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Love your blog Mr ENTJ and your posts on cognitive fucntions (superiority). In your opinion, what is the biggest pro and con of each cognitive function? Such as biggest strength and weakness. Thanks!


  • Pro: Gets everything done.
  • Con: Pisses everyone off.


  • Pro: Perfects complex concepts and theories.
  • Con: None of them work in real life.


  • Pro: Creates lots of ideas and plans.
  • Con: Can’t execute any of them.


  • Pro: Plans for the future.
  • Con: Overlooks the present.


  • Pro: Nurturing and inclusive.
  • Con: Naggy and oppressive.


  • Pro: Idealistic.
  • Con: Unrealistic.


  • Pro: Adventurous.
  • Con: Reckless.


  • Pro: Loses small.
  • Con: Instead of winning big.
the mbti types as trash
  • istj: very very neatly organized trash
  • isfj: sensitive trash
  • infj: psychic trash
  • intj: rubik´s cube trash
  • istp: cold trash
  • isfp: art trash
  • infp: aesthetic trash
  • intp: meme trash
  • estp: adrenaline trash
  • esfp: funny trash
  • enfp: lovely trash
  • entp: hot trash
  • estj: minerva mcgonagall trash
  • esfj: mom trash
  • enfj: social trash
  • entj: don´t fuck with me trash
MBTI Project Runway Looks

A little silly, but I’m on a PR kick, so what the hell.  

ISTJ Daniel Vosovic, Season 2

ISFJ Rami Kashou, Season 4

INFJ Ven Budhu, Season 10

INTJ Seth Aaron Henderson, Season 7

ISTP Maya Luz, Season 7

ISFP Austin Scarlett, Season 1

INFP Leanne Marshall, Season 5 (the dress on the right)

INTP Dom Streater, Season 12

ESTP Christian Siriano, Season 4

ESFP Mondo Guerra, Season 8

ENFP Dom Streater, Season 12

ENTP Edmund Newton, Season 14

ESTJ Korto Momolu, Season 5

ESFJ Christian Siriano and Chris March, Season 4

ENFJ Daniel Vosovic, Season 2

ENTJ Irina Shabayeva, Season 6

Each Type as Kidnappers:

ESFJ: This one honestly believes they have your “good will” at heart. They’ve grown so close to you, that they feel like they are responsible for each of your actions… therefore this type will likely kidnap you because to them it is after all, for your own good, and no one knows you better than they do.

ISFJ: Likely a lonely person who has desired to become a parent but was never able to, due to medical or other issues. As such will often hear the phrase “They’re such good little children aren’t they, I would love to have good little children like them.” As the parents of the children simply laugh and do not understand this person means it literally and at one moment in the dead of night those children are gone. To this kidnappers mind he/she may truly believe they could give those kids a better life.

INFP: The overly attached one… and I do mean… the overly attached one, you know that overly attached girlfriend or boyfriend? In anime this kidnapper would be likely considered a Yandere, very dangerous and best to try and avoid at all costs. They grow attached to you too fast, to the point where if they can’t have you, no one else can, and they will make sure to have a bunch of pointy things around to make their point clear that you are to never leave their side.

ENFP: Truthfully probably the absentminded overly excited one, they had this idea, that lead to this other idea, which then caused them to get their friends to tag along with said idea… and by tag along, I mean “It would be so cool to go to Bermuda with my friends and explore those Islands… except they’re not much into traveling so I’ll just drug them and when they wake up they’ll have a surprise in store.” And of course said surprise would be friends waking up in Bermuda wondering how the F they got there, as the overly excited ENFP is simply repeating “It’ll be fine, trust me we’re going to have so much fun.” Only to likely get ship wrecked a few days later.

INTP: This one started with a thought… the said thought being “I wonder what would happen if I…” To them it is an experiment, likely an experiment on the victims psyche, also to them since it would be too much of a bother to keep said victim around, would simply release them after they’ve performed their tests. Of course this could be anyone… from friends to strangers, the idea however, is that in order to truly test their reaction, they must be surprised, and what best way to surprise some one and hold them against their will, than a surprise kidnapping.

