Interview // Spirited Dance: Chillando by eSGi

The beat. The beat. The all-call to the dance floor. The inter-twining of legs and arms. Hands that touch and grasp and reach and slip. The go, go, going of these two and those two and you and me and more. The sweaty salty. This is the night. This is the noise. The thump, thump, thumping that is there in the head long after last-call and lights up and life resumes on the street. But we are anonymous here; a mass of semi-humanity writhing in darkness. The DJ is a perched on a throne in judgment and decree. There is another way. The Boston-based eclectic bounty of noisemakers eSGi are drawing narratives from alternative sounds and developing into something that is not your usual nightlife culture in Beantown. We caught up with the members and party-makers in anticipation of their fourth Chillando event and the one-year-anniversary of their frenetic monthly house party…

97erunik4t asked:


🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?
- Jo Jo- Blero
- Fatih Esgi- Bosver Kalbim
- Jason Derulo- Vertigo
- Tupac- Changes
- Elvana Gjata- Love me
👃 You hate the smell of ….
- Fake Bitches 😷


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