Summer's Dissapointment (#15 NaPoWriMo)

Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day?
Because you always tend to disappoint;
Promised sunshine drifts off then fades to grey,
And verdant pastures do the summer showers anoint.
Sometimes your beauty burns beholder’s eyes,
And all around chill and mask your presence,
And like summer delights, you momentarily mesmerise;
By design, you have divine ratio’s semblance.
But moments, they are not everlasting;
Nor can instances of beauty cover evidence in mind.
Nor can recollections of affection keep one lingering,
When summer’s gone; me lonely waiting, you will not find.
     So long to the fleeting warmth that you once gave,
     So long to a life lived hoping, I’ll take reality to the grave.

Love turns to hate

Sometimes people drift apart
And you both see the paths diverging.
But I couldn’t see this

We were always together
Alone in a city with only each-other.
And then that changed

Our two was soon to become three
So we packed up and flew away.
Back to your homeland

And we were no longer alone as one
You had your family around you.
I was the outsider

From a world of you and me verses
It became your world verses me
And I couldn’t fight

So, when they ask what happened
Tell the truth - circumstance flipped our coin
From love to hate