So I don’t know why i’m posting this because maybe 2 people will actually pass it along, but you should read it if the above conversation made you feel uneasy, because it should have. This is an actual conversation I had with a guy I used to work with. Notice how he’s insisting on doing these nice things for me, even when I’ve made it perfectly clear that i’d prefer if he didn’t. He doesn’t want to do those things for me, he wants to do those things to display his generosity and so that I feel like I owe him

Also, the fact that he felt the need to congratulate me for not thinking too highly of valentine’s day was really difficult for me to process. I don’t even know how to explain how condescending that is. Like I should be proud of myself for breaking the feminine mold. Ugh

And then, that “you may have nothing to do with me” bullshit. He’s trying to make me feel guilty for not liking him. He’s being melodramatic to make me feel bad for him, like I’ve done something wrong. This is perhaps the most common form of manipulation and it’s infuriating. 

Everything i’ve pointed out in this post is just a fraction of some of the common warning signs of an abusive partner that I got right off of a Women’s Shelter’s website. Basically though, if at any point in talking to a guy you feel manipulated or sort of skeevy, don’t be afraid to shut him right down. If you feel weird about it, it’s for a reason. You’re not being overly-picky, and you’re standards are certainly not too high; listen to your instincts, don’t respond! Walk away!

Now, I have no feelings at all for this guy, so it was fairly easy for me to discover all that was wrong with this interaction. But it’s a lot harder to recognize and then accept these behaviors as wrong when you actually like the guy, so do yourself a favor and learn the signs of an abusive parter to give yourself a predisposition that’ll help you detect common manipulations like these.

Early warning signs of an abuser


My coworkers think eschergirls is really amusing, i showed them this one today and much fun was had.
First is just a “seeing this from other side” draw over, which is super horrifying, then two different fixes from us of the original which are both equally if not more hot than the original? But way less broken?
Then the last one was just a natural progression my coworker made of where the original drawing must have been going :U
‘This is How You Draw a 15-y-o Black Girl’: Illustrators Flood Social Media After Marvel Sexes Up the New Iron Man
Recently, popular Marvel artist J. Scott Campbell found himself in hot water with a lot of Iron Man fans for his depiction of Riri Williams, who is the new face of the series, after Twitter user @Steph_I_Will questioned how she was drawn. Riri was originally drawn with dark brown skin, yet William chose to draw her significantly lighter and with a much more sinewy, curvy body.

learning from the mistakes of others (also known as “I don’t have any inspiration and I’m not happy with my art, but at least I know how pelvises work”)

things that disappoint me on this picture:

  • I believe this isn’t bad art - this is stylization. Deodato decided to fuck up the anatomy and ignore how fabric works, just to show more smooth skin and boobs and lips.
  • This isn’t an action pose, this is a beauty shot. I’d love to see the justification for this. What does it bring to the story.
  • that silly swimsuit is such a crappy piece of costume design. How come there are all those tiny little details, and yet nobody stopped to think that fabric just will not cling like that? That the pointy (presumably leather) detailing would chafe as hell? That maybe, you wouldn’t want to fight with a wedgie???

Yesterday I did a paintover of this escher girl. I think she’s the victim of some cut and paste anatomy, so I quickly sketched up a second version to see what she might look like with her head and shoulders as is too. Anyway, tried to keep the spirit of the thing.

Why Wonder Woman Deserves More

Help me out here guys….

Okay, I may not be a huge comic book buff (yet still a huge fan!), but I’m willing to learn if there’s something I’m missing. I’ve always loved the idea of Wonder Woman - a powerful female warrioress from Ancient Greece/Amazonian culture (iirc), a Xena-like character who fights for virtue, honor, truth, all those good things. She plays with the big boys, and not only keeps up, but shows them how it’s done.

If that’s so, then…whywhyWHY is she most always shown in a skintight, strapless, pantsless, thong/swimming suit/flimsy piece of spandex???? I know she’s pretty indestructible, but do you know how HARD it is to fight in a leather corset, where there’s no straps to keep that gigantic chest in place?

It makes me VERY sad that such a famous, prominent figure of feminine power is mostly seen as a sex icon, mostly featured in sexy/escher-esque poses, wearing “clothing” that looks like it was sprayed on or hanging on with a wing and a prayer (and maybe ample amounts of superglue?), or any variation thereof? I say ‘mostly’, because I have seen some versions where she’s more practical, with pants, real armor, heck I’ll even settle for the Greek/Xena-style skirt in some versions. Bravo to those people for giving our poor warrioress some semblance of dignity.

If I understand correctly, like in the Xena universe, that is the 'style’ of the era, the leather skirt with the bodice and shoulder armor, reminiscent of Romans and Greeks from Sparta, etc. Well okay then, give WW an outfit that actually looks/works like real armor from that period, instead of the spandex thong/corset she’s most often depicted in. Also, iirc, maybe she doesn’t wear full armor because that’s the 'Amazon way’, IE: she’s so OP that she doesn’t need full covering. But give her SOMETHING that isn’t so obviously designed to sell sex first, and practicality last!

