Just a reminder/warning to everyone that withdrawals from cipralex/lexapro/any other brand name of escitalopram are brutal and that you shouldn’t quit cold turkey!!!! I ran out of mine and wasn’t able to get more for a week and I could barely get out of bed and the depression hit me worse than I remember. It’s okay to be on anti anxiety and antidepressant meds, don’t get freaked out and just quit!!! If u think you’re ready to get off them make sure you taper and talk to your doctor about it. Be safe and healthy and happy love u all.

You know.. This escitalopram lark isn’t half bad.

I mean sure, the usual collection of fun side effects - nausea, headaches.. Being unable to feel hungry until I’m really hungry which is odd. Oh and the usual ssri libido death.

But before I went on it my nerves were a fucking wreck. I was anxious all the time, I felt like I was just on a continuous anxiety attack. And now I’m like.. Super calm.
Maybe like a little too calm since my dissertation is due in 26 days and I haven’t started writing but I’ll take that over constant panic tbh.

So yeah fun medication adventures. Might have actually found the one after all the trial and error.

Single dose of antidepressant changes the brains structure within 3 hours

Single dose of antidepressant changes the brains structure within 3 hours

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A single dose of antidepressant is enough to produce dramatic changes in the functional architecture of the human brain. Brain scans taken of people before and after an acute dose of a commonly prescribed SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitor) reveal changes in connectivity within three hours, say researchers who report their observations in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on September 18.


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I found out a couple days ago that it is a bad idea to mix lexapro (or escitalopram) with midol. This can cause internal bleeding along with other side affects.
I found this out the hard way, and though I had only minor issues (dizzyness, lightheadedness, fatigue, and nausea) it was still terrifying once I realized why.
So for any of my readers or anyone else who takes these meds make sure not to take them together!