escaped from the circus

A creature that terrorized livestock in Cumberland, England, in 1810. The creature was said to be tan in color, with stripes running down its back and witnesses claimed that it had the features of both a canine and feline. It was ultimately thought that this could have been a thylacine that had escaped from a traveling circus. The beast was said to have slain more than 300 sheep - interestingly enough, scientists now claim that a single thylacine would be capable of killing a sheep. The strange beast was killed and was stuffed but in the 1950s, a museum curator decided it had become too moth-eaten and threw it out. The legend of the Girt Dog of Ennerdale still goes on even though the body is gone. 


Escape: Psycho Circus 2015


I know we like bringing up the tiger as the craziest this show ever got, but I believe that’s only because the tiger was in a better episode than the series 3 premiere, because I really don’t think anything’s ever going to top the sheer brazenness of the show doing a whole-plot rip-off of The Great Gatsby featuring a literal Evil Twin Who Escaped From The Circus.

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Just saw an article about Llamas and Camels being chased by the cops in Norway? The fuck is going on over there? lmao

Ahahahahaha yeah they escaped from a circus lmao 😂 Norway is wild people

Lost and confused |Open Starter to anyone|

Arin stood in an empty field, starlit grass brushing against his ankles as he walked barefoot across the empty expanse of woodland. His mind was officially fried, nothing making sense to the puzzled shape-shifter and incapable of thinking much at all. After being missing for what felt like a decade, he had managed to escape from where he had been kept in a circus in his lion form. After the first couple of weeks of being trapped in a different form constantly, his human mind had started to deteriorate and be taken over by confused animal thoughts. Finally, someone had forgotten to properly lock his cage and he’d managed to escape and once he was a safe distance he had tried to shape shift back but it had gone wrong. Everything was wrong. His eyes were still golden with slits for pupils, whiskers painfully sticking out of his cheeks, two lion ears still protruding from his hair and sharp teeth in his mouth. One of his hands was just a paw and his tail was still there, limply scraping along the floor. His human body was so bruised and malnourished, he hardly looked like Arin at all and long scratch marks scattered his pale skin. But he was free and that was a start. His foot suddenly caught on a loose tree root and he collapsed to the ground with a groan, too tired to get up as he just laid there, nothing making sense to his confused mind. He heard something approach and growled softly but didn’t make any move to get up.

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It had been years of planning and saving and biding their time. Nadia would have liked more, to wait until things quieted down after Clint's 18th birthday, but with how anxious her not-so-little-anymore brother was acting? No, there wouldn't be any more waiting. Nadia needed to get the both of them out from under Trickshot's thumb NOW. (circus/wing AU ESCAPE KGO)

Clint was barely keeping it together, honestly. Between Trickshot and the Swordsman, he was close to breaking point. He just hoped Nadia wasn’t really aware of that. He came back to her packing and froze. “Are we doing it? Are we going?” He asked very softly.


At a family gathering
  • Mom and uncle: can you take care of the kids darling?
  • Me: yeah sure, can u just tell me Disney channel's number
  • (later that evening)
  • Me*standing in front of the little army of kids*: now i will show u one of my favourite shows
  • *miraculous ladybug theme starts*
  • Me: *sing loudly with it and the kids follow*
  • Me: *basically quote a lot of things along the episode*
  • My uncle*comes to check on us*: how are u doing?
  • Me: SPOTS ON *pretending to do the transformation*
  • *uncle calls my mom*
  • *they both look at me like i escaped from a circus then lost my mind*
  • And at the end of the day all the kids are doing the same and want me to always babysit them.