The office wall

So, I’ve had this office wall to complete for like, months.  I just haven’t had the motivation to do it.

However, with a little motivation from my Springle, I got it done!  

Taping it.  I use painter’s tape, and a FNAF figure cardboard to figure out how large to make each square.  It’s super time consuming, and really tedious work.

Slather paint all over it.  I used two layers otherwise the black doesn’t get dark enough.

Wait till it dries, pull the tape off!


Yes!  It does have some (lots) of spots that are bleeding or overlapping.  I figure that’s appropriate for Freddy’s!

Next!  Shelving, then putting up all the FNAF Merch I’ve got.



I’m going to be putting a wall of ‘employee’s of the month’ up on the left side of where the shelves go, so, essentially, behind the door.  

Do you want to be part of my office?  I’m putting together my Cosplay blogs and will be using this room as a backdrop for them!

I’m getting everything set up!  So, if you want to be part of the background here, send me a pic of yourself in your Purple Guy / Security Guard getup.  If you want to be covered in blood, or want to be doing anything unusual in your image, that’s fine!  Feel free to play up exactly how NOT to take an ‘employee of the month’ photo.  If you could then send me an 8X10 image, that would be spectacular, so I can print it up and put it up!

So, yep!  Been busy with work, been busy with life, but still FIRMLY esconced in FNAF!

Strive Pt. 12

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Pair: Tomarry

Rating: M-E(depends)

Tags: Mild Language, Homosexuality, Sexism, Obsessed Tom, Time-Travel/Dimension-Travel, Teacher/Student, Eventual Romance, Teacher-Harry, Grey!Harry, MoD(sort of), Death!being,

Watching as Lord Malfoy worked endlessly for all the Dark Artifacts in his family’s possession to be removed in time, had been interesting. Apparently there was a secret chalet out in France that they had for special purposes. Such as hiding any incriminating evidence.

The House Elves weren’t the only ones working this time. Lord Malfoy had to go from room to room inspecting every artifact he could find to make sure that everything had maintained its Grey aura. The Malfoys were know for Dark and Grey cores and in the current time, Grey was better than Dark.

Abraxas had been tasked with keeping Tom entertained while his parents moved double time to ‘lighten’ their manor.

“How did you find out, my lord?” Abraxas had asked him once they were esconced inside the Malfoy family’s second best drawing room.

Obviously Tom did not feel pressured to tell his follower the truth. He merely stated that a reliable source had forewarned him before the beginning of the holiday. Technically it was truth in a way. Professor Potter was the most trustworthy person that Tom currently knew. The man seemed to be the only one who treated him like a normal person and took everything he said with sincere interest.

Not even Slughorn, who adored Tom the most, did that. Half of then time, he would wave away Tom’s comments or observations as childish whimsy. It was annoying despite it being beneficial. Potter didn’t put on airs. He was simply honest about his thoughts and didn’t treat Tom like some juvenile schoolboy.

Some might think that to be foolish. Tom merely appreciated it after four months of getting a better understanding of the man.

Now they simply had to pass the holiday patiently, awaiting Dumbledore’s interference.

When Tom awoke on Christmas morning, he found a few gifts at the foot of his bed. Even though Pureblood wizards in Britain did not observe the holiday, it was still celebrated by about half of the magical society. Not gifting others would ruin a reputation and especially to blood purists, that was not a good thing.

Tom had already sent his gifts back in November, so he wouldn’t have to think more on it.

His followers had apparently remembered that they should tastefully, as the muggles said, kiss his arse, if they wanted to remain on his more pleasant side.

His gifts were are follows:

Malfoy- A new trunk, complete with dragon hide leather and his initials sewn in with golden thread. Tom’s favourite part was the expanding library it came equipped with.

Nott- A gift voucher for Flourish and Blotts, equal to one thousand Galleons.

Avery(the younger sister)- A vial of Felix Felicis. She would need a reward.

Greengrass- A third edition copy of a book about the known history of the Founders of Hogwarts, that was written in 1329. The copy was written in Latin.

Carrow- A Foci Necklace to harness his magic should he ever need an extra bit of power. The stone was pure crystal in teardrop form, encased in a silver framework that looked like a spider web.

Mulciber- A book on the known magical artefacts of British history.

Crabbe- Dragon hide gloves.

Goyle- Dragon hide boots.

