UPDATE: I told you before, I was an Epitaph. Chapter 18 [ Thorki ]
UPDATE: I told you before, I was an Epitaph. Chapter 18 [ Thorki Fanfiction ]

I told you before, I was an Epitaph.

Chapter 18 [ Thorki ]

Title : I told you before, I was an Epitaph.

Chapter: 18/?

Author : 2Odinsons/NatureBoy

Rating : Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom : Thor

Warnings: Rape/Non-Con, Abuse, Self Harm, Bdsm

Thor and Loki met by chance. Fate brought them together - but it threatens to tear them apart at every turn. Love, loss and revenge fuel a Saga of the modern age. Loki is haunted by drug addiction and his former life as a prostitute…amongst other things. Thor fights for the love of his life, heart body and soul. And there’s NOTHING he wouldn’t do for Loki. This is packed with sex and violence - you have been warned.

Please read this fanfic of my dear friend 2Odinsons!

Betrothed Part 4

Summary: You have been betrothed to a disgusting pig to settle your father’s gambling debts. The night before your wedding, you are rescued by an unlikely party.

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here.

A/N: Here’s Part 4! So sorry it’s been so long, but I put together what was gonna be two parts into one to make it longer to try to make up for it. Let me know what you think!

Warnings: alcoholism, gambling, arranged marriage, bullying, maybe even verbal abuse, anxiety, unwanted attention/harassment 


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Imagine being the daughter of Loki’s closest advisor. One particular dull afternoon, you’re wandering through the palace when you see his helmet sitting on the table. Thinking you were alone, you try it on - only to look in the mirror and see him smiling at you from the doorway. Startled, you immediately take it off and apologize. He brushes it off as no big deal, quietly stating that you looked rather adorable in it.

Original imagine by: painfullythickimagines

You moved around the library. Your father was here for a meeting with Loki. You usually spent these long meeting in the library reading. However, today, nothing could hold your attention. After several minutes of searching and coming up with nothing, you decided to explore the palace. It wasn’t like anyone had ever told you that you couldn’t. You had just never done it before.

You strolled down random hallways until you came to an open door. You peeked in to see Loki’s famous horned helmet sitting on a table. You looked both ways before slipping inside.

You picked up the helmet and inspected it. It was much heavier than you thought it would be, and it had tiny dents in it that made you wonder how many times it had been dropped. You placed it on your head and giggled when you saw how big it was on you. You walked over to the full-length mirror to see how it looked. You started to giggle again when you saw that you looked like a child trying on one of their parent’s clothing. 

You turned back and forth to model, when you froze. In the reflection, was Loki himself with a small smile playing on his lips. You spun around and rushed to take the helmet off.

“I am so sorry, Your Grace. I shouldn’t have-” Loki silenced you with a raise of his hand.

“There is no harm done. Besides,” he said as he took the helmet from you, “it looked quite fetching on you.” You blushed and ducked your head.

“Thank you, Your Grace.”

“What is your name?”

“Y/n. My father is one of your advisors,” you answered still keeping your eyes on the floor.

“Ahh,” Loki said as he moved to place the helmet on the table. “You must be Birger’s daughter.”

“Yes.” You heard Loki sigh. 

“You know that you don’t have to look at the ground. I don’t bite like most of the rumor’s say.” Your eyes immediately snapped up to his and he smiled. “There. Much better.” You couldn’t help but return his smile. “Now, tell me. Is this your first time to the palace?”

“No, sir. I usually accompany my father when he has meetings with you. I usually just stay in the library, but i decided to wander around today.”

“I see.”

“I should actually probably head back. My father will be wondering where I am.”

“I’ll escort you back,” Loki said as he approached the door and offered his arm.

“Oh no, that isn’t necessary, Your Grace. I can find my way back.”

“Nonsense. Can’t have you wandering off, can I?” he said with a smirk. You reluctantly nodded and wrapped your arm around his. 

The walk back to the library was spent with you and Loki discussing books. When you turned on the hallway to the library, your father spotted you.

“Y/n! Where have you been? I was so worried,” he said as he hugged you tight.

