In this age of austerity, many an artist are sticking it to the man and taking matters into their own hands to get their major projects funded.  If we look at the methods of Louis CK in selling his comedy or Seth Godin and his self published IdeasVirus essay as an example we can see that there can be outstanding results, but not without the help of YOU, the public.

Friend & LIPA contemporary Alyssa Bonagura’s KickStarter campaign video is truly compelling, original and truly hilarious. This beautiful and talented singer/songwriter from Nash ‘what’ Nashville TN is raising $8000 to fund her recording and pledges start at only $1.

Liverpool’s Prodigal Son and Rising Star Esco Williams using PledgeMusic is past the half way mark in achieving his target to record his 'New Challenger’ Album. He made the final cut for MTV Unsigned 2012 and after checking this self styled 'Neo Soul Geek’ on SoundCloud you will agree this album needs to be made. Pledge just £8 for your completed copy… It’s not for a Shiraz chips & Cheese, promise.