It starts with a missed phone call. It always starts with a missed phone call with him. With Keith. It elevates into another missed phone call. It esculates into another one, and suddenly they haven’t talked to each other outside of school in a week.

Lance doesn’t know what to think or what to do. He doesn’t wanna confront Keith. He can’t confront Keith. So instead he wallows in silence and wondering how long it takes till Keith breaks up with him, because that has to be coming. A month passes. And then the day come.

Lance saw it coming. He ends it a few seconds before Keith does. Keith doesn’t need to worry about missed phone calls anymore.

ame505  asked:

if you don't mind could you do angsty headcanons for Logan, like when he's angry or whatever

a/n: i kinda changed this up a bit to when you guys are fighting bc it’s kinda similar :)) and gosh i live for the angst


  • When Logan is angry, he has the tendency to push people away, especially those that are the closest to him. The one who will be pushed the farthest away is the one closest the him, being you. 
  • He tends to isolate himself, meaning that he spends more time training or alone in his room. 
  • Logan also needs an outlet for his anger, so most likely if you were looking for him, you would find him in the training area. 
  • Definitely he is a force to be reckoned with, so most of the younger mutants and even the more experienced ones, know to stay out of his way. He is usually blinded by his anger, and will not hesitate to push anyone who gets in his way. 
  • With his anger, comes lots of sadness and feelings of worthlessness. Especially if he’s dating someone, he wouldn’t understand why someone like you would wanna be dating someone like him. 
  • Most of your arguments stem from his anger, whether he takes it out on a younger mutant or he ends up distancing himself too much from you. 
  • It always starts with a simple conversation, but esculates into a full blown screaming match between the two of you. 
  • He usually ends up ignoring you for weeks at a time, and if you two share a room, he ends up coming to bed really late or not coming at all.
  • When you manage to confront him about his behavior, he attempts to brush you off, stating that there is nothing wrong with the way he’s acting. 
  • As you attempt to get him to open up, he ends up lashing out at you, saying you couldn’t possibly understand what he’s going through and you didn’t understand anything about him. 
  • Of course this hurts, but you don’t let it deter you. Instead, you pursue him, which only frustrates him more. So much so, he once unleashed his claws and held them up to your neck. 
  • In one swift move he could have killed you, and you would be lying if you didn’t fear for your life in that moment. Once he saw you whimper away, him immediately withdrew and disappeared. 
  • You searched for hours, trying to locate him, but it was as if he vanished into thin air. Finally, after enlisting the help of Jean, you found him spending hours upon hours at the punching bags—nearly ripping all of them to shreds. 
  • He wouldn’t talk to you, nor even glance in your direction. You could see the fear in his eyes, as he was so afraid of hurting you. For weeks after he would make sure he stayed a good few feet away from you and wouldn’t let himself touch you, nor would he let you touch him.
  •  It took some time for him to touch you again, most of them being as light as feathers. But still, you were sure something had changed within your relationship. 
  • Even then, you knew your relationship would never be the same ever again. 
BTS reacting to another member flirting with you.

//HIIIIII. Can I get a BTS reaction where its late at night and your s/o is sleeping but youre wide awake and another member starts flirting with you about your natural beauty then your s/o wakes up and sees pleaseeeeee? Thank youuuu!!!!!//

Kim Namjoon:
He woke up to quiet mumbling coming from the living room and slowly stumbled across the room and towards the door leading into the living room. 
He slowly opened the door to see Jin sitting close to you, his fingers tangled into your hair and a smile tugging on his lips.
A loud giggle escaped Namjoon’s lips, catching your attention and Jin immediately moved away from you. He shook his head at his band mate in disbelief. 

“Seriously, even when I’m sleeping?” 

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Kim Seokjin:
You were sitting in the living room and talking over dinner when Namjoon entered the shared apartment and sat down next to you. Seokjin greeted him nicely but Namjoon didn’t respond, instead he put his focus on you.
“Did you make this?” he asks, a smile tugging on his lips and you nodded proudly, glad that you’re getting complimented on the dish you’ve prepared. 

