when I say my music taste is varied I don’t think people understand that when my songs are on shuffle it goes from blink-182 to high school musical to a sam smith ballad.

Just a small town dog 

Livin’ in a lonely world 

She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere 

Just a city dog 

Born and raised in south Detroit 

He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

Make sure your dog never gets lost (if/when he decides to take the midnight train away form you) with a dog tracker! Check out Whistle. I used it for my pup and it’s pretty awesome.

A collection of the awards that David Tennant has won in the past 10 years

…and this isn’t even all of them (just the ones I had photos for).

…and that’s not even counting the numerous lovely nominations he’s received (which are also quite an honor), such as the Best Actor Olivier for Lobby Hero & multiple Royal Television Society Programme Award nominations.

All the awards for Tennant!


The man I faced in that cabin is the man I know, beyond all doubt, murdered my wife. I could’ve done a lot of things to him. Instead, I saw him suffer and I called an ambulance. I removed him from danger. I did what any decent human being should do. But make no mistake, I did those things out of nothing more than a sincere duty to a common decency. I did so, because that’s what’s expected when you’re a person in the world. I risked my life to save the man who took away my heart. My compass. My anchor. My best friend. I faced him down with a knife in my hand, I could’ve let him burn. In the circumstances, I believe I exerted an extraordinary amount of restraint. Liam Foyle is dead. I rejoice in his passing. But you should not convict me of his murder.

The Escape Artist