He came. He saw. He conquerered: Esco Williams- Liverpool international music festival performance- pier head 

On Sunday 25th August 2013, over 15, 000 music lovers flocked to the pier head to be entertained by some of the most popular music artists of 2013. The sun shone gloriously whilst the crowds revelled and  the magnificent Liver building stood proud to the right of the stage providing a beautiful backdrop for what promised to be an amazing day where talent was showcased to the masses. 

At 2:40pm, Liverpool’s finest ; Esco Williams graced the stage with his gifted prescence. His fifteen minute set was delivered with precision and style. He was on point and his band the Kontrollers complimented his vocal performance  beautifully. The set included songs such as “Just friends”, “High score” and the ever popular “New challenger”. The latter track has  received a lot of support from the city’s Juice Fm and had rightful, frequent air play.

From the moment, Esco walked onto the stage, his audience were captivated. His unassuming yet confident delivery and obvious connection with the crowd endeared him to them resulting in an engaged audience who were hungry for more.

Whilst Esco’s dedicated fans termed “Esco Ninja’s” demonstrated their allegiance to their idol by singing back the lyrics with zeal, other audience members showed their enjoyment and appreciation by dancing and waving their hands enthusiastically. 

Esco and his Kontrollers reached a wide demographic on this sunny Sunday. From old to young, the appreciation of the music was plain to see. Later that evening during what must have been the piéce de resistance for the artist, Esco Williams was crowned male artist of the year at the Liverpool music awards held at St Georges hall - a true testament to his talent and journey thus far. In line with the chorus to his track “New Challenger” it truly was a case of “I win, I win. Perfect”.

If you had not encountered this talented performer before, you would leave the Pier head much wiser. If you did not know Esco Williams before, now you knew! Big things await this rising star who is humble and attentive to his fans.

Liverpool is proud to support good music, especially when like Esco they are proud of their city of origin and deliver quality music to their fans with consistency and integrity. Well done Esco. You should be as proud as the city of Liverpool is of your achievements to date.

In this age of austerity, many an artist are sticking it to the man and taking matters into their own hands to get their major projects funded.  If we look at the methods of Louis CK in selling his comedy or Seth Godin and his self published IdeasVirus essay as an example we can see that there can be outstanding results, but not without the help of YOU, the public.

Friend & LIPA contemporary Alyssa Bonagura’s KickStarter campaign video is truly compelling, original and truly hilarious. This beautiful and talented singer/songwriter from Nash ‘what’ Nashville TN is raising $8000 to fund her recording and pledges start at only $1.

Liverpool’s Prodigal Son and Rising Star Esco Williams using PledgeMusic is past the half way mark in achieving his target to record his 'New Challenger’ Album. He made the final cut for MTV Unsigned 2012 and after checking this self styled 'Neo Soul Geek’ on SoundCloud you will agree this album needs to be made. Pledge just £8 for your completed copy… It’s not for a Shiraz chips & Cheese, promise.