Okay but AU where Rick loves his life, it’s perfect.

His two neighbours, Daryl and Hershel, are his two best friends, and their weekly games nights are fun and it might not be the life he imagined when he was a kid, but he loves it.

Okay maybe he wants a little more excitement.

Until one day Daryl drops the bombshell that he and his wife, Carol, are getting divorced.

Rick tries to convince him out of it, that it’s just a midlife crisis, but Daryl insists that they’re just not happy anymore.

Meanwhile Hershel’s daughter, Beth, has just come back to town to spend Christmas with her family after calling off her engagement to Zach (who was lovely, he really was, and she wanted to marry him but she just didn’t feel the spark and two weeks before the wedding she told he she couldn’t go through with it) after almost 2 years away from the Greene home.

As soon as Beth’s back in town everyone’s trying to set her up with Carl, Rick’s son, who they’ve all kind of been hoping she’d end up with for years. But he’s four years younger than Beth and sure, four years is nothing, plenty of 20 year olds date 24 year olds, but she used to babysit him and she’s known him her whole life and she just can’t see him as anything more than a brother, despite the fact all their families seem convinced that they’re going to end up together.

Then one night she’s in the kitchen getting a glass of water, hoping to disappear upstairs unnoticed by her parents and their friends, because she definitely doesn’t want to be dragged into another games night, when Daryl comes to the kitchen to grab a beer. And Beth’s childhood crush on her father’s friend turns into something more.

And it’s not long before Hershel’s threatening to kill Daryl and Carol’s moving out and Rick’s cursing the day he wished for more excitement in his life. Now he just wants another damn games night.