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you're still in high school? who gave you the fucking authority to read and write these type of works?

I gave myself the authority because I do not see age as barrier. My experiences through my ages define who I am. My reactions to these experiences become part of my chapters. My reactions to these experience shape who I am. I gave myself the authority to read books to broaden my horizons/perspectives and escape reality. My experiences hand me an edge over certain areas and lacking in others. Do not assume that I am ignorant because of a number. Anne Frank lived through hell as a fifteen and sixteen year old. On another note, I gave myself the authority to write in accordance to the first amendment and to follow my imagination/twisted reality. Did Sarah J. Maas not write the first couple books during her younger ages? Did not the Lost Generation backlash against society’s typical expectations along with the Transcendentalists and Beat writers? Do we not dream beyond our limits? I’d find writings a sore sight to read if they were based purely on singularity. It’s why most prefer to read novels over biographies for fun. It’s the truth and the lies, the facts and opinions, and predestined and fate that intrigues us. 

There are different kinds of darkness. There is the darkness that frightens, the darkness that soothes, the darkness that is restful. There is the darkness of lovers and the darkness of assassins. It becomes what the bearers wishes it to be, needs it to be. It is not wholly bad or good

Rhysand, A Court of Mist And Fury

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  • -No puedo explicar el amor.-confesó él.-No podría decirte si te amé desde el primer momento en que te vi, o si fue en el segundo, el tercero o el cuarto. Pero recuerdo la primera vez que te miré mientras caminabas hacia mí y me di cuenta de que el resto del mundo parecía desaparecer cuando estaba contigo. Que eras el centro de todo lo que hacía, sentía y pensaba.
  • Príncipe Mecánico
  • -Cassandra Clare.
Conozco lo suficientemente bien la vida como para saber que no puedes contar con que las cosas permanezcan intactas e inmóviles, por mucho que te gustaría que así fuera. No puedes evitar que la gente muera. No puedes evitar que se marche. Ni siquiera uno mismo puede evitar marcharse.
—  Violet y Finch
-Jennifer Niven

When I read, I become a part of the character. If the character feels lost in their world, I feel lost in life, if they’re confused, I become confused, if they’re breathlessly in love, so am I. And this is what I love about reading so much. The ability to become lost in someone else’s life, someone else’s world. To be able to leave my life, and live in someone else’s is the most amazing thing in the world.