“I’m afraid that was my fault, Birger. While you were finishing with the papers, i stumbled upon your daughter in the library. She expressed an interest in seeing more of the palace, so I took her on a tour of a small part of it.” You looked at Loki in surprise.

“Is that true?” You schooled your features quickly and nodded.

“Yes, Papa.”

“Well, that was very kind of you, Milord.” Loki smiled. 

“It was my pleasure.” He grabbed your hand and kissed the back of it. “Until we meet again.” You were grateful that your father didn’t see your pink cheeks as he ushered you out.


Pairing/Characters: Loki Laufeyson x Reader!Stark

Guest Apperances: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Heimdall, Thor Odinson, Peter Parker, Sam Wilson, Brock Rumlow, Jack Rollins.

Summary: This tale follows the quest of pirate captain Loki Laufeyson, a savvy pirate and Bucky Barnes, a resourceful blacksmith, in their search for reader, (Y/N) Stark. A feared pirate has kidnapped reader, the daughter of the governor. Little do they know, the he along with his crew has been cursed. Doomed for eternity to neither live nor die, unless a blood sacrifice is made.

Warnings:Piracy, kidnapping, violence, murder, love triangle, language. 

Word Count: 1939.

A/N: Hey, my prompt is making it’s appearence! Yay. I hope this one makes sense. This is one of my favorite chapters (one of many xx) As  always, feedback is  deeply appreciated!! 

Based on Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the Black Pearl.



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[ Loki extended imagine ] Banishment.

Original imagine: Imagine: Odin banishing you from Asgard as a punishment for Loki. He knows he loves you dearly and nothing would hurt him more than to see you go.

Written by: A.Wölf.

{ Anon request } 


-Loki. I can’t really say seeing you stand before me in chains comes as a surprise. Once again, you have betrayed your realm.

Odin speaks, sitting at the throne of Asgard and looking down at his adoptive son who’s escorted by two guards.

-My realm? Is it truly now?

-Asgard took you in, Frigga and Me. But your immature dissatisfaction blinded you; the constant hunger for power and the envy towards your brother. Has it all been worth it, son?

Loki clenches his jaw while his eyes glisten dully from a hurt ego.

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Deal With The Devil - Marvel (Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver ft. Loki) *AoU* Part 2



Pietro had a firm grip on my arms that had been placed on my back as we walked down the corridor. Loki was walking in front of me, with Cap holding Loki’s hands behind his back as well. 

Well, at least we’re inside of the tower, and seeing where we are going now, it seems like I would be able to meet my father, maybe not just in the way I had day dreamed of. 

 We took an elevator up, everyone but Loki being silent. 

 «Long time no see, Captain. You must have missed me so much! Want to talk about honor? Truth? Patriotism?» Loki mocked at his holder, smirking at his own little jokes. 

 I shook my head at him, a smile playing on my lips. He could’t just shut it once so he wouldn’t get in trouble. 

 «I’d rather not with you, Loki.» Captain replied with with a forced, and very fake smile. At least he looked genuine, compared to Loki. 

 Pietro didn’t say much where he stood behind me, his grip just so tight that I couldn’t get loose, but not to tight as if he was afraid of hurting me, something it looked like Cap didn’t have any problem with doing to Loki. I could feel Pietro’s breath tickle at my neck as he stood close to me in the elevator, Loki still trying to get Cap to talk, or he just talked to make him irritated. Which looked like it was working. 

 The elevator came to a stop and you all stepped out. 

 «JARVIS! Get stark here. Now.» Cap said, as we entered a huge room, with the view of New York, as they called their city. 

A huge set of sofa’s that reminded me of home stood in the middle of the room. Currently there didn’t seem to be anyone else in the room other than us. They placed us by the sofa, letting go of our hands, even though Pietro stayed behind me even then. Cap went to sit in the sofa, leaving Loki standing alone. Loki looked over at me with a smirk playing on his lips. 

 «Getting tired of these clothes, little princess?» I only rolled my eyes at him. 

Loki dropped the illusion of our clothes, showing our asgardian clothes. As the illusion fell Pietro took a step back in shock, looking skeptically over at Loki. 

«Why thank you, Captain, for offering us to sit with you. So kind of you to ask.» Loki teased. He really wanted to get in trouble didn’t he? 

