Last summer, @starcunning and I were joined by @ocarina-of-what when we signed up for Real Escape Game’s Trials of Bahamut event.

It was a blast - not only were we one of the two teams (of five) to win (and the quickest) but after the game there was a raffle and I won a poster signed by none other than Yoshi-P himself! Not having great history with raffles or contests or the like, I was pretty floored.

We were pretty pumped and decided to commemorate the event with a frame for the poster, and both of us wanted to keep our player cards, black mage for star and paladin for yours truly.  Some budget concerns kept us from getting it done for awhile (and also it was genuinely forgotten in the madness that usually accompanies the holidays) but it’s finally up on our walls!  Super happy with how this baby turned out.  

If you have trouble reading the ability cards, they’re Blizzard III (the ability black mage used during the final fight) and Limit Break (used to finish Bahamut and win the game).



I just found a new Escape Game, and I love it to bits!

Like, the gameplay reminded me with Ace Attorney; with the investigation, interrogation and showing evidence to the suspect (Lol). Or Dai Gyakuten Saiban actually, as the game setting is in Taisho era `3`

And SPOILER. Y’know the curse of Wright family? A mentor who died after one episode? Yeah, that happens in this game too :’D

Oh right. The game is free btw, considering u want to wait for the next day for the ticket to refill so u can read the next chap (it’s 5 ticket per day). U can download it at playstore `3`

The “Something’s stirring”/Too-Many-Turns Wind in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon freaked me the heck up as a child and I want some closure here, so how about an analysis of

Why It’s Mortally Terrifying:

  • These dialogue messages play right after a pants-soiling screen-covering animation of wind blowing
  • Note the howling wind; textbook “brick-defecation-inducing”
  • Freezes your movement while it plays, the way NIGHTMARES do
  • All you can do in your newly-soiled underoos is spend a moment reading the narration box
  • The narration in this game is like the offspring of an encyclopedia article and a bucket of exclamation points, but the genes it inherits from the former means it always specifically names the acting agent behind stuff that goes down
  • Yet SUDDENLY, out of nowhere, even the omnipresent narrator is apprehensive and incapable of naming or describing this thing that’s coming toward you and your freshly uncleaned trousers
  • What’s it planning to do when it reaches you? Insta-kill you? Eat your save file? Escape the game and haunt you irl? Friggin’ anything could happen, you’re just a kid man you didn’t ask for this

I know we all were excited about the birthday thing but… when I saw the photo I recognized the logo of the place they were at, and that’s an escape room game I visited 2 freaking years ago! And what I was really curious about was whether they had succeeded in escaping or not.

So that place takes photos of all the groups and posts them on FB and… since I’ve been killing time while I wait for my connecting flight… I looked through the photos and I found this! (This is a public photo so no, I’m not invading her privacy. As public as my own photo posted there)

It looks like they were able to break out of the room! Now the question is… what room did they choose

♡ Leo needs an Aries in their life to fight the battle beside them and make sure they are always on their winning game, to escape from their responsibilities and be dramatic and reckless and wild

Leo needs a Taurus in their life to stroke their back and hold the blankets over them when they have hard a hard day and just want to be held

Leo needs a Gemini in their life to create inside jokes, perform imitations and caricatures, to amuse their inner child and protect someone else’s, to play mental games and create mischief   

Leo needs a Cancer in their life so they can call upon the mother figure that they crave to validate, soothe, and feel safe 

Leo needs a Virgo in their life to calm them during hysterical moments, to get them to take a breath, a step back, and evaluate the situation through calm and alternative avenues 

Leo needs a Libra in their life to share fantasies and dreams of their ideal romance with, to feel beautiful around, to have a nurse on 5-day standby for a broken heart 

Leo needs a Scorpio in their life to remind them that they are more than what other people expect and say about them, to have someone see through the glare and into the authentic, unique spirit that they are 

Leo needs a Sagittarius in their life to let go of the guilt they associate with self-pleasure and enjoy themselves to the excessive comfort they crave  

Leo needs a Capricorn in their life for a reality check when they begin operating in their extreme modes like extreme work, extreme self-luxury and entitlement, or extreme trying to ‘save the world’ behaviour 

Leo needs an Aquarius in their life to to see the world from the opposite side of the mirror, to create divine unity  

Leo needs a Pisces in their life so the universal Pisces love can fill the heart as big as the sun, to create, design, muse, and show affection with



When you’re taking a break from school and work, what’s your favourite way to unwind? Escape rooms, game nights, or a simple night in cooking with friends and family. Just a simple night of fun and laughter is always just what I need. I also love to travel. Seeing the world and being a little wanderlust is always amazing. (Katherine McNamara photographed for VULKAN)

       ⚠️ (Engsub) V Live ‘SJ Returns’ Video | 171006 ⚠️

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he is in love [stanley uris x reader]

[you can read part 2 here]

summary: stanley and the reader are best friends, and they slowly start to realize that they are in love ;)

pairings: stanley uris x reader

requested: no

word count: 1373

a/n: 10000% inspired by taylor swift’s you are in love, also this is a modern au and they’re aged up :)

also, i do NOT condone underage drinking, please don’t do it

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I want a choice-based Danganronpa game.