Some gifts were much more preferable than others, though he was grateful. To purchase the gifts for his followers, he had to employ use of the Imperius Curse to get a most honest sale. Some gifts made it easier on him in the future. Haggling was such a plebian activity after all.

Aurors had come. Tom had only seen them in person once before, when Myrtle’s bloody had been taken away. They seemed much less of a threat to his existence now, and no matter how much they tried to appear threatening, he was in no way affected by their demands and harsh words.

Lord Malfoy, as expected, demanded a warrant. Once it was given, the Aurors were given free reign of the manor, but a House Elf was assigned to each to make certain nothing valuable went missing.

The Head Auror, whose name was revealed to be Timina Dodderage, had taken insult to that. Malfoy merely sneered something about the 'less than fortunate often being easily swayed by greed’, which shut the woman’s mouth quickly.

As expected, Tom’s new trunk, which had been shrunken to a more manageable size and looped onto the necklace he’d received that morning, was brought up for being 'suspicious’. Lord Malfoy, no doubt feeling indebted to Tom, spoke on his behalf. The Aurors had a warrant for the building but not the living beings residing within it. If they wanted to search the people like they did in their fruitless endeavour with the manor, they could go and get a warrant for that as well.

A threat about going to the Minister was made, which ended up sending the Aurors off in a foul mood. Nothing incriminating had been discovered and a failed raid of a building would look bad on the team’s records.

“Mr. Riddle, I believe that we owe you a debt.”

Tom made sure that his almost malicious glee was well hidden behind his kind and helpful Head Boy mask.

In the late evening some nights later, Tom found himself being hailed by an owl that he had never seen before. Said owl was not a common Barn Owl and had red eyes and black feathers. The noise it had made to capture his attention had startled him momentarily. No soul would ever learn of such information.

It bore a letter that was a bit thicker than usual, due to something being shoved inside it.

No spells or curses on the parchment. It was just a letter.

When he broke the wax seal and turned the letter upside down, something heavy fell into his palm, and the chain it was connected to, dangled heavily between his fingers. It was beautiful and certainly of older craftsmanship. An emerald face and with nicely cut facets.

The note it came with however…

Your mother had owned this. In an attempt to save your

lives, she sold it to Mr. Borgin, and was cheated out of what

could have been thousands of Galleons. Slytherin’s Locket

is no simple piece of jewelry. In desperation, she fled to

London in search of aid. I saw it in Borgin and Burke’s

and decided it should be returned to you once and for all.

Many happy returns, Tom Marvolo Riddle.

If Tom were of any less intelligence, he would have been terrified that someone had known his birthday when he had divulged it to no one. Yet, despite there being no name on the note or the face of the envelope, he would recognise that writing anywhere.

What concerned him most, was how Professor Potter knew anything about Tom’s mother.


This is a Skull.
It has no skin. 
Its body is covered in a layer of parasites.  

It can control the parasites, to create clothing and armor.

Here, the parasites are piling together to form armor. 

The armor is fully formed. 

It looks like plastic and cloth, but it’s actually parasites. 

Therefore, the Skulls are not actually wearing clothing or armor, it is all parasites.

This is Quiet. 

Like the skulls, Quiet has no skin. 

She is covered in a layer of parasites. 

Like the Skulls, Quiet can control her parasites to form skin and clothing. 

Ergo, Quiet is not wearing ANY clothing. She is butt naked and covered in parasites. 

Her gloves? Parasites
Her bra? Parasites
Her underwear?
Just a mass of parasites esconced in her skinless buttcrack

She takes off her tights and unbuttons her bra straps for show…. those are not real clothes. They are parasites. 

Her bra never rides up. She never gets wedgies from her panties. The holes on her stockings never get bigger.  

 Those are not real clothes. They are parasites.

honestly posting metal gear fic is… so much more satisfying than dealing with the Mass Market of SPN fandom. I felt like I was too geared toward that shit and it’s just… relaxing now. Yeah, I posted a WIP, it’s like 80% written and we all know how it ends. It’s Chill.

anyways I realized it was Thursday Night but I’m… pretty happily esconced here. SPN fandom was great because honestly, I was lurking in the dank days of season one when demonic incest ruled the fandom, so when I came out of hermitude, where else was I gonna go?

It’s been real. I loved writing for yall. But I’m done.