«What is so important that you would have me leave my precious suit and come all the way up here for.» A male voice said, coming from the corridor at my left. 

«Well, why don’t you come see yourself.» Cap answered, as he rounded the corner. 

 I knew it was him the minute I saw him. Well, this might come from the fact that my mother had once drawn a picture of him, that looked about like this man, only younger. 

 «Mr. Stark. How lovely to see you again.» Loki mused at my father, throwing him a grin. 

 «Loki… What are you doing here.» He hadn’t even looked my way yet, but it didn’t really matter. 

This way it wasn’t weird or in any means creepy that I stood there looking at him. I felt Pietro stepping closer again, as if he could sense my nervousness. Why was he doing that? Couldn’t he just go sit down with Captain over there? 

«And you brought someone with you?» My father looked away from Loki, only to have his attention directed at me instead. 

And as he looked at me, really looked at me, he furrowed his eyebrows. I had always heard I looked like my mother, a lot like her actually, I had only a few things from my father. Like my height for instance. 

 «It can’t be.» My father whispered, having this distant look in his eyes, as if he was remembering something. 

 I said nothing, not really being sure what I could say. My only wish was to see my father, nothing more. He didn’t need to know I was his daughter. 

 «Who are you?» He asked me, his eyes now focusing on me again. 

 «I..» I looked over at Loki for support, and for once, he gave it to me. 

 «Just some poor little demigoddess I dragged with me. More fun.» He said, and if this had come from any other person that him, it would have been hard to believe, but it wasn’t. So it actually did sound somewhat legit. 

 «Your fun has come to an end. We’ll try to get in touch with Thor.» And with that your father turned and left, after taking one quick look at you, once more. 

«So what do we do with them?» Pietro spoke from behind them. 

 «We set this one behind bars, that’s for sure. Now her, I’m not so sure of.» Cap said, getting up to ‘escort’ Loki out. 

 «I can take care of her.» Pietro looked at Cap, as they shared a look, before he nodded shortly. Cap pushed Loki a little to get him to walk. 

«I’m sorry to inform you, but this one has a name. And I think you deep down know exactly what it is.» Loki leaned towards Cap as they walked, him determined to make him loose his temper.


Pietro didn’t take my hands behind my back as I expected him to, instead he just let me walk beside him. 

 «This way.» He said, gesturing me to follow him out to the balcony. The air wasn’t cold, just warm enough for my asgardian clothes.

 «Why are we out here?» I asked, turning to look at him, instead of the view in front of us. His piercing blue eyes were already on me, having this fascinated look in them. 

 «Just to make time to go faster.» He said, leaning on the railings of the balcony. 

 «What’s your name?» He asked, his eyes never leaving mine. When I started to think about it, I think I never had looked so long into someone’s eyes before. Instead of falling into some sort of trance, I told him my name, watching him tilt his head sideways, furrowing his eyebrows at the sound of it. 

 «Your name, it doesn’t sound very god like.» He commented. «Yet you look very much like it.» At this he gave me a smirk. 

«My father is a human.» I said, trying not to look back into the tower where I had last seen him, but unfortunately I failed completely. 

 «Is Mr Stark your…» Pietro let the question hang in the air. 

 I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. I couldn’t tell him, could I? But I wanted to tell someone, Loki was not fun locked up knowing, although it could slip from him any minute. So I ended up with finally nodding slightly, avoiding eye contact with him. 

 «Why didn’t you tell him?» Pietro asked, stepping closer to me, placing a hand on my shoulder, trying to make eye contact with me again. 

 «He doesn’t need to know. I just wanted to see him. That’s all.» I smiled weakly up at Pietro.

 «You should tell him you know.» He looked me deep in the eye, probably trying to convince me. 

 «And what good would that do? I must go back to Asgard when Thor comes to retrieve me and Loki anyway.» 

 «You would get to know your father. He is a lonely man, he might need a daughter.» Pietro tried. 

«No, he doesn’t.»

 «Yes he does.» He argued back, not letting it on to back down any time soon. 

