escaping urban

a couple days ago,
i got in the car and told myself i was going to get lost.
i looked for roads i didn’t know,
took turns i didn’t recognize
and did my best to ignore landmarks and street signs-
but, somehow, i still ended
up on that road haunted by the ghost of the old hitchhiker
(i’m sure you know the one)
and as i was driving down it,
skeletal trees and miscellaneous forest-life
framing that two lane road that never let me get too far away from home,
i thought i caught a glimpse of him.
the man who, if you ignore him three times,
shows up in your back seat and drives you off the road.
but i only saw him once before i got home,
and i didn’t stop for him
because by the time i realized who he was it was way too late
(and if he had really wanted a ride from me he would have shown up again, don’t you think?)
i know i should have been scared-
most of his stories end with some kind of crash-
but mostly it was just nice to know
that someone else was out there that night,
as the sun was starting to set
and the shadows were getting longer,
someone who’s just as lonely as i was
someone who’s also stuck on that stupid road
determined to take you home.
—  13. january, a.b.e.

Steps by Peter Rea
Via Flickr: