kpop idols the hets can’t have 3.0

thanks to everyone who gave their input in helping make this list better than ever!


  • all of vixx (especially sanghyuk, taekwoon, hakyeon, ravi)
  • heechul, ryeowook, kyuhyun (super junior)
  • jaejoong, junsu, yuho (tvxq)
  • all of got7 (especially jackson and bambam)
  • all of bts (especially yoongi, hobi, and jimin)
  • taeil (block b)
  • all of monsta x (especially wonho, minhyuk, and hyungwon)
  • hansol, a-tom, jenissi, xero (topp dogg)
  • zuho, rowoon, chani, inseong, taeyang, and jaeyoon (sf9)
  • all of imfact (especially jian and sang)
  • 26, woosoo (masc)
  • sungjin, wonpil (day6)
  • all of seventeen (esepecially jeonghan, seungkwan, wonwoo, hoshi, and joshua)
  • seungjun, inseong (knk)
  • jonghyun, key, taemin (shinee)
  • all of cross gene (especially takuya)
  • luhan, sehun, chanyeol (exo)
  • xiao, sunyoul, jinhoo (up10tion) 
  • woosang (double a)
  • all of map6 (especially jjun and sign)
  • hon (mr mr)
  • johnny, taeyong, ten, haechan, winwin, jeno, jaemin (nct)
  • kisu, daeil (24k)
  • jinjin, eunwoo, moonbin (astro)
  • youngjae, jongup, zelo, and himcham (b.a.p)
  • minhyuk, peniel (btob)
  • e’dawn, shinwon, yan an, yuto (pentagon)
  • jo kwon (2am)
  • ren (n’uest)
  • byungchan, sejun, seungsik (victon)
  • hanbin, jinhwan (ikon)
  • taehyun (winner)
  • bm (k.a.r.d)
  • seungyoun (uniq)


  • hanbit (mercury)
  • all of twice (especially sana, momo, and chaeyoung)
  • somin, jiwoo (k.a.r.d)
  • all of mamamoo (especially moonbyul and hwasa)
  • iu (solo)
  • amber, krystal, luna (f(x))
  • ailee (solo)
  • nari (wassup)
  • jimin (15&)
  • jo sojin (9muses)
  • all of exid (especially hani, solji, le, and hyerin)
  • cheetah (solo rapper)
  • all of red velvet (especially seulgi and irene)
  • yuna (aoa)
  • hyuna (4minute)
  • dara, park bom (2ne1)
  • jisoo, lisa, rose, (blackpink)
  • all of gfriend (especially sinb and eunha)
  • bora, hyorin (sistar)
  • sunny, yoona, yuri (snsd)
  • all of wjsn (especially eunseo and dayoung)
This game is hilarious
  • Motoki: Whatever you do, do not fall in love with any of these guys.
  • MC: Ok.
  • (10 chapters later)
  • Motoki: WHAT DID I SAY?
  • MC: Sorry! He was just so hot and we get along and we like each other.
  • Motoki: JK! I'm happy for you.
  • Why did he warn the MC at the beginning? If a romance is presented as forbidden, but then at the end, you go "LOL nevermind," was it really forbidden in the first place?
  • *scratches head*

anonymous asked:

I bought the groot Thor outfit, and while I didn't check how much his stats was before, I feel like they didn't really get that much higher after I bought it. I wasn't really gonna cause a ruckus because of this, I still really like the outfit, but since I'm still missing like 6 of the stars to get the star-lord special outfit I'd really appreciate getting a better boost in stats. My problem is I don't know how much groot's stats was supposed to be increased with, does anyone else know that?

Oh valid point! I don’t know what his stats were without the outfit. Maybe Nebula is a better investment, esepecially since that gives you more people to fight with and less time to wait for healing

Mother’s Day has always been important to us. But, now as she has transitioned to being a single mother, this year is more meaningful than ever. Mom, throughout these last four years, you have gave everything that life thrown at us with courage and compassionate. We can’t thank you enough for being the glue that holds us altogether, esepecially in this dark time. We celebrate you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you ❤️👮🏻‍♀️🦋💐

salty-meme  asked:

Rfa + Saeran + V's reactions to memes (also maybe favourite memes)

- He really enjoys memes actually 
- He thinks theyre really funny! esepecially when theyre memes that are suprisingly nice
- His favorite are animal memes, more specifically Doge
- He enjoys making his own doge memes to use in the group chat
- He doesn’t necessarily understand the raunchier memes, so the other members sometimes tease him for it

