Eschatology is the name for branches of theology conerning the end of the world, the fate of humankind, etc.

The Japanese word for and is “to”

So the Japanese name for Escha & Logy is Escha to Logy


And this whole game focuses on the remnants on a lost society that collapsed.

Damn dude shit is awesome I can’t believe I never saw this how fantastic is this I love this game

Super Important Escha & Logy Things:

The Sky King Fossil necessary for Awin’s final hammer is located at the Fallen Ruins, when you do a convoluted mess of things:

- Go all the way to the final zone of the map. Do NOT pick up anything in the first section.

- In the final zone, Rare Material Change should appear at 100% search gauge. Choose it.

- Run all the way back to the first area, and then use Plant Nutrients with the Amazing Materials effect

- Gather items like normal.

Doing this, I got the important Sky King Fossil and also an item known as Jelly Gem. 

This really makes me wonder what all we’ve been missing out of in other places by not doing this mess of stuff. But in all honesty, you could probably find this item by just using the plant nutrients, or just rare material change, but I assume it would be a lot harder to get that way.

Sorry about the long post I just wanted to let people know because it pissed me off a lot, not being able to find it. And there wasn’t very much info on Google, minus one person. SO. I just thought I’d type it out as well for other people searching. Thanks!

(In fact, I’m thinking of writing a guide with the items and locations, recipe locations, monster locations, etc. but I’m not sure if I will. It’s… very long. There’s so many items….)