«And what about everyone else around here? I am sure there is more of you than you and Captain. And I can’t just be here, only trying to get to know my father. He has a life too I hope.» I rambled on, my composure breaking down completely. Why was I so comfortable around this man? 

I was on the verge of crying by now, but Pietro placed his other hand on my other shoulder, making me look up into his eyes again. Why was he so supportive of having me stay? When the question wasn’t even to stay, but to tell my father who I really was? 

«You can get to know me?» He more asked, with hope in his eyes.

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You’re Safe : Steve Rogers/Captain America (Part 8)

Author’s Note: This is the second to last part! Catch up or show some love, here’s the link to the last part: You’re Safe (Part 7)

Italicized parts are memories

Warning: Some graphic violence (wounds) 

Word Count: 2,526

Angst (Sorta)


Your body laid rigid on the soft cot in one of the med rooms. Thor and Nat stood guard by the door, keeping both people out and Loki in.

His breathing was coming out evenly as he focused on your mind. “Might I suggest you relax, you’re making the blockers worse for yourself and I.” You huffed out loudly, forcing out all of your nervous energies from your body and mind. “Thank you.”

You could hear Thor and Nat whisper silently to themselves. Certain words popping out, such as ‘Steve’, ‘Y/N’, and ‘kill’. That only seemed to worsen your nerves as you kept trying to focus on their conversation. Loki sighed loudly, “Brother, Lady Romanoff, quiet yourselves, she needs to be able to clear her mind.” They instantly silenced themselves from Loki’s demand. You could feel his cold hands draw nearer to your temples. “Now Y/N, clear your mind.”

Loki’s presence was clearly there, poking around in your mind. It felt like a dull knife slowly easing its way into your brain matter. A clear start of a migraine set in place as Loki’s presence dug even deeper into your mind. A sharp jolt erupted from the base of your neck to the sides of your temples. “It-it hurts…”

“You can do it, Y/N.” Nat’s voice was beginning to feel like a mere echo as Loki kept pressing into you.

You could see faint images flashing beneath your eyelids; ones of Steve and what you started to understand as Bucky. Their faces became engravings into your mind as Loki continued. Voices from a younger era boomed through your head.

“Play nicely Y/N, these boys won’t know how to handle you!”

“Sure ma, but Steve and Buck already don’t know though!”

The voices were being doubled by the second, some of the you recognized instantly; such as your mother, Steve, Bucky, even some of your old classmates.

The pain was shooting through your entire body. Mental block after mental block was being torn down by Loki’s hands.

Faces you haven’t seen in decades were jumping at you like ghosts. People you knew that were now long gone and it was to the point where unfiltered cries were escaping you. “There’s only a few more blockers and it should all come to her…” Loki’s voice echoed.

“Y/N, do you really love Steve?”

“Yes Mrs. Rogers, but he doesn’t love me.”

The pain was overbearing, you could feel your muscles constricting from each memory coming to you. Your blood was to its boiling point, you couldn’t take anymore of it. “S-Stop!” No one listened to you, Loki’s presence was still there pressing against the painful blockers.

The memories, the faces, the voices were all beautiful, you’ve waited for this day for forever. But the pain made you wished that you never awakened from that cryogenic chamber.

“Loki stop! She’s bleeding!” Nat’s voice was urgent, the worry she honestly had for you was laced in it.  

“There’s only one more mental block! It’s the main one, if I do not finish this, then all of her hard work and mine will be wasted!” You didn’t want it anymore, you could feel the blood pooling underneath your head from your nose.

Loki pressed urgently onto your last mental blocker, you could physically feel a snap inside your head. With it your body started to writhe in pain. The last memory coming to you was the most painful yet.

“You’re going to make a great addition Y/N.” Zola then slid the needle point into your neck, fully injecting you with the strange fluids.

You could feel it burn throughout your entire body. It felt as the sun itself was flowing through you. Your screams could be the only thing heard throughout the entire facility.

“Sir, vat if she dies?” One of Zola’s assistants asked him, he watched as your body was writhing on the exam table, your screams tearing through the air still.

“She von’t.” Was Zola’s simple answer.

