escape to the spirit world


Avatar Kuruk: It was love at first sight.

Avatar Roku: When love is real, it finds a way. 

Avatar Aang: Why would I let go of Katara? I love her! 

Avatar Korra: He's all into that prissy, beautiful, elegant, rich girl. 


korrasami first date headcanons

  • for some reason i don’t imagine them “officially” starting to date while they’re in the spirit world but rather a little bit afterwards when korra or asami finally asks one or the other out but
  • i like to think that korra asks but is a complete gAY NERD and can’t form coherent sentences and it’s a little tense between them because their little escape to the spirit world was sUPER INTIMATE but neither have talked about what they actual felt for one another and once they got back to the physical world they were thrust back into their work
  • but then asami just giggles and straight up says ‘yes korra of course i’ll go out with you’ or some shit and proceeds to say she’ll pick her up later at the ferry dock and they’d do something fun idk
  • and koRRA just GRINS LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT UAGH KILL ME and manages to mumble out 'kseeyoubai’ <3
  • and when asami picks her up both don’t really know what to say and they both just blurt out 'you look gorgeous’ and then blUSHES!!!!!!EVERYWHERE!!@@!!!1!!
  • they visit avatar korra park (which I hope isn’t too bad looking after the final kuvira battle) and they just walk around innocently holding hands catching up with one another on what’s been going on 
  • and korra tries to suggest going somewhere nice to eat but asami reminds her that a lot of the city has been destroyed so their choices are limited and korra gets nervous all of sudden but then asami says they’ll just order takeout somewhere 
  • and asami is just relieved because she can be super casual and just herself around korra and although she has butterflies during the entire date everything feels just right and she feels like she doesn’t need to impress korra or be super anxious around her
  • meanwhile korra iS JUST SUPER HAPPY and excited 'cause she’s been super busy with avatar business and she finally gets to spend the day with her bestfriend-lover-person 
  • and while they’re eating asami feels a big lump in her throat while she’s looking at the girl right next to her and korra is slurping up noodles like it’s no one’s business and she notices asami’s stare
  • and she asks her if there’s anything wrong to which asami immediately denies uNTIL LATER
  • they’re back in the car and before asami starts the car to drive korra back to the ferry dock or w/e she takes a deep breath and just word vomits about how grateful she was for korra for taking her to the spirit world and being there for her while she’s trying to cope with her father’s lost and finally she just mutters out 'thank you so much i just I love you so much and you mean the world to me’ or something along those lines and grabs her hand
  • and korra is just ?????<?>??????? she’s so so so happy but the little 'i love you’ is throwing her off real bad like should she kiss her? give her hand a little squeeze???? and she just ends up saying 'i love you too’ and they just stare at each other for a moment
  • but nothing happens and thE AIR IS SO FUCKING THICK wITH TENSION
  • and asami drives back to the dock and walks korra back
  • and they hug buT THEN 
  • korra is just all like ’fuck it’ and plants one on asami and it’s long and sweet and alskdjfhalsdkjhf
  • asami is super surprised but the kiss just feels oh so natural and she smiles into it <3333
  • then they part and asami says she’ll try to stop by and see her tomorrow and she pecks her on the lips one more time and finally walks away and korra is fuckiNG GONEEEE LIKE COMPLETELY OUT OF HER MIND SMITTEN LIKE A FUCKIN KITTEN and she just absent mindedly waves and says 'byeeeeee~' 
  • and when she gets back to her room she just flops onto naga and naga is just all like wtf gurl u ok and korra has a stupid ass gay grin on her face