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“Generally with winter north swells at the Lighthouse, the current is horrendous, resulting in un-swimmable conditions,” says Outer Banks photographer Matt Lusk. “This particular day was an exception, and I was able to swim out with a 50mm lens. The clouds were thick and blocking the sun most of the day, but I noticed them thinning out when the surf seemed to be pulsing. So I forced myself to put my wet wetsuit back on in 30-something-degree air and swim out a couple hours before sunset. The sun sets to the south in the winter and shines golden light right into the lefts at the Lighthouse. It was a little inconsistent, but I knew if I could line up with one of the boys it would be worth the swim. Sure enough, I linked up with Brett Barley on this heavy insider. I love the over-the-shoulder surfer’s perspective, so I try to sit out a little further to shoot down the face. Mission accomplished here.”

Photo: Matt Lusk


The first structural test article of Orion’s Service Module arrived at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio yesterday (November 9).

Manufactured by Airbus Defense and Space in Europe, (the same company who built the Automated Transfer Vehicle), the European Service Module will provide Orion’s electrical, propulsion and umbilical capabilities during flight.

A single Orbital Maneuvering System engine leftover from the Space Shuttle program will power the spacecraft, and four 11-kilowatt solar panels will generate electrical power.

The STA will be used for fit checks and other engineering tests at NASA’s Plumb Brook facility, which is a sub-facility of Glenn.

An Antonov-124 aircraft, the second largest cargo plane in the world delivered the ESM STA to Cleveland International Airport November 9.

An Open Letter to @louisck #LouisCK4Prof

Dearest Louis CK,

Drenched in the fine tradition of the creative arts, Emerson College has been held in the highest of regards among the collegiate world of Boston, Massachusetts. With our award winning radio shows and television programming, the esteem we have garnered from our fellow academics is duly deserved.  

And frankly, the marketing kids are sick of it.

Spearheaded by our professor David Gerzof Richard, we want to shake things up in the world of “creative arts.” We want you.

We are the Emerson Social Media class at Emerson College. We study emerging platforms and social media trends and analyze how they affect everyday life and business.

We watched your interview with Conan O’Brien in which you reference your hate for Twitter, etc. Many of our classmates at Emerson shit on us for choosing you, preaching that if we REALLY knew anything about you we’d know you hate social media and have no use for it and you’d want us to die for even THINKING of inviting you.

But we beg to differ. You revolutionized the comedy industry by making your performance very easy to download online for just $5. Trusting the online public and your fans to not take advantage of you or your product seems pretty damn social to us. You’re a game changer. We think you’re putting the human back into “social media”, and would really love to hear more of your thoughts on it.

To pay you back, we’d love to give you a brief tutorial on Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform you’d like to learn more about. The women in class have also offered their advice for you when your daughters become teenagers; whichever works.

Basically, we think social media would be a great venue for you to promote your

product and interact with your fans, and we know we’d all love more Louis CK in our daily feeds.

To get your attention, we’re gonna pretty much go insane on social media. You may not be on social media too often, but we think your friends are, so we’re going to try talking to them, too. And not to be super creepy, but we think you’ll be in Boston filming the next month or so. We’re right downtown, so we’re pretty easy to find. We can even swipe you into the dining hall if you’re hungry.

We’re not looking for a performance or autographs. Basically, we think you’re doing some pretty cool shit and we would love to learn from you.

So, let us know if you’re in. If you are, you can email us at


Emerson Social Media Class

Spring 2013