ESCAPE THE CITY (or whatever mundane existence you live!)

I made an incredible discovery about 3 weeks ago: Escape the City  This website is an online community of like-minded corporate professionals who all share the same philosophy:

We are frustrated with our current state of being.  The world is so massively huge and beautiful, yet we sit here from 9-5 performing meaningless tasks for unappreciative bosses.  We feel that something just isn’t right about all of this.  We went through all the steps we thought we were supposed to go through (high school, college, landing a full-time job with benefits), but we are still miserable.  Why is this?  Because we know that we can do more, help the greater good in some way, and most importantly, be happy doing it.  We know that life is too short.  We can do something about it!

I created what’s called a “Connection” on the site, basically a short description of what I’m looking for in a job or in life.  The Community Manager actually reached out to me, asking if she could feature my Connection in the Escape the City blog - I was honored!  Screenshot of the blog below:


You can read the entire blog post here:  I’ve been getting some great responses from many different people.  Some responded simply saying how much they feel the same way I do and are happy that I’ve given them a voice, and others genuinely want to help me find my way with suggestions for companies, geographic areas, and books.  It’s amazing! 

I have nothing but extreme admiration and respect for the folks over at Escape the City.  The creators were once in my shoes, but they took the risk to create something that thematically and most directly combats their extreme dissatisfaction with their former lives, with the goal to help other people who feel similarly.  The site is about 2 years old and has about 70,000 followers.  I am excited to see their progression as they take over the world.  I’m certain you’ll be seeing more of them very soon.  After all, how often do you sit there at your desk, scratch your head in complete disbelief at the monotony of the task you just completed, and wondered what bigger and better things are out there in this big, beautiful place we call home???  THIS is why this site will thrive.  Go check out the site and see for yourself!

All the best to Escape the City.