“It’s good.” he answered as he took another bite, chewing it loudly.  Jealousy bubbled up inside Jin so unexpectedly it startled him and he slammed his chopsticks down on the table before clearing his throat. Namjoon looked at him in confusion.
“Do you seriously have nothing better to do than complimenting my girlfriend?” he asked, clearly annoyed at his friends behavior. You nearly chocked on your food as you tried to hold in your laughter as you noticed the frown on Jin’s face and turned to Namjoon to see him shrugging at you. 

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Min Yoongi:
He was fast asleep on the couch next to you and you gently ran your hands through his soft hair, smiling down at your sleeping boyfriend. Suddenly Hoseok jumped down on the couch next to you, Yoongi shifted at the sudden movement and groaned annoyed as he snuggled up closer to you.
Hoseok let out a silent giggle and his gaze met yours. His gaze slowly trails down your face to your mouth. For a second you thought he was going to kiss you. 

“Yoongi is insanely lucky to have you in his life Y/N.” he admitted smiling at your lips brightly and you felt the blood rushing into your cheeks.
“Don’t even think about it.” a familiar voice mumbled and you looked down to see Yoongi wrapping his arm around you and pulling you in closer. “Get lost. She’s mine.” You couldn’t help but giggle at his words and Hoseok tried to find the right words to explain himself, his pale cheeks now burning a bright red color.

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Jung Hoseok:
Being the kind boyfriend he is, he decided to prepare you a snack for your night in on the couch and left you to yourself for a while. He was humming along to his favorite song when he heard your cute laughter from the living room. His heart hammered against his ribs. He felt the warmth of your laugh invading his chest and smiled to himself before dropping the knife and walked back into the living room out of curiosity.
“What’s so funny?” he asked but stopped when he noticed Jimin sitting next to you and looked at him in confusion.
Jimin turned to him. “I just told her what happened at practice today.” he answered out of breath. 
Hoseok’s eyes wandered down to see Jimin’s hand resting on your thigh and raised his eyebrow at him in disgust. 
“Do you seriously have a death wish?” 

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Park Jimin:
He watched with shaking eyes as Taehyung contiuned to make you laugh and couldn’t help but feel jealous by all the attention he was giving you. 
“Your girlfriend is really pretty, Jimin.” Taehyung said and Jimin sighed annoyed before nodding. “You’ve said this twice before, Taehyung.” 
He rested his head on the armrest and pouted annoyed. “But honestly. I think you should just leave her alone before things get heated.” he suddenly mumbled, smirking at him, his eyes glistening with anger. 
Taehyung turned to him in confusion. “What did you say?” 
Jimin simply shrugged and smiled at him teasingly. “Nothing.”

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Kim Taehyung:
“You’re really pretty, Y/N.” was the first thing he heard when he came back into the bedroom and stopped immediately. Jimin was resting on his elbow and his eyes were wandering down your body slowly. You giggled awkwardly and felt the blood rushing into your cheeks.
Taehyung clicked his tongue before he slammed the wooden tray down on the nightstand, making you jump slightly.
When you turned to him, you noticed him aggressively putting too many sugar cubes into your tea, his eyes never meeting yours once. “Of course she’s pretty.” he started and turned to Jimin, pouting at him. “She’s my girlfriend.” 
He handed you your tea and flashed his gummy smile at you, Jimin’s laughter catching his attention.
“I don’t think that’s why.” he simply answered and Taehyung slammed his hand down on the bed in front of him.
“She’s my girlfriend-”

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Jeon Jungkook:
He wrapped his arm around your body and pulled you in closer. You looked up at him to see him smiling down at you lovingly, his hand tangled in your hair. He leaned into you until his mouth was only a hairs-breadth away from yours and you could taste his minty breath. Suddenly the frontdoor slammed shut, making you jump and turn away from Jungkook.
He dropped his head in frustration and groaned as the members walked into the living room. They stopped abruptly when they noticed you looking at them innocently and Jimin smiled at you brightly.
“Y/N!” he yelled in excitment before running over to you and embrassing you in a comforting hug, his hand moving further down your body. 

