,” the blue eyed boy says, tears beginning to gather. “After everything we went through together, after the rest of the pack finally decided to forgive you and give you a spot, after you saved my life time and time again. You just left me with a stupid fucking note and a hoodie that doesn’t even smell like you anymore because you washed it.”


“You’re my goddamn anchor, Theo whatever your middle name is Raeken. Of course you are, how could you not be? You were always there to hold me back and keep me from spiralling out of control,” Liam says, rubbing the back of his hand across his face. “And I thought you wanted a pack, that you wanted a home. I was giving those to you, but you left.”


“What?” he asks, caught off guard by the question.

Theo chuckles, “My middle name is Karl. But go on, keep talking.”

Title: Ms Jackson, if you’re nasty.

Author: Tuwalli

Summary: Liam manages to get Theo to move into his house with the help of his mother, his attraction to the Chimera is obvious; especially when he catches him dancing.

Tags: Complete, Teen And Up Audiences, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, under 5K words, One-Shot, Roomates, Dancing, Topless Theo, Mrs. Geyer is a a cinnamol roll and the best.

A Peek Inside:

Though a certain morning routine was broken as Theo heard Liams car sputter and wheeze, followed by a grunt of annoyance. The door opened again, and footsteps came up the stairs, followed by Theos door was swung open and Liam was greeting by the form of the Chimera looking at Liam with a raised brow. Liams mouth was open as if he was about to say something but instead the wolf discovered that the Chimera was topless and found his eyes roaming along the chimeras bare muscled chest, his breath catching in his throat at the sight.

“See something you like, puppy?” Liams eyes drew back up to meet Theo’s, who was smirking, clearly quite happy with himself.

“Shut up. Give me a lift to school, and put on some clothes.”

Theo chuckled softly as he watched the blushing beta cross his arms and look at the ground. “Are you sure you don’t want me to take more clothes off? You seem to be enjoying the view.” Theo then heard Liams heartbeat pick up as he began to flounder in his own embarrassment.

Theo threw the shirt he plucked off of floor over his head and then walked out of his room, slapping Liam on the back who was still speechless. Liam found himself shaking his head and following the Chimera. Liam spent the car ride trying to remember the first time he found himself checking out Theo. It was the time when Theo was working on his truck, covered in oil and wearing a tank top. That, was the day when Liam thought, ‘Maybe I’m not as straight as I thought.’.

Title: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Author: Thinking of Theo (Mizaya_Zoldyck)

Summary: Set during 6x16. Liam and Theo end up at Scott’s house during the shootout. Theo realizes the lengths he would go to to keep Liam safe.

Tags: Teen and Up Audiences, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Complete, 1K words, set during 6x16

A Peek Inside:

Theo felt like the world slowed down around him. He has heard that, in an emergency, your eyes will find whatever is most important to you. In this emergency situation, Theo’s eyes immediately darted to Liam. Luckily, Liam was not too far away from Theo. He felt a sharp pain in his back as he ran turned towards Liam. He quickly jumped in front of Liam and pushed him down to the ground. Theo stayed on top of Liam until the hunters stopped shooting, and even for a little while after it was clear that they were done. Slowly, everyone in the room started to rise from the ground.

“Is everyone okay?” Scott asked. There was a murmur of confirmation from most people in room. Theo rolled off Liam and Liam pushed himself off the ground and onto his feet.

“I’m okay,” Liam said.

“No, you’re bleeding!” Scott said, pointing to Liam’s side, where there was a damp, red patch on his shirt. Scott rushed over to see if his beta was okay. Liam lifted his shirt, but the skin underneath was flawless. There was no sign of a bullet hole, or any injury that could have caused the bloody stain on his shirt. Liam pulled his shirt back down.

“Where’d the blood come from then?” Liam questioned. Liam and Scott both turned as they saw a bloody hand being raised out of the corner of their eyes. Liam was shocked to see Theo leaning against a leg of the dining room table, shakily holding a bloody hand in the air. His other hand was pressed to his side, where a large patch of sticky liquid had formed on his jacket.

Oh god, the scene afterwards when Usagi and Chibiusa thought they were dead…

First of all, Mamoru freaking out and screaming because he thought he lost Usagi. And then the look on his face when he realized she was fine. It gave me too many feels.

And then when Usagi wakes up…At first, she’s very weak. But then she realizes Chibiusa hasn’t woken up yet and she quite literally springs to life and practically jumps at her to make sure she’s okay. And then the look on HER face when she realizes Chibiusa is just fine.

Seriously, if you don’t love this family, then you are wrong.