escape with the stars

Smoaked 4/?

Summary: Felicity and her young daughter Molly move to Star City to escape a stalker ex-boyfriend.

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Just a note, this chapter includes parts where Felicity is being held by Cooper and there is some violence.

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                                      Chapter 4: Somebody Save Me

Felicity really needed a drink of water. That was her first thought as she began to wake. Her second thought was why am I tied to a chair? And then she remembered someone took her. She struggled to look up but her neck was cramped from having slept in such a strange position. She looked around the room, cement floors, plain walls, small window letting light in, nothing to give away where she was.

The door clanged open. “Well, look who’s awake.” Cooper strolled into the room. “I’ve let you sleep for a little while, looked like you needed the beauty rest.”

“Cooper! What have you done? What do you want with me?”

“I want what I’ve always wanted,  my daughter. And now I’m going to get her.”

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LOWkey want a sg star wars au with kara as the force-sensitive chosen one and alex as her adoptive sister/a general in the rebellion and lena as the daughter of the empress lillian luthor whom helps kara escape an empire ship and get back to the rebellion


Leia: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.


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  • Someone: why is startrek pandering to sjws now!!
  • Me entering the room with a glass of fresh ice tea: every series in the star trek franchise has embraced radically progressive ideas. its simply that over time, mainstream ideals began to match theirs, until these radical ideas were nothing more than the standard. Every series from TOS to Enterprise has been met with conservative backlash and years from now, the new generation will look back at discovery and think how anyone could have possibly seen it as progressive, if not a little out-dated, the same way we look back at TOS.
  • Me, finishing my ice tea and leaving the room, but i look back and stare directly into the camera: this struggle between old vs. new transcends all barriers and is rooted in the very core of human nature. Shifting new to be our old is part of progress, it is a cycle non of us can escape.

When I read, I become a part of the character. If the character feels lost in their world, I feel lost in life, if they’re confused, I become confused, if they’re breathlessly in love, so am I. And this is what I love about reading so much. The ability to become lost in someone else’s life, someone else’s world. To be able to leave my life, and live in someone else’s is the most amazing thing in the world.

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