Jungkook raised his eyebrow at Jimin and quickly pulled your body away from his before things esculated further. “Do you actually mind?” he asked in disbelief, his hand intertwining with yours.

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Random Sentence Starters: Second Edition
  • “That was fun.”
  • “Time to leave.”
  • “I enjoyed that.”
  • “Well then.  That esculated quickly.”
  • “What is that?”
  • “How often does that happen?”
  • “I wish I could help.”
  • “Run!”
  • “I need you.”
  • “Wanna fuck?”
  • “We don’t have to fight.”
  • “What’s your favorite meal?”
  • “Are you on twitter?”
  • “I need a beer.”
  • “Silence is gold, but duct tape is silver.”
  • “Can I hug you?”
  • “We’ll have to do something about that.”
  • “I can’t do that.”
  • “We should play a game.”
  • “Is that your old yearbook?”
  • “I think I might be sick.”
  • “I got you a gift.”
  • “Get down from there.”
  • It’s time for dinner!“
  • "It can’t be fixed.”
  • “What do you own handcuffs for?”
  • “What show is this?”
  • “There are too many boxes in here.”
  • “We need to fix that.”
  • “We should kiss more often.”
  • “Can you not?”
  • “That’s my middle name.”
  • “Time for an adventure.”
  • “I think we fought them off.”

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the Trees pant as I walk by
rushing back to spots
bark red and flushed
- I almost caught Them in flight -

the Birds, round, stretch out feathers
clucking distractions
Clouds puffing still from Their heads

The Sidewalks stare, hold back blinks
One turns over s l o w l y
- left Its soft underbelly
exposed -
and that Woman I always see
is tucking in Their white whiskers

the Stop Signs are dripping still
- with esculent Oceans -
and that Woman’s Hair,
always wild, curled, white with salt,
- is giving Her away -

I yearn to be let in
to leap off to what Could be
but Her eyes, soft with feathers,
- say no -
You’re still one with them
refusing to see
anything but reality


  • Entering your name in Persona 3: hello welcome to your dorm. just sign this. please and thank you. uwu
  • Entering your name in Persona 4: hi there! welcome to the velvet room! here, just sign your name and take care on your journey. :)
  • Entering your name in Persona 5: *beats the ever loving shit out of you* HEY MOTHERFUCKER! TAKE THIS FUCKING FORM AND SIGN YOUR NAME YOU PIECE OF SHIT CRIMINAL! FUCK YOU!

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You and Bucky play flirt chicken. He walks arounds shirtless, his abs ripple from time in the gym. You retaliate by wearing your lowest tank top and short shorts, bending over pretending to pick up fallen objects in front of him. Things esculate when you flirt with Steve giving him a shoulder rub while cooing about his muscles in his ear so Bucky retaliates by smacking your behind calling you a naughty girl and drags you off to his room to remind you that you are his not Steve's.

oh my yes, bucky would definitely crack first 

Moaning Monday™

The more you know: facts about the band

Michael and Crystal are pr. The pr has already had 2 extensions. The original end date was for last year before they even announced the relationship fully (back when they were just spotted together alot), The second end date was for June but too many people found out and leaked it and now its for August.

Calum and Nia are pr. They are PR for Hey Violet but the pr often goes over looked because of the fact that it fails so much. Calum is extremely vocal about not wanting to do the pr and this is why it hardly ever happens.

Ashton had a girlfriend, things happened that management were not proud of and they repeatedly got on Ashtons case. This was the cause of all the negative and lonely tweets and even the talking to people I shouldnt tweet or whatever the tweet was. Ashton faught management off and ignored them trying to make him break up with the girl but he still had to act single. This was also why management for a minute was portraying as a ladies man having him constantly around KayKay, Halsey, Hailey, Ivy and Alexa and maybe others lol. He did that cause of management but in reality those girls are all just his friends. The secret girlfriend from what I am told was never even seen out with him. Eventually the girl grew tired of seeing him with other girls and not owning up to having a girlfriend and this among other things led to them breaking up.