ENTP: They got bored… it’s very dangerous when an ENTP gets bored, especially if said ENTP decides they want to watch some real life drama in a certain setting. The victims never knew what hit them, only to find themselves in an abandoned area, with the ENTP on the intercom explaining to them the rules of the game, if you win, you get freed, if you lose well… you’re on your own, in either case it is more a matter of amusement to this kidnapper than anything else, besides what are one or two dead bodies anyways?

ENTJ: Likely runs some kind of syndicate… actually most likely does run some kind of syndicate, disguised as a mere business on the outside. This kidnapper means business, they don’t need your money, they don’t need your pleading unless it’s one of utmost fealty. No they will kidnap some one you love to prove a point, that point being they know where you live, they know who you love, and they know who your friends are, so fall in line or else. And what better way to drive that point in than to kidnap the person you love the most.

INTJ: This one will not do the kidnapping themselves, nor will they kidnap just anyone. Power and money are their motive and gain, but why should they be the ones to get their hands dirty? As such their web is far and wide, and the ones they kidnap will be people of influence and stature… or at least their family members. Of course this would be done via minions and messengers, as they either begin to blackmail or send in the ransom notices to said family members. Even if they are caught… they never are truly caught.

ISFP: Much like the INFP, also potentially dangerous, but they’ve got a more… hands on twisted idea of love or beauty… perhaps even both. The victims don’t need to be alive, they just need to feel them, feel their warm blood and beating heart, and yes this could mean literally. Likely strong into S&M, but without that safe word, as their screams are music to the ear and their blood a way to paint with… sometimes even on the victims bodies themselves. In, let’s face it, a very twisted version of self expression.

ESFP: Desperate and perhaps a bit delusional, wants love and attention, but is constantly avoided, driving them to finally snap. Once done they will become a serial kidnapper, and bring people to places where they really don’t want to be. The madness of this kidnapper will likely cause some harm, with some apologies directly after, and thinks forcing things it considers fun onto people a perfectly acceptable thing. Also most likely to be the one saying “See aren’t we having so much fun?!” with a crazed expression and likely a bunch of dead bodies and freaked out people.

INFJ: Has “seen the signs” has “put things together” strongly believes imminent doom is coming down upon all, unless one were to find a way to survive it all. To protect the ones he/she love, this one will lead them subtly into a “bunker” until the perceived danger is gone. The stars have foretold him/her so, and it is within their duty to protect everyone. As such will often be the one constantly saying “Do not hate me for this, for it will all be over soon and we will build a new world, as the corrupt above die and burn.”

ENFJ: The cult leader… and by cult leader, I mean the one who kidnapped a bunch of youth, and started indoctrinating them into believing that they’re a god/goddess who is to be worshiped and has come down upon them in human form. Will likely make them believe that there is no hope for survival without the aid of their divine guidance, and that their divine providence is that which protects all. Those who do not believe are heathens and that those kidnapped are the god/goddesses closest and truest disciples, meant to keep the god/goddess company for all time away from society.

ISTP: Don’t travel alone in the woods at night, for there is one out there who sees you as game and a thrill of the hunt. They have their own special little cabin in the woods… yes that kind of Cabin in the Woods. Which this kidnapper likely built themselves with their own hands. Woe to all who tread pass on his/her land for soon they will never see civilization again. Upon capture, will be put in cages and treated like caged animals, trophies that he/she has been able to capture, it’s more fun keeping them alive, then having them dead.

ESTP: This one has kidnapped only the one important to it’s arch-nemesis, why? To fight that’s why, the hero has been alluding them for far to long, and this kidnapper has finally… finally found the ones the hero has loved, or well… villain depending on how you look at the story… Regardless, those he kidnapped he has set a time limit on, if his/her enemy doesn’t show up… oh no what is one to do? Besides push them off a cliff of course. In reality however, he/she is banking on the Hero to show up, and to have one final grand stand against them in an epic battle between the two that would go down in the pages of history.

