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Turn your weekend games into classroom activities!

Party on the weekend? Out of ideas for the week. Hey it happens to the best of us. I find the best way to come up with new ideas is to draw on old ones. I think last week I typed up an activity post based off of the game flip cup. 

This week the students played “Water Pong” yeah, yeah I altered the game a bit.

Here is what I did:

  1. Divide the class up into two teams A & B. you will need some flash cards or questions from the unit you are planning to teach, two buckets, plastic cups, a ping pong ball, and food coloring (optional).
  2. Put two desks together and arrange the cups in triangle formation. Fill each cup up with a different amount of water. Some cups I filled to the top and some cups had little to know water in them
  3. Two classmates will face off to answer a question or identify a flashcard correctly. Only students who answer the question correctly will have a chance to play. 
  4. Students will attempt to land the ball in a water filled cup. If they succeed their cup is poured into the bucket for their team. Remember each cup contains a different amount of water.
  5. Repeat. The team with the most water in their bucket is the winning team.

They love it!!!!!

Things you Google as an ALT (or just my google search history from today I guess)

“cereal meaning”

“cereal origin story”

“why use -ly suffix rules”

“names of cereal UK vs US”

“how much chlorinated water safe to drink”

“scurvy causes and treatment”

“vocabulary retention activities ESL”

“average number cereal brands US stores”

“fix samsung galaxy 6 network connectivity problems”

“moonshine origins”

“rum runners of north carolina”

“moonshine meaning”

“ordering of adjectives”

“immigration office Aomori city”

“name change paperwork DMV NC”

“attention spans according to age true or false”

“Horizon Zero Dawn DLC dates 2017″

“top 10 lists when bored at work”

“how to pronounce Ceres roman goddess”

Any Ideas???

So for summer camp this year I’ve decided to do an Around the World in 7 Days type theme. I’m planning to use this as a fun way to incorporate Science, History, and Cultural Geography into their English lessons. 

I’m planning on showing Buzz Feed’s video about what people eat around the world for breakfast, and I’ll have the kids make a North American style breakfast (and by North American, I mean AMERICA. And by Breakfast I mean French Toast..LOL)

Next I was thinking about Brazil and teaching the students about the Amazon Rainforest and the plants and animals that live there. Maybe for an activity plant something and make a beautifully decorated planter. Talk about the importance of the Rainforest.

Australia- dangerous/ venomous animals and insects that live in Australia. No activity yet. But the kids love learning about that type of stuff. 

And…. That’s  about all I have. Any suggestions? I’d like to pick a country focusing on dance, music, and art. Maybe do another cooking dish. Show them how to play a game from another country. Try learning a few phrases from another language. 

Anyhow any ideas are welcome ^___^  

path-to-personal-eudaimonia Thanks! I like the passport idea. Maybe I will have the kids make their own passports the first day. Actually I think I will, And each day that we finish a country they can get their passport stamped. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! THANKS!


Teaching Idea!

Do you guys ever use Disney Shorts? I think these are a really great tools for getting students to speak English or write in English. You can adapt almost any short to any lesson. 

If you class is basic level you can ask basic questions what color is her coat? Her Hair? What is she doing?

Maybe have a vocabulary challenge. Have the students list words they don’t know and then look them up in the dictionary.

For advanced questions you can ask questions to get the students formulating sentences and thinking on their own? What do you think happened to the little girl? Is the place good or bad? how do you know? What are the other dolls in the room and how did they get there?