The twisted faces of your captors were glaring at you. The pain you wished you never felt again was coursing through your body once again. Your screams of agony from decades ago caught up to you as you continued writhing in pain.

Your once decades old scars opened up, the mere memory forced them to become anew; as if what happened back then was happening all over again.

“Make it stop! Make it fucking stop!” You opened your eyes expecting to find the face of Zola and his assistants, but instead you found the faces of Thor, Nat, and Loki. You wanted to vomit when seeing their ghastly expressions, you’ve seen it before and you knew nothing pleasant came with it.

Nat placed a warm hand against your cheek, which you instinctively flinched away from. “Y/N, I know you don’t want to be touched, but we have to stop the bleeding okay?” Your eyes widen as she and Thor went to grab your shaking arms.

“No! Don’t touch me!” You screamed in terror. You knew they weren’t going to hurt you, but the pain from Zola’s memories were still apparent to you.

Thor looked towards Natasha then towards you. “Lady Y/N, please let us help you. Your wounds have opened up and we must heal them before you lose too much blood.” You shook your head no to the best of your abilities. The panic you were feeling was too much to handle. They were too close for comfort, so with all your strength you pushed them back. Their bodies only sliding a mere few feet away from you.

You were still sobbing as the three made their way back over to you. “Please, please don’t hurt me.” You begged. The desperation and sadness was leaking from every pore in your body. It was as if you were a back to your old self, back in that godforsaken torture room of Hydra’s.

“Y/N,” Nat soothed, “you know us, we aren’t going to hurt you. Please let us patch you up.” Your gaze fell towards her, you could tell she was worried beyond belief.

It was silent for a few moments before you finally decided it was okay for them to touch you. Slowly, Nat grabbed your arm, again you had flinched from her touch. Thor handed her a roll of sanitized cloths and from what you guessed was their form of hydrogen peroxide. “You’re going to heal quickly, but this is to just make sure that they won’t get infected.” Nat explained. She poured the liquid onto the clothes and began to dab at your opened wounds. You sucked in a quick draw of breath from the burning sensation. Nat shot you a sheepish smile as she kept dabbing at your wounds.

Thor stood next to Loki, “You did well brother, thank you for your help.” Loki only nodded his head, he no longer wanted to be in there. “I’ll be sure to address Father in what you had done for us today. I will escort you back once Lady Nat is done patching up Lady Y/N.”

“Why are you so worried about these midgardians?” Loki pressed. He never understood why his brother worried so much about them.

He smiled brightly towards him. “I care about many people, it just so happens my friend was in need.”

Nat began to wrap your arms in the left over clothes. You laughed for the first time when you realized something, “You’re these oh so powerful Gods, but you use regular dressing cloths to seal wounds.”

“We would have used the other methods but it would have made no sense for you already have healing abilities Lady Y/N.” Thor couldn’t help but chuckle a little as well.

It was silent once more as Nat continued dressing you. You could tell she had questions regarding what happened. So you cleared your throat loudly, gaining the attention of both her and the brothers in the corner. She understood what you were getting at as you nodded your head for her to ask her question. Nat sighed, “What did you remember?”

You throat went dry from her question. It was a matter of time before anyone asked that, you were just a bit taken back from how quick the question came. “Everything… The faces, the names, from my mother’s voice and cooking to Steve and Bucky’s small silhouettes. I uh, I also remembered what happened to me. I’m guessing the memory forced open the scars?” Nat nodded her head, indicating that you were right. “I remember the last conversation Steve’s mother and I had…”

“What happened?”

You sighed sadly, “She asked me if I loved him.”

Thor’s voice boomed suddenly, “You are infatuated with the Captain?” He sounded giddy more than curious at this point. Nat shushed him and encouraged you to continued.

“I told her that I did, well still do. But that Steve didn’t love me.” You looked down at your bandaged arms, guilt and sadness from a past life was taking over you.

“What else do you remember?” Nat was becoming more and more intrigued by your new coming memories.

“Everything is all I can say, there are too many memories to speak about but I can promise you, I have ever single haunted memory back and that I will tell you them eventually one day.” Nat smiled gratefully towards your trust to her. You smiled back to her tiredly, your attention then went to Loki, “Thank you for your help, Loki.” He nodded his head towards you.

