Contraband (Jimin x Reader, Gang!AU) - Chapter 6

Guess who finally got back to writing Contraband?! So yeah I promised like 20 times that it would be out sooner but I’ve had a dreadful week and I’m very sorry. Also this is very long for me so I’m sorry if that takes away from the action. I really hope you guys enjoy it! Please give me any feedback, and like/reblog if you enjoy it, it really does indicate to me whether I’m going in a good direction and makes me feel good about myself so. Also, there is a solid chance you’ll have a brand new chapter to read tomorrow too! Love you lots :)

Title: Contraband

Member(s): All, Jimin Focus.

Genre: Gang!AU

Word Count: 2784

Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

“Isn’t making a deal with a new drug supplier in Namjoon’s territory a bit-” You hesitated, wondering if you were overstepping the line “I mean won’t it set him off? Like you’re pissing in his own back yard”

Yoongi gave you a slight glance through the rear view mirror, the same he would give you when you got too cheeky when you were younger.

“Yah, remember I’m older than you Y/N”, he would say, “don’t be rude in front of my school friends”

“Technically we’re not making any deal tonight” He turned his attention back to the road in front, Jin behind the wheel, and Tae and Hoseok sat beside you. “The supplier’s giving us a sample of the drugs to test for ourselves and we’re convincing him to use us as his dealers instead of Kim’s group”

“There’s guys in Japan saying it’s legendary. Like his pills take you to a whole new high or something”, regardless of how much it upset you seeing Hoseok lose himself in drugs, you took the slightest comfort in the fact that he finally seemed enthusiastic about something. “Can you imagine the money we can make if we score this? There’s no way I’m letting Kim get this deal. I’ll kill them all if it means we get this, hell knows they deserve it”

“Not Kookie” Tae spoke, barely a whisper. He’d been subdued around Hoseok ever since he’d heard what he’d done to Jeongguk the other day. “Kookie doesn’t deserve it”

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