What a terrible night to have a curse…

 Man, this was pretty freaking difficult to make, but it’s finally done! Here you go, a Scylla monster girl like you asked!

 For her design it was pretty hard to decide because there are like a bajillion different interpretations of what she looked like, but I went for the original… by which I mean I literally based it on a piece of pottery from the era.

 Her clothes were also kind of difficult, but I decided on a design that represents her ties-in with the sea, the ferocity of wolves, and the fact that she has brought death to many sailors by wrecking their ships.

 Now, for originality’s sake let’s just say she's Scylla and not the Scylla. What would you name her? What would her personality be like? That’s up to you to decide! From now on she’s your character, so treat her well and take good care of her! I really hope you liked her.

 (PS: Alternative dialogue line: Want to look up my dress? My lower half is so hungry for you…)

Wow, friend. That looks great! It’s a great design, and below her waist she looks just terrifying.

For a name, I guess I could go for something similar to her species name, as in Monster Musume fashion. So I guess I’ll name her Celia.

Thanks, youhavethewrong!



Vidal García Martín

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