Thor clapped his hands readily, “I know you are about to inquire about home Lady Y/N, I shall escort Loki back and we will be on our way.” You thanked Loki once more and sat back into the cot. Your mind was still swimming with memories of your past. Hydra kept creeping its way into your mind but you wouldn’t allow them to tear you apart again.

“You know he does love you right, Y/N?”

“That’s what I’m afraid of, I’m not the same Y/N from the 40’s nor will I ever be again. Sure I can take this in stride and I am able to act like myself from back then, but what they did to me… I won’t be able to be the same again. Not only that, I think I left a foul feeling of myself to Steve when we left.” You missed him, the memories were only heightening your want to see him again.

Thor had came back in record time, a bright smile plastered on his face. “Lady Y/N if you are able to stand, might we get on our way to the Bifrost.” Slowly you started to lift yourself off the cot, once both of your feet made it to the ground you could feel yourself become lightheaded. You tried to take one step forward until Thor managed to catch you. “Do not trouble yourself, I shall carry you instead.” A grunt from your end was the only response he was to get.

“She’s really tuckered out Thor, maybe the sooner we get back the sooner she can rest.” Nat suggested. You could only wish for a warm bed at this moment.

You slightly bounced in Thor’s arm while the three of you made your way towards the Bifrost. From your limited view you could see Heimdall standing guard at the entrance. “Thor!” He bellowed. “I didn’t expect you back so soon.”

“Lady Y/N requested to go home immediately after our business was completed. My dear friend, I shall come back soon.” You watched the exchange from hooded eyes.

Thor was preparing the leave when Heimdall lowered himself to your level. “Safe travels Lady Y/N, the universe welcomes you back.” You smiled softly towards the gatekeeper, his kind words sticking to you like glue. “Goodbye Thor, Lady Y/N, and Lady Nat.” The two exchanged goodbyes once more before Heimdall opened the gate back to Earth.

Your breath was hitched in your throat as the three of you traveled the vast space of the universe once more. As much as you wanted to keep your eyes open for the breathtaking view of the stars. The pain of your healing wounds were becoming too much to handle.

“Y/N, we’re back at the tower…” Nat whispered. You opened your eyes to see the bright stars once again, but this time from the landing pad of the Avengers tower. “Do you want to see Steve?”


“Y/N, if he finds out that we’re back he would want to see you urgently.” Nat kept pressing the issue of you seeing Steve, you in return on shook your head.

“I can’t see him in this state. My body and mind is too torn up at the moment and I’m trying to heal already damaged wounds. I wish to go to bed.” You looked up desperately at her and Thor. She sighed knowing that once you made up your mind that there was no going back. Nat nodded her head towards Thor to allow you back to your room.

As the three of you silently walked the dark halls, a question became to loom over your heads. “Thor, how long have we been gone?” You looked around the halls, it was day time back in Asgard, you would have thought the same for Earth.

Thor pursed his lips and tried to calculate exactly how long you’ve all been gone. “We have been gone for about two weeks Lady Y/N, if you have not realized, Asgard time goes by slower than Midgard’s.” You groaned loudly from his answer. “And if my guessing is correct, the time right now would be 6 o’clock in the morning. Around the time Rogers wakes up to make breakfast.” You groaned even louder that time.

“You wanted to get back here more than I, didn’t you?” You questioned. A guilty look crossed Thor’s features. “And you were in on it too weren’t you Nat?”

She chuckled softly, “Listen, I get that you don’t want to see Steve now. And that you feel as that you’re not that same Brooklynn gal he loves. But let me tell you this, he loves you just the same and I feel like you’re avoiding him because you’re scared of your past and present emotions.” You sat stunned silent in Thor’s arms. You knew she was right, she was always right when it came to you.

“Take me to his kitchen then.” Both Thor and Nat smiled, they were happy to hear your change of mind.

Quickly, Thor ran towards the shared kitchen between you and Steve. Nat peaked her head around the corner to see if Steve was there. With a brief wave of her hand, Thor guided you into the kitchen and settled your body on of the the island stools. Nat was quick to your side and pressed a reassuring hand on your shoulder. “Break a leg, Y/N.” She and Thor shot you one more smile before bashing off towards their rooms.