ISTJ: This one is merely doing their duty, fulfilling the role their boss has set upon them as a loyal worker, perhaps even the loyalest workers. He/She may not agree with the standards upon which their employee is doing things, but they have been around them the longest, who are they to judge? As such for this one, kidnapping you is really nothing personal, it’s just business.

ESTJ: This one much like the ENTJ is not to be trifled with. Perhaps this one is the leader of the Mafia, Yakuza, the Triad or what ever kind of gang it may be. He/she looks after their subordinates well if wise, and treats them like crap if not. One will likely be kidnapped by this type if say… a friend or family member your close to decided to… borrow some money from some loan sharks. You may not be killed, but should payment not be sent quickly enough… expect to lose a few fingers or toes until payment is met.

Como dicen "Te amo" los mbti

• “Quédate un rato”
• “Seguramente esto te guste”
• “Justo estaba cerca”

• “Quiero que seas feliz”
• “Te ves como si necesitaras un abrazo”
• “Te espero”

• “No hacía falta ni que lo preguntes”
• “Te veré en el camino”
• “Estaré aquí cuando me necesites”

• “Vi esto y pensé en vos”
• “Estoy preocupado/a por vos”
• “Me gusta tu risa”

• “No te preocupes por mí”
• “Estoy orgulloso/a de vos”
• “No pasa nada, compro dos”

• “Deberías descansar, trabajaste muy duro”
• “Toma mi campera, hace frío afuera”
• “Vos también sos importante”

• “Hice esto para ti”
• “Podemos compartir”
• “No me molesta"

• “Me hizo acordar a vos”
• “Hice tu favorito”
• “Quiero que tengas esto”

• “Escucha esta canción, me hizo acordar a vos”
• “Me pone feliz que estés aquí”
• “Te guarde una porción"

• “Qué queres hacer?”
• “Escogí esto para ti”
• “Quédate donde estas, iré a buscarte”

• “No tienes que decir nada”
• “Te ayudaré a estudiar”
• “Me doy cuenta”

• “Necesitas ayuda con eso?”
• “Llámame si necesitas algo”
• “No es problema"

• “Lo haré por ti”
• “En serio quiero tu opinión en esto”
• “Wow”

• “Puedes tomar la última porción”
• “Que quieres mirar?”
• “Quieres venir también?”

• “Hay algo que pueda hacer para ayudar?”
• “No pasa nada, de todas formas no podía dormir”
• “Toma la mía”

• “Aprecio lo que haces por mí”
• “Me alegraste el día"
• “Nosotros lo resolveremos”

Credits: @yo-why-am-i-here

small description of each mbti type:

istj: prefers their cat over u, secretly really romantic but wont admit it, finds moustaches/beards aesthetically pleasing

isfj: secretly a wine mom, likes to bake, lawful good

infj: probably still emo, cute but kinda avoidant, great clothing style

intj: dark and mysterious, kinda hot, always helps others

istp: loves road trips, cute and dorky, likes netflix and pranks

isfp: really weird, artistic, everyone thinks they’re adorable

infp: emo as hell, cares a lot, very deep and complex 

intp: sarcastic motherfuckers, kinda shy but probably wont admit it, awkward and cute

estp: everyone wants to have sex with them, u either love them or hate them, acts very confident

esfp: genuinely loves everyone and everything, charming, intelligent but doesn’t show it

enfp: overdramatic, too many puns, very lovable

entp: meme lord, genuinely doesn’t like people, will fight u

estj: dad friend, drinks a lot of coffee, looks angry

esfj: will bake u cookies, mom friend, too sweet

enfj: weird but charming, knows a lot more than it seems, falls in love too easily

entj: thinks they’re awesome(and they’re right), has great hair, funny sometimes

Extroverted Introverts: Ten things to know

Also known as an ambivert, an extroverted introvert is someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion.