Like if the choices you make could affect who murders and who gets murdered. Example: deciding not to go to the library at a point causes a murder to take place, but not going to the science lab triggers a different scenario with different characters. And, in the last round, you can try to find the mastermind or try to plan a murder to escape. This game would be hell to program, but please, Spike Chunsoft, please.


Well, here’s why my blog has been silent so long! We’re expecting! What’s a better way to reveal what we’re having than in the nerdiest way we could think of- dressed up from our favorite game, Final Fantasy XIV. The chocobo’s ribbon reveals we are having a boy!

We would have dressed up as Miqo'tes for the reveal, but after the super long drive, the less we packed and had to do to prepare, the better.

We drove up to Orlando with friends to participate in Real Escape Game ’s FFXIV collab to defeat the dreadwyrm, Bahamut. We were the first team to clear for our time frame! (Go team Georgia+1!) Little over half of the 30 teams survived megaflare which is pretty awesome! It was so much fun! We decided which jobs we were going to play by flipping the cards and grabbing a random color lanyard (surprisingly the colors of our shirts, lol). It worked out really well! If you get the chance to play it, do it!

So, my cousin and I were chitchating about PotO the other day (she’s a baby phan, she just read the Leroux novel) and she had this brainwave about a Phantom of the Opera theme park, and we started toying with the idea and what it would look like and what it would include and well… these are some of the ridiculous things we came up with:

  • “some of you may recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera”, playing from the speakers whenever someone enters the park
  • an underground lair boat ride
  • a chandelier drop tower 
  • a chandelier chair swing ride
  • a Punjab Lasso reverse bungee
  • Punjab lasso claw machines where you can catch monkey plushies
  • a mirror funhouse (obviously)
  • a “find the safety pin” game
  • a torture chamber escape room with live actors as the Daroga and Raoul
  • karaoke (once again, obviously)
  • a “catch Christine’s scarf” game
  • small comical skits every day at 5pm, possibly inspired by the Tumblr posts of the Phandom
  • a “climb the elephant from Hannibal” climbing wall
  • an “escape the rat catcher” flipping doors game 
  • dunking game with musical/book trivia or musical lyrics
  • “keep your hand at the level of your eyes to take a photo”
  • a roller coaster ride that takes you to the roof of the opera house, then plunges to the cellars
  • a trapdoor escape game 
  • a “climb the rafters” zip line/climbing game
  • scorpion/grasshopper animal springers for da babies
  • pony rides with Cesar for da toddlers
  • a souvenir shop with all sorts of PotO memorabilia and merch
  • actual masquerade balls every Wednesday and Saturday, and the invitations will be notes signed by Erik
  • a small museum showcasing the history of the book and the musical
  • there will be street names like “Rue Scribe” or “Rue Notre Dame de Victoires” and the centre square will be “la Place de l’Opera”
  • an actor dressed as the Daroga, wandering around the theme park, randomly staring at people suspiciously
  • the faucet handles in the WCs will be a scorpion and a grasshopper, and you’ll have to turn the grasshopper for hot water and the scorpion for cold water (because Erik would definately be the cold water lmao)
  • a hologram of Erik will show up in the WC’s mirrors every now and then to scare the shit out of people
  • Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber “head in the hole’s”
  • A “Cafe de l’Opera” coffeshop/restaurant/bar/whatever (just like the one that’s across the Opera House in Paris) where there will be a self-service policy for wines and spirits and you’ll have to go get them yourself from actual wine barrels and every time you pour wine in your glass you’ll hear “barrels! barrels! any barrels to sell?” from the speakers
  • “IIIIT’S OOOVER NOOOW THE MUUUSIC OFFFF THEEE NIIIIGHT” playing whenever someone leaves

…I never realized just how much I needed this in my life aND I SWEAR I’LL GIVE MY KIDNEY TO ANYONE WHO’LL MAKE IT HAPPEN

{feel free to make your own additions to the list. actually, please make your own additions to the list}


summary of jinyoung’s gaming v live: he played a ramyun making game; and lost. he played a dress up doll game, got surprised when the doll showed up only in her underwear; and then lost. he played an escape room game; and lost.