This is a Skull.
It has no skin. 
Its body is covered in a layer of parasites.  

It can control the parasites, to create clothing and armor.

Here, the parasites are piling together to form armor. 

The armor is fully formed. 

It looks like plastic and cloth, but it’s actually parasites. 

Therefore, the Skulls are not actually wearing clothing or armor, it is all parasites.

This is Quiet. 

Like the skulls, Quiet has no skin. 

She is covered in a layer of parasites. 

Like the Skulls, Quiet can control her parasites to form skin and clothing. 

Ergo, Quiet is not wearing ANY clothing. She is butt naked and covered in parasites. 

Her gloves? Parasites
Her bra? Parasites
Her underwear?
Just a mass of parasites esconced in her skinless buttcrack

She takes off her tights and unbuttons her bra straps for show…. those are not real clothes. They are parasites. 

Her bra never rides up. She never gets wedgies from her panties. The holes on her stockings never get bigger.  

 Those are not real clothes. They are parasites.