1. Their spot on the spectrum changes with their environment.

Your ambivert friend may be loud and gregarious around their family, but quiet and thoughtful at the office. Seeing them in both situations may feel like meeting two entirely different people.

2. Talking to strangers is fine – but don’t expect them to keep it to small talk.

Although an ambivert can hold up their end of a conversation, talking about the weather will not be enough to engage them. Their social energy is limited enough that they won’t want to waste it on meaningless chatter. They will likely push the conversation into deeper territory or bow out entirely.

3. They like to be alone – they don’t like to be lonely.

There is a big difference between the two. Choosing to sit at home with a tub of ice cream and a book feels fantastic. Sitting at home because nobody called them back feels sad and lame.

4. Getting them out of the house can be a challenge.

If you catch your friend on a highly introverted day, you may just be better off leaving them at home. They might manage to be social, but they’ll just be thinking about their books and their couch the whole time.

5. If they’re new, you can find them in the back of the room.

An introverted extrovert will approach new situations with cautious excitement. If they know someone in the group, they will likely cling to them a bit as they become comfortable. If they do not, they might waver on the edge of the crowd, slowly getting used to the water rather than jumping in all at once.

6. They’re selectively social.

They don’t mean to be snobs. They just have limited social energy and prefer interacting one-on-one or in small groups. For this reason, they can only afford to invest their social time and energy in those who they feel truly connected to.

7. Making friends is easy. Keeping them is hard.

They like talking to people, but they value their alone-time, as well. This can make maintaining a friendship tricky. If your ambivert friend makes an effort to consistently invest time and energy in your friendship, be glad. You are truly special to them.

8. Their social desires change with the breeze.

They might be desperate to hang out with you on Friday, but then not answer your call on Saturday. They’re not mad at you. They’re just super comfortable in bed watching films.

9. They can talk to you for hours.

If you manage to catch them in a one-on-one situation, an extroverted introvert will just not shut up. Once their interest is engaged, there’s no stopping them.

10. Listening is great too, though.

Sometimes they want to be a part of the action, but their social energy levels are too low for them to contribute in a meaningful way. Listening allows them to get to know you without burning up their social fuel. They also know its value from their chattier moments when they are desperate for an ear.

mbti: a summary
  • INTJ: smart weirdo loner
  • INTP: curious but lazy
  • ENTP: curious but lazy and obnoxious
  • ENTJ: werk werk werk werk werk werk werk
  • ENFP: human golden retriever
  • ENFJ: the protagonist in every book/movie/tv show
  • INFP: in lala land 24/7
  • INFJ: really wants to be a good person and usually is
  • ESTJ: bossy
  • ISFJ: too good, too pure
  • ESFJ: the perfect one that you try to hate but can't
  • ISTJ: "well, technically....."
  • ISFP: gives 0 fucks
  • ISTP: lowkey badass
  • ESTP: tries too hard to be a badass
MBTI Stereotypes VS the Types in Real Life

Stereotype ENTJ: Dominant. Efficient. Strategic and ideal leaders.

Real ENTJ: One of the few people able to actually physically frown, don’t understand how they’re “scary”

Stereotype INTJ: Evil masterminds. Smarter than you. Are the superior beings.

Real INTJ: Misplaces anything that isn’t physically attached to them, no longer able to recognize when they’re being sarcastic or serious

Stereotype ENTP: Quickest thinkers you’ll ever meet. Witty. Intellectual masters of debate.

Real ENTP: Used memes so much that they became one and are accepting of this fact, catchphrase is some version of “Well, actually–”

Stereotype INTP: In possession of more knowledge than the Internet. Reclusive geniuses. Know all, are humble.

Real INTP: Sexually attracted to science, volunteer plethora of useless facts every hour, zero spatial and social awareness

Stereotype ENFJ: Kind. Loving. Hearts of gold and wills of steel.

Real ENFJ: Will replace your mother and be okay with that, judge being judgemental of judging judgemental judgments

Stereotype INFJ: Mysterious and tricky to get to know. More unique than anyone you’ve ever met.

