esho funi

Nichiren Buddhists says “esho funi.”

The inner and the outer are not separate.

Change the inner attitude toward life, and your outer circumstances will also change for the better; Put good things into your outer life, and your inner state of mind will improve as well. 

Find symmetry in your life. Let your mind swirl and blend beautifully with your body and you will come to find the things that once were emotionally strenuous or seemed physical impossible to bear become infinitesimally less frustrating.

i.e. When stretching a muscle, your body tenses and you feel strained, so your mind panics. When you relax your mind, focus on calm breath, your body eases and you can push further into a more flexible state, mentally and physically.

i.e. When experiencing something emotionally painful, your natural reaction is to seclude and wallow in your minds state. When yourself to go to the movies with friends or out for dinner, your body has loosened up and soon your mind has let go of the pain it was clinging to and you’ve found yourself smiling in the middle of hurt.