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friends, romans, countrymen. lend me ur ears.

i come to bury this t r A sh b ag nana nakahara, not praise her. tho who knos, maybe someone will like her?;; 

ANYWAYS i’m chiaki! feel free to call me chi for short! lovingly called “chichi,” “cheeky,” and “goddamn idiot nerdlord sthu” by my friends, i’m oh so super duper very excited to make a friend in each and every one of you! um, hopefully;; :’)

you may have heard of nana nakahara, the shsl escape artist, if you frequent the streets of tokyo or las vegas! well, pretty much most major cities across the globe, actually, if she’s there to perform in a circus or event! advertisements for her shows are all over jumbotrons and buses across tokyo & las vegas as aforementioned; she’s mentioned in entertainment review/critique segments as “one of the world’s greatest athletes” and “an amazing joy for children of all ages”!! tbh your character has Most Likely at least heard her name before unless they live under a rock. especially if they watch the news… they might’ve seen her face under the headline “escaped convict” before. :X but that’s a story for another day…!

she’s well-known for doing more than escapes too - she’s a daredevil that walks the tightrope, the wheel of death, and other circusy acrobat things!! she’s well known for her acts being really silly and charming, making people laugh even tho she’s in Danger! making people laugh is nana’s purpose in life so she’ll probably either wanna be your character’s bestie or YC will think she’s annoying af. :o)

okay, so about Me, the man behind the curtain! i’m sailorjupiters on skype and my icon is, ahem, sailor jupiter, so i should be easy to spot! i use she/her/hers or they/them/theirs pronouns. i have never been in any DR OC rp group before so i’m actually really nervous eep;; but i’m prepared to do my best yesyes! i’m EST and I live in america! i’m also v v v nice i promise so i hope we can be friends yay!! 

okay i wrote way too much sorry bye 

Just a small town dog 

Livin’ in a lonely world 

She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere 

Just a city dog 

Born and raised in south Detroit 

He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

Make sure your dog never gets lost (if/when he decides to take the midnight train away form you) with a dog tracker! Check out Whistle. I used it for my pup and it’s pretty awesome.

A collection of the awards that David Tennant has won in the past 10 years

…and this isn’t even all of them (just the ones I had photos for).

…and that’s not even counting the numerous lovely nominations he’s received (which are also quite an honor), such as the Best Actor Olivier for Lobby Hero & multiple Royal Television Society Programme Award nominations.

All the awards for Tennant!


The man I faced in that cabin is the man I know, beyond all doubt, murdered my wife. I could’ve done a lot of things to him. Instead, I saw him suffer and I called an ambulance. I removed him from danger. I did what any decent human being should do. But make no mistake, I did those things out of nothing more than a sincere duty to a common decency. I did so, because that’s what’s expected when you’re a person in the world. I risked my life to save the man who took away my heart. My compass. My anchor. My best friend. I faced him down with a knife in my hand, I could’ve let him burn. In the circumstances, I believe I exerted an extraordinary amount of restraint. Liam Foyle is dead. I rejoice in his passing. But you should not convict me of his murder.

The Escape Artist

The Greatest Feats of the Awkward-Social-Situations Escape Artist

The Escape Artist was locked in a bank vault with a friend he secretly had a crush on. As the two-thousand-pound door was swung into place, he asked if she had ever thought about being more than just friends. She said no. He broke out of the vault in the time it took him to say, “Never mind. I was kidding; forget I said anything jk jk jk.”

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Photograph by Time Life Pictures / Mansell / The Life Picture Collection / Getty