Real INFJ: One way or another, embarrass themselves every single day, somehow, consistently

Stereotype ENFP: Full of life and love. Passionate lover. Always fighting for a cause.

Real ENFP: Blink abnormally fast and probably should not drink coffee ever, have to make conscious effort to not smile, should take more things more seriously

Stereotype INFP: Gifted with emotional intelligence. Spiritual and believes in the soul, the natural course of the world, and love.

Real INFP: Really good at laughing at themselves which is necessary because they f*ck up constantly

Stereotype ESTJ: Intelligent. Dependable. Productive and competent. Forward-thinkers.

Real ESTJ: Remind teachers about homework distribution and collection every single day of the week, get off on educational videos

Stereotype ISTJ: Rule-followers. Responsible. Duty drives their perfection.

Real ISTJ: Sometimes sleep over 12 cumulative hours in a day

Stereotype ESTP: Daredevil. Live life on the edge. Famous and popular.

Real ESTP: 100% of decision-making is weighing the pros, ignoring the cons, and shrugging, then doing whatever stupid thing they got dared to do

Stereotype ISTP: Cool as hell. Detached and indifferent. Smart tinkerers.

Real ISTP: Won “Most Stubborn and Silent” for Senior Superlative page in high school yearbook

Stereotype ESFJ: Genuine and affectionate. Would take care of a sick stranger if needed. Make friends everywhere they go.

Real ESFJ: Value self-worth based on quality of and feedback for homemade baked goods, the holiday season is their life source

Stereotype ISFJ: Sweet. Innocent. Fragile and caring hearts who love their friends.

Real ISFJ: Hate conflict so much that they get second-hand anxiety from watching cliché emotional plot twist movies

Stereotype ESFP: Epitome of style and fashion. Impossibly cool. At every party and loved by everyone.

Real ESFP: Physically CANNOT stop making noises and fidgeting, all storage on their phones is taken up by hundreds of selfies in various poses

Stereotype ISFP: Exceptional artists. Emotionally deep. Humanitarians and always helping the planet.

Real ISFP: Just want to become trees, don’t get why people can’t just love one another, f*cking hippies

Myers Briggs by Things Women In Literature Have Died From

from this post

INFJ: The Unpleasantness 
ESTP: Flirting headaches
INTJ: Night brain 
ESFP: Going outside at night in italy
INFP: Drawing-room anguish 
ESTJ: Sherry served too cold
INTP: Too many novels
ESFJ: Shawl insufficiency 
ISFJ: Spent more than a month in London after growing up in Yorkshire
ENTP: Parents too happy
ISTJ: General bummers
ENFP: Haven’t seen the sea in a long time
ISFP: Garden troubles
ENTJ: Spinal degeneration as a result of pride
ISTP: Not enough pillows
ENFJ: Someone said “No” very loudly while they were in the room

What is behind the eyes of the MBTI types?

INFJ- Soul

INFJs are very intense individuals with a deep understanding of others. It is often said that INFJs have a penetrating stare in their eyes, and have the capacity to stare into your soul. Their ability to connect with others can be powerful and almost entrancing. INFJs have an often disarming way of looking at others that can make them feel understood on a deeper level. INFJs have a strong internal world, and because of this there is an intensity behind their eyes. They are complex and caring individuals, with an often warm and giving heart.

ENFJ- Empathy

Behind the eyes of an ENFJ is compassion and caring. They have a strong sense of others and want to connect with them deeply. They are constantly giving and affectionate people, who just want to make others happy. ENFJs strive to understand people and make them feel comfortable. They enjoy connecting with others and often look at people with adoration and affection.

INFP- Brightness

INFPs have very warm and open feeling to their eyes. They have this ability to draw others in, and have a strong sense of emotion emanating from them. INFPs are often sensitive and dreamy individuals, with an intense inner world. It is evident that there are a million thoughts behind the eyes of an INFP. They have a deep capacity for emotion, and love being able to express themselves. INFPs have almost a whirlpool around them that pulls people in. Often wide-eyes individuals, ready to absorb everything that the world has to offer.