Luke and Arzaylea were never pr. Luke and Arzaylea broke up after a fight that esculated into more. They still talk to this day and are possibly going to get back together. Luke was very dissapointed with how fans took the news of his break up. He knew that fans weren’t Arzayleas biggest fans but when they were both sigferong heart break he felt fans could’ve shown a little more respect instead of creating hashtags about partying cause of it being over. Arzaylea was truthfully someone Luke did see himself marrying, maybe it was young love talking but regardless he did and still does care for her very much.

This is the more you know the girlfriend and pr edition.

yeah um idk when this actually happened in canon so yeah ???? This has sat in my drafts for monthsssss and i just found it so here have it lmaOo

“Where the fuck is my brother?! Where is Marcel?” Porco spits out aggressively, grabbing Reiner by the collar of his shirt. Deep down though, he knows the answer. He doesn’t want to believe it though. He doesn’t want to believe that he lost his brother, a part of himself that nothing and no one could ever replace.

The taller man sighs heavily. He’d only been back for a few hours before Porco had grabbed him, shouting questions and insults at him. It reminded him of the past, only nowadays, Reiner doesn’t have the strength to spit any words back at him.

Reiner has grown taller than Porco now, his jaw chiselled, his arms muscled, yet none of this stops Porco in the blind panic that’s fuelling him. He’s no longer the intimidating bully he once was, and the taller of the two realises this as stares down at him, his amber eyes filled with an emotion that Porco can’t recognise. He seems exhausted, both mentally and physically. "He’s… He’s dead,” he finally speaks, his voice raspy.

Something inside Porco breaks, and he lets go of Reiner’s jacket, his hands shaking slightly. He knew it. He’d realised as soon as Reiner, Zeke and Pieck had left the boat, all with differing injuries, that the plan had obviously fucked up. He’d known deep down that his brother had died, but now, Porco just couldn’t comprehend it. How had Marcel died? He was capable, strong and intellegent. Foul play must have been involved, or he’d tried to save someone…

"H-how?” He asks suddenly, his voice cracking as he tries to control the tears that have gathered in his eyes. He can’t cry in front of Reiner Braun, he can’t. He is filled with too much pride, he can’t let Reiner Braun of all people see him cry.

“Galliard, maybe you should go home to be with your parents-”

“Tell me what happened to my brother!”, Porco interupts, squaring up to him, but Reiner doesn’t even flinch anymore. This fills the redhead with even more anger, and he pushes the blonde up against the wall.

“Just let me go, Galliard, this is tiring for both of us,” Reiner says quietly, averting his eyes. He’s different. He’s completely different now, and that also rattles Porco, adding more confusion and stress to the situation.

“What happened to him?!”, Porco shouts desperately, wiping his eyes desperately with the sleeve of his jacket before any tears can escape, “He’s my fucking brother, and you’re the only one who can tell me what happened!”

Reiner stares down at the redhead, guilt welling up in him, threatening to drown him. He’s never seen Porco like this before. He’s never see him so lost, so desperate. He wants to tell him, but he doesn’t want to see the aftermath of this. He doesn’t want to be the only target in the firing line, the only target when Porco loses his temper.

“I don’t think this is a good idea-” Reiner begins, but the redhead growls, his grip on Reiner’s collar tightening. Reiner really doesn’t want to do this, but Porco isn’t giving him much choice. Hating that the situation had even esculated to this, Reiner swallows heavily before speaking.

“It wasn’t long after we’d arrived… We were resting and a mindless Titan appeared out of nowhere,” he said, his voice low, his eyes averted. He can’t bear to meet Porco’s eyes.

"What? My brother wouldn’t have just let the Titan eat him…” Porco stated, his hands shaking slightly as he let go of Reiner. His blue eyes stare up at Reiner, filled with icy hatred, and Reiner can almost see Porco dissecting the news in his head, analysing it. The anger in his eyes soon turns to sadness however, as any hope that is brother is alive vanishes, and Reiner sighs heavily, a mixture of shame and guilt rising up inside him again.