- He really doesn’t comprehend the appeal
- They just seem kind of confusing, and less funny to him
- 707 usually takes pictures during Zen’s performances and turns them into memes
- Zen does not appreciate it in the slightest 
- Jaehee usually sends a “one does not simply make fun of Zen’s performances” meme and that he prefers much more

- She usually does not have time for memes, she has a lot of work to do
- However she does use memes to express her anger to Jumin, especially when he leaves Elizabeth with her!
- And as previously mentioned she does use the “one does not simply” meme to defend Zen, so that would probably be her favorite meme
-However she does also enjoy the “That feel when” memes, not necessarily the visuals, but more so how relatable it is. 

- He really finds memes to be a waste of time
- All with exception of cats memes like bubs, grumpy cat, and waffles, however he thinks Elizabeth still tops them all 
- He looks at cat memes when Elizaeth III is not around so that she doesnt get jealous, he wants her to know she is the only one for him
- He asks if Elizabeth III could be meme, he thinks she deserves so much love, but he worries that she would get hate, which he would probably sue over
- He often finds Jaehee’s complaint memes to be a waste of time, however, even though he would never admit it, he does laugh quietly

707/Luciel Choi:
- Avid memer, will 110% out meme you every time
- He really enjoys the Bee Movie memes and will send them to the chat without warning
- He does create his own memes, Yoosung being the test audience 
- He will constantly say “I have something really important to tell you” and then send the entire Bee Movie script, he loves to do that to Jumin, especially when that man is busy
- Does Bruno Mars (Jumin Han) is gay? 

- He is very difficult to read, so no one truly knows how he feels about memes
- Seven swears he saw V laugh at a meme once, but its more like an urban legend within the group
- V will neither confirm nor deny this claim, keeping it a secret eternally
- If asked what his favorite meme is he would probably say something like “whats a meme?”

Uknown/ Saeran:
- He does enjoy memes, but more so the mean or more raunchier ones
- He likes memes that disturb people, or that cause uproar within a group
- He doesn’t really have anyone to share these with, so he sends them to people or sites at random to shock people or get lash back
- He doesn’t really like controversial topic memes, but more so scary or uncomfortable memes 

Steven Universe theory: Snakes in Space

One of the things that has been bothering me for a while but I haven’t really seen anyone address is how the gems came into exsistence. Everything we’ve been shown up to this point tells us that gems have to be made, that they didn’t evolve from the natural world like organic beings. So, unless the diamonds are themselves organic beings–which is highly unlikely given Yellow Diamonds attitude toward organic life–there had to be something before them. I propose that the diamonds, and by extention gemkind in general, were created by 

No seriously, hear me out for a second. In Ronaldo’s initial interpertation of the dollar, he tells Steven that the diamond may represent the sneeples “underground mine”. While kindergardens are not necessarily underground, they are essentially mines using the resources of the host planet in order to produce or “mine” gems. There is a possibility that sneeple created the diamonds on what is now gem homeworld and then the diamonds fought them off before replicating the gem creation process. The sneeple likely did not intend for gems to gain sentience but created them to be tools as Ronaldo states that “level eight beings [gems] are a working society incapble to such organization”. If sneeple were responsible for the creation of gems, but were ultimately run off I believe that they may be prepairing to reconquer gem homeworld. One fact that is obivious is that homeworld is a highly militaristic society, despite the gem rebellion having ended approximately 5750 years ago. Despite a shoratge of resources they continue to produce gems, perhaps to function as canon fodder. More importantly, earths potential as a resource is ignored in favor of the creation of a geoweapon 

the cluster 

Why would the cluster be necessary if homeworld was not prepairing for war? Peridots demonstration of the cluster is even snakelike in appearance. Speaking of Peridot, if there was only one geoweapon the diamonds most likely wouldn’t of sent a single peridot–esepecially not an era two–which implies that there may be multiple weapons of mass destruction in devolpement. Development for the cluster itself began during the rebellion era so homeworld has been prepairing for war for a long time. In fact Ronaldo saying “they pit us…against eachother” makes it seems as though sneeple may of even been a catalyst for the gem rebellion. This may also explain Yellow Diamonds disdain towards organic beings as sneeple are presumibly organic lifeforms.

In conclusion, if Ronaldo was right about “polymorphic sentient rocks” and the “great diamond authority” seeking to “hollow out the earth” I don’t see why he can’t be right about sneeple. Perhaps he does have “physic ghost powers”–just not in the way he assumed.