ENFP- Yearning

ENFPs are very passionate and enthusiastic individuals with a hunger for life. There is an excitement and intensity behind the eyes of an ENFP. Their positive and intense personalities are often visible in the way they look at their surroundings. They are often absorbing their surroundings and attempting to take in everything that they can. ENFPs love exploring new possibilities and are excited by passion. There is something very dreamy about an ENFP, and their need to take in everything.

INTJ- Intelligence

INTJs are very focused and often intense individuals, and that intensity shows in their eyes. They spend much of their time thinking and figuring out new ideas, which can translate to an intense stare. INTJs have what some people have called a “death stare”, which is merely from their intensely thoughtful minds. They enjoy thinking about the future, and have a very active inner mind. There is something focused and hungry about the eyes of an INTJ.

ENTJ- Hunger

ENTJs are very driven and engaging individuals. There is something very powerful and sometimes overwhelming about the ENTJ. They have a hunger and drive to accomplish their goals that is prominent in their eyes. There is a mischief behind the ENTJ that is sometimes overlooked by others. It is true that ENTJs are intense and driven, but they are also fun and sometimes mischievous individuals. They are very fun to be around and have a way of drawing others in.

INTP- Exploration

INTPs have a powerful intensity behind their stare, and often appear angry when they are in the process of deep thought. They spend a lot of time inside their minds, just thinking and exploring new possibilities and ideas. When an INTP is deep in thought sometimes people can be caught in the intensity of their glare. Their eyes can almost appear glazed over when they are in their thinking mode. Almost as if the INTP is somewhere else, because mentally they are.

ENTP- Fire

ENTPs may intimidate others with their stare, because there is clearly a lot emanating from them. ENTPs are passionate individuals who enjoy excitement and love exploring new possibilities. Sometimes ENTPs become lost in their own thoughts, their minds clearly turning with new ideas. There is clearly a lot going on behind the eyes of an ENTP, which often keeps others intrigued. ENTPs enjoy taking in everything and attempting to acquire a deeper understanding of their surroundings.

ISTJ- Focus

ISTJs are often very comfortable with eye contact and do not become uneasy with it. They are often very focused individuals who have a clear path in front of them. They have a strong sense of duty and are loyal and dependable. Their strong sense of focus is often present in the eyes of the ISTJ. They have a desire to get the job done and nothing will stand in their way.

ESTJ- Courage

ESTJs are outgoing and driven individuals. They strive to get things done and have a strong sense of community. They want to provide for their family and are often willing to do whatever it takes to do so. There is often a sense of courage and strength behind the eyes of an ESTJ. They know what they must do to accomplish their goals are not fearful of doing so. ESTJs are strong individuals but often have a welcoming expression and easy.

ISFJ- Gentleness

ISFJs are often very warm and sometimes demure individuals. Their eyes may sometimes be avoidant of eye contact, but there is something welcoming and calming about them. ISFJs care very deeply about others and strive to make everyone around them happy. There is a warmth to them that is often hard to miss, and they will often do whatever it takes to put others at ease.

ESFJ- Love

There is often a sense of enthusiasm and warmth behind the eyes of an ESFJ. ESFJs are rarely seen without a smile, and this often reaches their eyes. There is a happiness and a warmth to the ESFJs eyes, and an often powerful ability to connect to others. They strive to make others happy and have a strong sense of caring for others. They definitely put their close loved ones first, but ESFJs care very deeply about everyone.

ISTP- Intensity

ISTPs are often seen as having a very intense stare. ISTPs have a very active inner mind, and enjoy thinking about solutions to many different problems. They have a way of looking at something and instantly seeing how it works. Their powerful inner mind is often translated to a very intense stare that can be overwhelming to others.

ESTP- Seductiveness

ESTPs often have a very alluring look in their eyes. They have a hunger for life and enjoy excitement. They are very in touch with the physical world around them. This connection to their physical surroundings makes the ESTP often fascinating and charming individuals.

