random person: why are you so obsessed with sherlock

me: it won’t leave me alone, that show’s haunting me

random person: what


random person: what do you mean everywhere

me, any day of my life: i’m going to upload a document to…!

me: okay i guess i’ll look at some stuff on Pinterest…

me: fine i’ll read any other article then




Told myself I can do it. Told myself I’d be brave. But what am I doing right now? Why am I running away? Maybe I’m really just a coward, pretending that I can overcome anything. I thought I wouldn’t run, thought I would stay. But what I have in mind, is just about how to escape. Tell me where to go, I just want to get away. I want to be lost, but I know I already am. Just need to go somewhere far. Where no one really knows. So I can think properly, about what I’ll do and where I’ll go. Because it’s so hard hoping for nothing. Waiting for something you don’t know. Let’s just hope this already ends. I’m tired of too much thinking. I don’t know how to stop. How can I let go? How do I stop? I’ve got nowhere to go. Stuck in where I am. How do I move from here? I’m running in place. Even if it’s the fastest I could, it doesn’t bring me anywhere. 

“When you get this, answer with five things that make you happy then send it to the last ten people on your recent activity”

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1. Late night talks. I love seeing the more emotional side of people. Through the day we are mostly ‘no chick-flick’, but in those 2-3 am talks we don’t speak with our minds, but with our hearts.

2. Spending time with my best friends. Honestly I love these people with my whole heart. They’ve been there through my darkest moments and through my best ones. Getting close with them was the best decision I’ve ever made, because these people made me feel loved.

3. Music. It’s my escape from the real life. I listen to music pretty much through the whole day. I am extremely picky to what I listen to, but I love finding artists I haven’t heard of before. I give chance to every possible genre.

4. Make-up. I have a big passion about everything connected to make-up. Brushes, techniques, different types of eye shadow, experimenting with colors I don’t usually use and etc. There isn’t a day in which I go out without make-up. It’s something I must do. 

5. Coffee. It’s more of an obsession of mine, but I love coffee so much. I love the smell of it, I love the taste of a well-made coffee. It’s just the love of my life. 

I really had fun doing it ^^ 

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South African Artist, Karin Miller’s work is thought provoking with an eclectic sense of cultural study.

In Miller’s own words her work is “a visual play between beauty and tragedy, rhythm and interruption – searching for a sense of order in the overwhelming chaos of life. Two main metaphors I use are those of disguise and pattern. Apart from the obvious masks, I play games of hide and seek with the viewer. Issues are veiled; in the discovery of detail, deceit is revealed and absurdly inverted.”

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And that’s what makes us who we are. These building blocks of memories all pushed together that make our broken messes. We revolve around these memories we make because, when we are alone, it’s all we have to turn to. And depending on who you ask, that can either be a blessing or a curse.