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9 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, blood and description of unpleasant injuries

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The room fell silent.

“Can I talk to you?” You asked Jimin calmly as you entered the exquisite dining room, he was sat at the head of the large table, every man in the manor house surrounding him as he briefed them with the upcoming plan of action.

“Sure.” Your brother smiled, sliding his chair back with his legs as he stood up, his warning gaze flitting between Jungkook and Taehyung, who sat either side of him eyeing you curiously.
“Minho you can take it from here.”

Today was the day Jimin planned to kill Hoseok, if anything you should’ve been proud of your brother for being so brazen and bold, but you couldn’t shake away the bad feeling captivating your body. Heading up the stairs to Jimin’s office you quickly and quietly made you way inside and sat down, Jimin in tow. He sat across from you, his once shiny silver hair now beginning to darken into his natural brown/black colour, his bangs lightly grazing the contours of his hooded, dark chocolate eyes.

“What’s this about? Did somebody hurt you?” He asked, brows knitted together curiously as his gaze settled upon your worried expression and the fact you were fidgeting with your sleeves.

“No, it’s just-“ Even though you promised Sung you wouldn’t say anything, you had to confront him, you had to make sure he was 100% certain he knew what he was doing, and after what happened to Jin you knew better than anybody that Hoseok was a dangerous, psychotic man.
“I know about the attack… And I just want to make sure that you know what you’re doing…”

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Aesthetics for the Lilith Signs

Aries: strip clubs, bruises, bite marks, tornados

Taurus: feral, rolling in cash, prostitutes, luxury

Gemini: cheating, heavy makeup, corruption, gossip

Cancer: Emotional manipulation, secrets, using people as pawns, playing the victim

Leo: ruling with an iron fist, neglect, fantasy, attention craving

Virgo: wolf in sheep’s clothing, servants, sickness, sharp tongues

Libra: jealousy, sickly sweet perfume, violence, discipline

Scorpio: succubi, homicide, seduction, mystery

Sagittarius: freedom, escape, lies, sinning 

Capricorn: coldness, authority, misleading appearance,  denial

Aquarius: bad choices, running with the wrong crowd, experiments.

Pisces: exploiting others, poison, drugs, insanity

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you know that one gif where zayn is sleeping in just a towel and liam gently tries to wake him up by caressing his cheek.. i always wondered what happened next.. (maybe zayn slowly blinking his open with a soft smile when he sees liam and pulling him on top of him to cuddle or more;)) only if u want to could you please write another canon drabble? yours are soooo good! (for inspiration: zayndrogynous*tumblr*com/post/157117474724)


Liam’s not sure how long he’d been there. He thinks maybe just a couple of minutes but it was probably longer than that. He must be in creeper territory by now considering this should have only taken a minute at the most but he couldn’t help himself. He was caught completely off guard by the surge of emotions that took over his body and mind the minute he laid eyes on Zayn.

At first he couldn’t understand why. He’d done this a hundred times before. It was deemed his job ever since they all discovered that Liam was the only one able to rouse Zayn from his precious slumber without having their heads bitten off. Secretly, Liam loved it. He loved knowing that this was another thing that made his relationship with Zayn special, that he was the only one able to coax a smile and a laugh from a sleepy Zayn despite his well known love affair with sleep.

Liam approached him slowly and quietly until he stood over his best friend’s sleeping form and just admired him for a moment. It was amazing, really, how beautiful Zayn was. He’s always known this of course, but he looked different when he slept. There was an innocence about him that only manifested itself when he was asleep. He loved watching him like this, looking so vulnerable and peaceful. It dawned on Liam that he was one of the few people that had the privilege of seeing Zayn in this state. Gratitude joined the heady mix of emotions already wreaking havoc inside him.

He leaned over and placed his palm on Zayn’s cheek. His skin was warm to the touch and Liam gently rubbed his thumb across the soft skin. He stroked his cheek and allowed his eyes to roam over Zayn’s face taking in its perfect symmetry, the flawless skin, those insanely long eyelashes, the fullness of his bottom lip.

His mind started conjuring up memories from their time together. His favorites were of the two of them alone, either on the bus or in a hotel room somewhere, talking about anything and everything, snuggling together, watching movies, playing video games and arguing over who was the better player. They’ve cried on each other’s shoulders more times than they care to admit and have found strength in their bond. Liam wondered if Zayn knew what an important part of his life he had become. 

His fingers glided across Zayn’s lips lightly, not wanting to wake him just yet. He fought the overwhelming desire to lean down and kiss him. He wanted to kiss those pink lips until Zayn woke up and kissed him back.

He suddenly realized that this wasn’t the first time he felt that urge.

Liam clenched his eyes shut tight and sighed as it finally sunk in. He knew now. He finally understood why today felt different. He opened his eyes again and allowed his hand to skate down Zayn’s arm studying the numerous tattoos adorning it while he came to terms with the realization.