ISFP- Beauty

ISFPs are very perceptive and sensitive individuals, which often shows in their eyes. They have a warm and gentle soul, and are very caring. They are capable of picking up on their surroundings and often notice things that others miss. They are observant and very appreciative of the beauty that others often miss in the world.

ESFP- Playfulness

ESFPs are extremely fun and joyful individuals. There is a playfulness and kindness behind their eyes that is often very hard to miss. They enjoy being around others and thrive on entertaining. There is a playful and enjoyable nature to the ESFP, that often is present in their eyes.

little things that remind me of the mbti types

enfp: curiousity, bright eyes, sunflowers, artsy aesthetic pictures, sudden laughter, looking someone in the eye, concert tickets, glitter, feeling at home, fresh smells

enfj: campfire, picking out what to wear somewhere, long rants about things you care about, post-it notes, little smiles, encouraging words, compassion, mood swings, neon lights

esfp: new videos of your favourite youtubers, picnics, shivers, acoustic guitars, realising that you are in love, little notes scribbled onto paper, plants

esfj: waking up knowing that the day will be great, getting to know new people better, polaroids, colourful notebooks, the sea, talking to your best friend about things you can’t talk about with anybody else

infj: astronomy, lilac sky, wanting to know the reason for something so badly, holding in tears while smiling, maps of places you want to visit, book piles, late night conversations

infp: sketchbooks, self-made playlists, hopes for the future, reading a book for the hundreth time, obsessing about something, caring too much, finally finding someone who understands

isfj: galleries, cycling through the city late at night, nostalgia, “the one song”, the moon, suddenly being overwhelmed with emotion, buying yourself new flowers to place next to your desk, enjoying the first minutes of the day in bed

isfp: reassuring words, making your hair look perfect, little poems, waterfalls, lace, loving your friends more than anything, wanderlust, smell of roses

intj: reading a book while being on a social event, raised eyebrows, quick thoughts, structures, skyscrapers, an empty street at night, crystals, wit and sarcasm, cold evenings, eye bags, forgetting about your surroundings

intp: spending hours on wikipedia, always looking for the right answer, dusk, petrichor, cold air, first days of winter, everything finally making sense, writing ideas down, searching for the right words, being really passionate about something

istj: postcards, rings, flea markets, rivers, city trips, black and white photographs, to-do lists, gentle nods, taking someone’s hand, everything working out how you thought it would

istp: graffiti, holograms, city’s at night, rollercoasters, electric guitars, black holes, connecting two ideas

estj: ancient ruines, sculptures, skylines, first snow, justice, the feeling of doing the right thing, glory, hard work

estp: loyality, glass figures, blizzards, cold colours, paradox

entj: smokings, black grids, power, mansions, the sounds of high heels clicking, assuring yourself that you are going to suceed, having the perfect plan, standing on top of a skyscraper, tension, galas, freshly printed magazines

entp: excitement, knowing that you can’t stop now, i-don’t-care-but-i-do, smirks, waiting for people to reply, eyes widening, “what if…”

how tired the mbti types are

esfj: sorta tired

isfj: reasonably tired

enfj: physically tired

istj: tired 

isfp: really really tired 

estj: tired but still gets shit done

infp: tired and upset

entj: forgot how it was like not to be tired

infj: mentally tired

entp: so fucking tired but didn’t do shit

intp: so tired man, too tired

esfp: more tired than you might think

istp: tired of everything

estp: hella

intj: tired of your shit

enfp: tired of their shit

Why Each Type Is Misunderstood

They are so contradictional, you can’t even understand them: ENTP, INTP

They cover up their emotions with ambition, you have to look really deep into their soul to find their emotions: ENTJ, ESTJ, INTJ, ISTJ

They are so traumatized inside, they have gotten used to it: INFJ, ISTP

They are so emotionally deep and complex: ENFP, INFP, ISFP

They are so selfless they forget how they feel inside: ISFJ, ENFJ, ESFJ

They cover up their problems with parties: ESFP, ESTP