I hope you guys enjoyed this part! Let me know what you think or if you were confused on anything. 

Have a good rest of the night/day <3


All Hallows Eve - Part Twelve

TITLE OF STORY: All Hallows Eve
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A village girl is late returning home on the most ghoulish night of the year and is chased through the dark forest only to be saved by something - someone - just as strange and monstrous.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Here it is, the last chapter. Thanks for the support, and the love, and thanks to @contains-cinnamon for the original prompt that got this started. xoxox

Previous Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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Sparks Flew - Chapter Three

AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Humour, Drama, Angst…
FIC SUMMARY: Loki is magically shackled to his brother whilst he serves out his community service sentence as an unofficial Avenger. He doesn’t make it easy for Thor, or Jane, who turn to Darcy to take over as his babysitter warden.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Thanks for all the love and please forgive me for the irregular updates. xoxox

Previous Chapters - 1 | 2

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UPDATE: I told you before, I was an Epitaph. Chapter 11 [ Thorki Fanfiction ]

I told you before, I was an Epitaph.

Chapter 11 [ Thorki ]

Title : I told you before, I was an Epitaph.

Chapter: 11/?

Author : 2Odinsons/NatureBoy

Rating : Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom : Thor

Warnings: Rape/Non-Con, Abuse, Self Harm, Bdsm

Thor and Loki met by chance. Fate brought them together - but it threatens to tear them apart at every turn. Love, loss and revenge fuel a Saga of the modern age. Loki is haunted by drug addiction and his former life as a prostitute…amongst other things. Thor fights for the love of his life, heart body and soul. And there’s NOTHING he wouldn’t do for Loki. This is packed with sex and violence - you have been warned.

Please read this fanfic of my dear friend 2Odinsons!

UPDATE: I told you before, I was an Epitaph. Chapter 14 [ Thorki Fanfiction ]

I told you before, I was an Epitaph.

Chapter 14 [ Thorki ]

Title : I told you before, I was an Epitaph.

Chapter: 14/?

Author : 2Odinsons/NatureBoy

Rating : Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom : Thor

Warnings: Rape/Non-Con, Abuse, Self Harm, Bdsm

Thor and Loki met by chance. Fate brought them together - but it threatens to tear them apart at every turn. Love, loss and revenge fuel a Saga of the modern age. Loki is haunted by drug addiction and his former life as a prostitute…amongst other things. Thor fights for the love of his life, heart body and soul. And there’s NOTHING he wouldn’t do for Loki. This is packed with sex and violence - you have been warned.

Please read this fanfic of my dear friend 2Odinsons!

The Prince has Come

Loki was escorted into a room filled with so many mechanical and electronic mechanisms, he faintly remembered that he was struggling, they kept hitting him, forcing him into a chair- pain flashed when he thought about that infernal contraption. They had hurt him, but he couldn’t think of how they did it. He heard someone talking, what were they saying? He looked up to their lips and everything started to slowly make sense. “What is your name?” They asked. “My name is Loki, however, they also call me Asset or the Winter Prince. Sometimes just Prince.” Loki noted, then fell silent once again, don’t talk unless asked to. That was what he had been told. “Sir Pierce told me your name, but I seem to have forgotten it. What would you like me to call you?”


A darkness was cloaked over the lands of Niffleheim and the stonewall structures of the castle were no different. Shadows seemed to lurk around each hall and the flames that lit the rooms seemed impossibly dim. One would never guess the beauty that lay hidden behind the eerie gloom.

The guards escorting Loki took on an entirely new facade as they silently marched along the marble floors. They finally reached a set of giant wooden doors and upon them was carved two cat like beasts locked in battle, a frightful sight for the unprepared.

“The king and his court await you now..”  

They opened the doors and ushered the Aesir within, allowing the slowly vanishing sliver of light to vanish as they shut the door behind him to leave him in the darkness of the throne room.

“He cannot see..” A whispered voice echoed off the walls, followed by another that seemed to grunt in agreement. 

“Your name and title, Aesir?” A mans heavy voice bellowed out almost threateningly.

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