Happy Geek Day! And happy birthday to our heroes Harry Potter, and JK Rowling.

Today was our first full day, jam-packed with Geeky programming. The whole day was filled with fantastic panels, including the start of our Full-Time Geek and Geeky U tracks. 

We also started our photobooths and signings with our spectacular special guests. As with all Mischief Management cons, these photos and autographs are included in the ticket price. It’s a great way to meet your favorite performers and have a memento from the weekend.

This year had an exciting new addition based on the popular Escape the Room games, Geek Escape. Guests enter the room in teams and have 35 minutes to solve the clues inside to “unlock” the door and escape. Only one group made it out in the time limit today, but there’s still tomorrow!

We crowned our GeekyStars winner today! All of our contestants are insanely talented, but the 2015 winner is the marvelous Margot! Congrats! 

GeekyCon Lit Track started today! That means a ton of panels full of advice, funny stories, and book talk. Lit veteran and author extraordinaire Robin Wasserman played Alex Trebek this evening in a version of Jeopardy that pitted YA authors against each other to answer geeky questions. Though the trivia battle was fierce, in the end Jenny Han was the winner. 

As usual we ended the day on a musical note. Our resident theater vets Tessa Netting and Anthony Rapp joined with our emcees and other special guests to lead an epic Broadway sing-a-long. Dominic Barnes brought down the house with his perfect rendition of Defying Gravity. 

We ended the night with our final wrock show. Lauren Fairweather, Meghan Tonjes, The Whomping Willows, and Harry and the Potters took to the stage, and totally blew away the MainStage crowd! As always, it was incredible!

See you all tomorrow! 

Zero Escape 3 + watch preorders back up ⊟ 

Reserve your wristwatch and game, for either 3DS or PS Vita, if that’s what you’re into. I know people don’t like to miss out on extras, and availability for this preorder bonus has been limited, so here’s your reminder! Image via Shylo.

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Escape the Walled City video teaser

The largest escape game in the United States is making it’s way to New York City! Players are TRAPPED in a stadium and have 60 minutes to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape before the man-eating Titans devour all of mankind. 

This will be the last time this game will be in the United States for it’s World Tour. Don’t miss out! Join the thousands of players world-wide that have participated in this game and see if you can escape this despair! 

Tickets / More information :


and here we see what love live does to people, except the first one the first one i have nothing to even say about it 

Escape Game - Maeda Atsuko

AU where the 48g girls are slaves, and graduation is the term for escape.

This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic or au or whatever. Sorry if I’m not really that good enough yet.

Dedicated to charlottesempai because the idea came from her and she said she wanted to a fic about her idea.

Dear sexxpai i mean sempai, do you grant me to create more of these? I would love to do it though. I am asking for your blessing. xoxo

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We are planning a Touhou photo and costume exhibition in Japan on Asagaya anime Street( August 14, 15 (16:00 to 21:00)! We are selling the costumes we’re showing off here. There will be a Touhou-themed cafe and a Touhou-themed escape game (similar to will also be featured too. The artists who made the Touhou Font books ( will join us and also sell their books here as well!

Please, thank you

the-backwater-experts replied to your post: So my family and I paid to have oursel…

awjskhDGJAHDWK YOU CAN DO THIS? THIS IS A THING YOU CAN PAY FOR??? I would gladly spend money on something like that someday :O

pikachubird replied to your post: So my family and I paid to have oursel…

Sounds awesome! Where did you do that activity? Was it a public place? I want to do that too but I’ve never heard of any activities like that in my country..

Alright, for people who want more info on the real life escape game thing. 

The company in my country and city is called Entrap Games (obligatory link to the facebook account, and yes one of the posted pictures is me and the family shortly after our failure). It was run by one guy. One. Guy. 

Apparently he and some friends set businesses like this up in other States and were successful. He somehow ended up alone in Nebraska. 

The fact that he came up with it on his own just boggles my mind. There was a some heavy searching, math problems, using tools, FUCKING HIDDEN DOORS AND SHIT and he just resets it all for the next group. 

Apparently he also has a physical escape room where you are blindfolded and handcuffed. You have to sign a waiver saying you won’t sue if you hurt yourself and that he’ll pause the game if he thinks it’s an emergency, but that no one had been hurt yet and they all loved that one too. 

He has a long list of rules too, like don’t break stuff, if it’s nailed down, leave it, Don’t open the bottle and stain his carpet, don’t crawl through the ceiling, follow his written direction that he pasted on the wall, stuff like that. It’s more about brain power than brawn, although there is some pulling of strings involved. 

He also included a red herring puzzle made to waste time, but we just had trouble counting stuff. 

Phi from “Zero Escape 2: Virtue’s Last Reward”

This is a character from a more obscure game, I doubt anyone here has heard of it. It’s one of the most engrossing experiences I ever felt while playing a video game, but get this. It was supposed to be part of a trilogy, but the games never sold well enough and it seemed like #3 was never going to happen. But they just announced it recently at Anime Expo! So of course I had to draw my favorite character to celebrate! She’s a highly intelligent and brave young lady, I recommend checking out the game just to see her in action!