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LOWER: Warm, brave and handsome.

This is an interview I conducted a year ago with Danish post-punk band ‘Lower’ a few days subsequent to their performance at the Chaos In Tejas festival.

Who are Lower?

Four friends called Adrian, Anton, Kristian and Simon. This is Simon speaking.

How would you describe your music to the people of Australia who have not heard of you before?

Warm, brave and handsome.  Hailing from Scandinavia, you are surrounded by an array of amazing young artists like Iceage, Vår, Holograms, Lust For Youth, Sexdrome and Pagan Youth. Specifically your hometown of Københaven, Denmark, produces a lot of underground musicians that have created a niche in the alternative music scene worldwide. Would you like to elaborate on the alternative music scene in Københaven, as well as Scandinavia? Regarding Copenhagen, I’ll mention some LP’s that just got released or are very much about to: Bottom Feeder: Grinding Teeth, Puce Mary: Success, Damien Dubrovnik: The Vanity Set, Jonas Frederiksen: Toekomstje.  I’m mostly into heavy rhythm at the moment, so tracks from Christian Stadsgaard, Klaus H. Hansen and Mischa Pavlovski are very appealing. Down this aisle, Kristian and I have a 12’’ as Age Coin coming up on British label Alter Stock in september, which will be followed by a 12’’ on Posh Isolation.  Apart from this, there’s a wonderful new boy band in town called Communions. They are playing their first show with Iceage and Femminielli late August, really looking forward to this.  Then there is Synd og Skam, who, like Iceage and us, also release music through Escho. They have some good warm tunes as well. 

Surrounded by so many different genres in Scandinavia; black metal, post punk, garage rock, electronic music, industrial music, folk music, post rock etc etc, what made you guys decide to become a post punk band?

We never decided on becoming anything. We’d been playing together in a different constellation prior to our first release, Walk On Heads. When we devised the entity that is now Lower, it seemed that pace was what we could agree on for a starting point. We still utilize this, but the goal has never been singular. It’s about pulse, warmth and emotions, and we take the measures required to achieve this, regardless of genre etc. 

You guys played the Chaos in Tejas festival in Texas, USA. Could you tell me about that; how the couple of days were, what bands you guys saw, and what it was like playing with such a diverse array of bands from around the globe?

Playing Chaos was a great experience. Anton had been at the festival once before, but it was the first time for the rest of us. A lot of our friends from Copenhagen played as well, so at times it almost felt like we could just have stayed at home. But getting to play with, and see bands like Milk Music, Framtid, Infest, Abigail, Akitsa and especially Total Control play, was great. For my part, I was eager to get the tour started, so staying 5 days in the same spot might have been a stretch. 

What would someone who has never seen Lower live expect from your shows?

Tension, throb, love and four very capable young men.

What do you feel, as a band, to be your favourite release and why?

I don’t think we could ever agree on a single release. Anton just texted me and said that, at the time he’s very much into Diamond Dogs by Bowie. I’ve never even heard that record… Adrian concerned, I’m guessing something by Queen, Oasis or Ghostface Killah and for Kristian some classical piece, 'In to the Excotic’ by Female or some Phil Collins record. I always have a place in my heart for 'Minimal Nation’ by Robert Hood and 'Nebraska’ by Bruce Springsteen. We could probably all agree on later Scott Walker records like “Climate of Hunter”, 'Tilt’ or 'The Drift’ as being very strong, emotional and influential records. Concerning Danish records an all time classic is “Supertanker” by Kliche.   What were some of the first records you guys bought growing up?

Probably some shitty dance or Absolute Music Compilation when I was real young. The first record I remember being enchanted by was a Steve Miller Band greatest hits, I was probably 5 or 6 years old, loved that Pegasus and they have a song called Abracadabra. Being a bit older, I remember buying an Offspring and a Limp Bizkit CD, they both had cartoons on the covers.. Later on came Oasis, Blur and Pulp etc.

Anton: I was very much into the popular Irish folk group The Dubliners in my formative years (age 6-10), but later got introduced to rock music and started buying records by all the popular British bands from the mid 90s, but also major bands like Nirvana, Queen, Bowie etc. Kristian was infatuated with Michael Jackson so I’m sure that was some of the first music he bought. Adrian’s father is Swedish, so he grew up listening to Cornelis Vreeswijk. He was also way into hip hop music like Tupac, Bone Thugs and Wu Tang. 

Was it ever your intention for Lower to be travelling the world playing shows?

Somewhat. We always wanted to play a lot of shows, so when we got the opportunity to expand this part of our venture beyond the boarders of Denmark, we seized it.   

Has Lower become a job for you guys, or does it still feel like a past time?

With regards to how much time and effort we put into it, it is definitely our main occupation. We make our money elsewhere, but I would never characterize this aspect of my life as past time or a hobby. This what we do and who we are.    

What does the future hold for Lower?

Right now we are putting finishing touches on our first full length. Due to different circumstances, it has been a very lengthy process, so we’re excited about this. We are going to the UK for the first time in August, and then some.