Spandex may be all the rage for comic books (and it’s probably easier to draw), but I’d like to direct your attention to some of these wonderful blogs for many, many more reasons why our beloved Wonder Woman deserves more than a minimal-coverage, maximum-bust corset (and why practical armor can be even more BA and gorgeous):

Unless there is a practical, logical reason why WW is nearly always shown in the aforementioned ILLOGICAL ways, let’s face it: Sex sells, and too many people are buying. And that is no excuse, because women like myself want to see our gender treated with more dignity, respect, and understanding than what is given. You know what, I’ll bet Superman is chivalrous. And so is Wonder Woman.

I challenge any WW artist to design her with something more akin to Lady Sif (from the movie version), instead of just going with the flow.

TL;DR - Wonder Woman is too freaking amazing to be treated as a sex icon. She deserves a whole heck of a lot more from us, her fans. She deserves something befitting who she is, and what she represents.

My post isn’t intended to insult anyone, I know we all have different ideas and viewpoints. I’m just expressing my own views and frustrations with society :/

/end rant (btw, I have no problem with the comic book world; check my blogs, I’m a huge nerd! But I do have a problem with how prevalent the sex industry is, especially in my fandoms! Move over boys, girls are nerds too!)


Thanks to bryborg, sketchy-wretch, and cazadongs for their Sydney lovin’ I was motivated to redesign her. I frequent eschergirls and thehawkeyeinitiative which lead me feeling guilty of my sexist design choices. I learned to draw from comic books and most of my decisions have been subconscious thus far. But looking at the old costume it didn’t really fit what Sydney is about. Acrobatics require non-restrictive clothing, so tight leather pants were out. I also gave her a bit more clothing in general.

Finally, I modded the 10mm submachinegun using Millenia’s amazing textures as a base. This is how I see Sydney’s Ultra SMG looking like.

Tetsuya Nomura Catwoman Variant Play Arts Redraw

So my wife was in the process of replaying some Kingdom Hearts games and I decided to tackle redrawing a rather infamous Catwoman design by the director of those games, Tetsuya Nomura. Now, I like his designs for the most part, and I enjoy his aesthetic. I have studied Nomura’s work, but I decided to redesign his Catwoman figure that he created sometime last year because it seemed very over the top.

This design first caught my attention at Escher Girls and I decided to take a crack at this. Also, my wife is a big fan of DC comics, and felt that Catwoman was badly represented here.

First off, I had to break the design down to a format I could make changes to, so I took a look at the original promotional material.

After studying this for a while, I made an ink drawing to familiarize myself with the design.

And so, having taken a look at the design, I decided to incorporate the color scheme of the figure, roughly as it appears in real life, and not with the washed-out, desaturated color scheme it has in the promotional poster. And thus:

And in so doing, I could more easily identify exactly what was wrong with the figure. Going back to the ink drawing I did, I marked the piece with red in the places I felt it could use a bit of a redesign. And thus:

Yep, it made little sense, especially in context with the Batman redesign Nomura did just a little while before this one. The claws didn’t make sense, especially in a world where Batman wears powered mechanical super-armor, the helmet didn’t seem practical at all for literally any purpose, her boobs were hanging out, and while it appeared that this Catwoman was wearing some kind of bronze body stocking, it still didn’t make sense that she would be wearing armor and neglect to wear any on her chest. Which, statistically speaking, the human chest carries most of the organs that a human being would want to keep not-shot or non-lasered, which would be a concern, in the distant future that this design was created for.

My wife held similar sentiments, but at a different volume.


I struggled to maintain consciousness as her confusion and rage reached its peak.

As the floorboards of the building splintered, I stumbled toward cover, and I managed to crawl into a small nook as lightning crashed and the meteors fell. Before I passed out, I resolved to make the design a bit less sexualized and impractical.

And thus;

So, in my first attempt, I managed to incorporate a more practical bit of chest armor, took away the claws, the silly tail, and the gun. Not bad, but this redesign was a little conservative for my taste, especially considering that the Batman design that Nomura did was so crazy and out-there. And thus;

Behold! A cross between Sam Fisher, the Emerald Weapon from Final Fantasy VII, and my Titan that I play in Destiny. I made the design at once ridiculous and over-the-top, while still looking vaguely like a secret-special forces soldier you would see Solid Snake beat up in the first few hours of a Metal Gear Solid game, before things get bananas.

I didn’t have the time to add her whip, but I imagine this works a bit better as armor, even if this has just as little to do with Catwoman as the original Nomura redesign.

I haven’t shown my wife yet, but hopefully this will instigate a small bit of catharsis.