people without depression somehow
know all the magic ways to cure it
stop drinking
my mother says
you just need to exercise
my sister claims
get more sleep
my father instructs
here, take this pill
my doctor prescribes
don’t take pills, just use oils
the massage therapist admonishes
i just smile and nod
okay i will yes you’re right
i’ll try that good idea
and i laugh because
i have tried all these things
i have tried everything
i would try anything
but the reality is that i will always
feel this way
and it is up to me to figure out
how i’m supposed to live with this


anonymous asked:

Someone here was put on Escitalopram? My psychiatric prescribed me that but I have no idea wtf this does

That would be me! It’s an antidepressant but it also has a positive effect on some aspects of executive functioning and cognition. I find that it makes me really sleepy, so you might want to take it in the evening rather than first thing in the morning. The executive functioning it helps with is I’m more able to actually complete tasks, which has been a problem for me in the past.

Here’s my post on my personal blog about it.


Just a reminder/warning to everyone that withdrawals from cipralex/lexapro/any other brand name of escitalopram are brutal and that you shouldn’t quit cold turkey!!!! I ran out of mine and wasn’t able to get more for a week and I could barely get out of bed and the depression hit me worse than I remember. It’s okay to be on anti anxiety and antidepressant meds, don’t get freaked out and just quit!!! If u think you’re ready to get off them make sure you taper and talk to your doctor about it. Be safe and healthy and happy love u all.

Mental illness is a labyrinth
Of why’s and what ifs
Trials of drugs and counseling
It is glimmers of hope smashing into highway standstills
Side effects and withdrawals
More counseling and different drugs
It is building tolerance and coming down
Mountain tops and valleys
Intense darkness interrupted by flashing lights
It is feeling better but fearing addiction
Alleviating mental pain and creating physical
Wave upon wave of choking anxiety
It is a maze of conflicting opinions
Take medication it will help
But don’t because it might kill you
It is an exhausting journey
A never ending cycle
And I can’t seem to find my way out


So........Anyone there?

So, here’s the thing:

I’ve been on medication for depression since June. Lexapro. And then.. I ran out of money. And basically… now I have no more money and no more pills.

And so I know you must not stop the pills suddenly, so I went from 20mg to 5mg. And now it’s been 2 days without it. And I’ve had problems before one time I ran out of pills for 2 days.

And it feels like shit.

Mostly it’s the…shiver thing. It’s like electricity in my brain, and then even my fingers and legs. But  the brain zaps,“ "brain shocks,” “brain shivers,” “brain pulse-waves,” “head shocks” are feeling like shit. When I’m not moving it’s basically fine, but then… I move and there’s the shock. 

I dont know how long this could take until it goes away.

I don’t know nothing anymore

Thanks for reading.

I’ve been told by no less than two different doctors that it’s okay for me to be taking my anti-depressants, Escitalopram, whilst carrying out my pregnancy.

My anxiety symptoms have been getting steadily worse since I have been back on them, so I went to see another doctor today. He told me to stop taking them immediately. My partner and I came home, and began to research the medication more thoroughly. What we found made us furious, and I’m throwing out my pills.

Firstly, my baby could spontaneously abort. Secondly, shortly after birth, she may have difficulties with her breathing and take on a bluish skin tone. This medication is excreted with my breast milk, and not one person has told me this, even after both my partner and I specifically asked if it could harm the baby in any way. 

Needless to say, we're fucked off.