“It was you, wasn’t it?, You left him, you abandoned him, didn’t you?” the redhead stated.

Reiner opens his mouth to speak, but he can’t form the words. He can’t bring himself to lie, but he can’t bear to tell the truth either. Doing either of those things would make it feel real, but after catching the look in Porco’s eyes, Reiner realises that he already knows the truth.

Have You Met Him Yet?

The light creams her caramel skin,
esculent, dressing, longing,

black hair, a night sky,
a dome of aches, arching her,

eyes, earth’s petrichor
rising up, arresting life,
to something she scarcely knows,

mouth, an air-brushed sponge,
a sea goddess, unknown,
blurring into status quo

she crosses her leg
he approaches, his hair back,
a nervous tick a brush with death a lifetime of not enough,

a surge of hope, he bounces
in, on,
tal vez, esta vez, tal vez,
ella verá más


Some Kind Of Drug. (SMUT)

Request from @littlesthottie; Eisuke (KBTBB) x MC

“ could you do a smut where eisuke watches MC playing dance dance revolution and he gets turned on and it esculates from there”

[I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted @littlesthottie. I got a little bit carried away. Also the song I refer to is ‘Some Kind of Drug - G-Eazy feat Marc E Bassy’. I wanted to Write an Eisuke fic based around this song for ages, So thought I’d incorporate the two slightly. Please excuse the rushed ending, it’s time for me to get to bed but I wanted to finish it & get it posted! Anyway, ENJOY!]

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I’ve compiled a list of all the Osomatsu Kun episodes I’ve seen, and written up very brief descriptions as to what happens in each episode (nothing too serious honestly). This makes it a bit easier for someone who’s trying to track down a specific episode if they know the basic plot. I haven’t seen 76-88 but when I do, I’ll add those to the list.

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GOT7 reaction to your boyfriend getting handsy

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

 Okay so this is sort of Pervy but I’m so curious. Your got7 only sister and they are um over protective. You are still going threw puberty so like your around 13 , and they here your boyfriend was touching you in private areas. 🙈

Don’t be shy anon, all idea are welcome here. as you’ve wanted them over protected, I’ve played the scenario out that way, i hope that ok ^_^
keep the ideas coming in guys!!


well clearly your boyfriend is asking for a fight, and to pick one with JB, he has some nerve. JB would be the type to say ‘boys are different’ ‘they think differently’ and this would only prove his point. whether it was consented or not, he wouldnt be happy about it. and the point would come across loud and clear. hed probably push the bf all the way out the door, if he was being nice hed give a warning not to be back, but if not then things are not looking good for the bf.


pissed Mark is certainly the scariest. the saying the quiet ones and the dangerous ones come to mind. even so i don’t think he’d throw a punch, he’d stand between you and your bf, lecturing him on whats right. only if the guy starts to sass him back, would things get more heated.


well no one messes with his little sis, if you don’t mind the situation, he wouldn’t have too much of a problem with it, but if you did, or wasn’t sure, he would have more than a few words to say. he may initially start of with a push, then say what needs to be said, but if the message doesn’t sink in then, things might need to be done.


i see Jinyoung having a surprisingly short temper, even more so when it came to you and what is and isn't allowed. he wasn’t too strict when it came to you dating, but something had to wait till you was at least 16, at least. Jinyoung wouldn’t get physical, or rather try not too. he wants to be a reasonably and respectful big brother.


rarely does he get mad. it was only things that meant the world to him, like you. nothing was more important, and when he thought someone wasn’t treating you right he had a lot to say! he probably wouldn’t get physical, but i don’t think anyone could handle him if he did.


i can see him, being super pissed, like ‘how dare you even try anything with her’. he’s not a brother that wants to meddle in your life much, but he knew that you was too young for this, and he had to put his foot down.


he would stand in-between you and your boyfriend, like ‘you really need to back off from my sister’. he wouldnt go straight to fighting but if he didnt do as he was told, then things might esculate quickly.

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