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Rey, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While this costume started out as something for my to wear to the Thursday night premier, it’s really quickly becoming my favorite costume. Today was my first day really taking it out for a test run. I just finished the staff last night so it still needs more work, but I am so happy with how everything turned out!

This costume is a lot of firsts for me, including tea dying the fabric to get it closer to the shade I wanted, as well as bigger prop building. My hair is my own, and I’m still surprised I can even get it up to get it close to her style because it’s pretty short.

I’ve seen TFA 5 times now and I am ready to go again, so needless to say I’m obsessed!

Photos by ESH <3

Also, I’d like to note that it was almost 65 degrees here in PA today and the grass is still green, hard to believe tomorrow is December 25th.


Yesterday, instead of going to the stores and causing more grief to the poor sales people who are stuck there away from their families…. I went out and took photos of two creepy buildings in my “hood”.

Hit the links for more images:

The Old Theater that once showed porn and then later became a church:
Part 1: The Spire
Part 2: Everything Else

The creepy abandoned furniture store next door that is probably filled with rats. (peeking inside the cracks and crevices at the doors gave me the willies)

Crazy: It was actually raining here in Long Beach yesterday. I got soaked taking these shots. I was so happy. =)


It’s been one month since Star Wars: TFA came out in theaters and almost that long since I had my photoshoot! I didn’t want to throw out any spoilers to soon but I’m excited to share them now.

Photos by ESH.

Other photos from my photoshoot:

Rey is such an awesome character and I can’t wait to wear this costume again!