He couldn’t deny it any longer. Today was the day he admitted to himself what he’d known all along: He was in love with Zayn.

He loved Zayn in a way that was different from the way he loved the other boys or the way he loved his family and friends. Liam had Zayn’s friendship already but he wanted so much more. He wanted his heart, his respect, his admiration, his time and yes, his body. He wanted to hold his hand whenever he wanted, share a home with him and celebrate anniversaries and all that sappy stuff. He wanted to come first for Zayn the way Zayn came first in all things for Liam. 

He wanted everything with Zayn. 

Liam’s eyes traveled back up towards his face and he froze. Zayn was awake and was looking right at him. Liam pulled his hand away instantly, dropping the water bottle he held in his other hand in his haste. He felt his face burn with embarrassment after being caught red-handed. He probably had a dopey smile on his face the entire time he had been daydreaming about happily ever afters with Zayn. He was mortified.

“I uh - sorry, um,” Liam stammered, completely tongue-tied and unable to come up with a good excuse for his behavior. He considered just running out of the room without any explanation and took a step back, about to do just that.

Zayn’s hand reached out and grabbed Liam’s before he could make his escape.

“It’s okay, Li,” Zayn said to him, no anger or judgment visible in his face. Just that same fond smile that Liam had seen time and time again. Zayn tugged his arm down forcing Liam to sink to his knees beside him. Zayn reached his other hand up and cupped the back of Liam’s neck in that all-too familiar way and pulled him closer.

Liam’s breath hitched when Zayn brought their foreheads together. Liam’s heart felt like it was going to burst through his chest it was beating so fast.

“I love you, too” Zayn whispered softly, his eyes shining and full of hope. Liam exhaled and smiled, his body sagging with relief after hearing Zayn’s confession.

“Uh, are you - really?” Liam asked. He needed to make sure he wasn’t still dreaming all of this.

Zayn didn’t answer but his smile grew bigger as he pulled Liam in the rest of the way and proceeded to kiss him. He kissed him long, slow and deep. It was better than anything Liam had imagined.

Have You Ever (Part 2)

Here it is! Finally, part two of Have You Ever! I truly hope you guys enjoy it cause this one was very hard for to come to terms with and be happy with it! Please let me know what you think! Love, B xx


“Have you ever lied?”

The question leaves your lips before you can stop it and it starts something you didn’t want to get into, except you do. You want, you need to know if he lied to you. If he lied about how good being with you felt, if he lied about always wanting to fuck you, if every moan and every kiss and every word that left his mouth that night was just an outright lie because he was too scared to tell you he regretted suggesting a fuck in the first place, but most of all, if he lied about loving you.

Unlike the first time you had asked him a question like that, he doesn’t choke on his drink and he doesn’t frown like you’ve just asked him an offensive question - he’s silent, his face unreadable and void of any feelings that might give away what he’s thinking right now.

“Where did that come from?” He asks you, same words that left his mouth all those months ago when you questioned him about fucking someone bare. Harry’s voice is low and serious and it makes you bite on the inside of your lip, nerves and regret making themselves present in your heart.

“Just wondering.” You shrug, turning your back to him and opening his fridge. You need to occupy your hands or at least try and pretend you’re done with the topic, so you won’t have to continue this awkward and excruciating conversation that’s making tears sting in your eyes even though the both of you have barely said anything.

“Yeah, I’ve lied befo’. Everybody has, isn’t it?” Harry offers and you sigh, eyes closing against tears that threaten to escape.

“Have you ever lied to me?”

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Communication at the purest is a desire,
Not suggestion but rather what I require.
It is what I need and not just another liar,
Tell it to me straight as it gets me higher.

Lies escape the meaning of taste for me,
Their sweeteners are fabricated travesty.
When swallowed they sour on hyperbole,
Collapsing with the weight of their gravity.

Don’t sugarcoat the honesty that I crave,
Feed it to me raw because I like the pain.
Provide me a fix as I’m feeling depraved,
The addiction for truth burns in my veins.


Part 1-

The ringing in your ears was loud. You don’t know if was because of the scream Sasha let out next to you or the fact your thoughts were screaming so loud for you to do something that you couldn’t process it but all the thoughts stop when you look over to Daryl. You knew that look, after being with him for the past two years you had only seen it a hand full of times but you knew it. 

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@IndieWire gives Big Little Lies a score of A-

‘Big Little Lies’ Review: Reese Witherspoon Commands a Captivating Cast in an HBO Mystery Worth Solving

Not since “True Detective” (Season 1) has an HBO limited series built a mystery this compelling, even as the questions driving “Big Little Lies” are bigger than the whodunit.

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This was just meant to be a sweet little piece of fluff and it turned into a GREAT BIG CHUNK OF FLUFF because I couldn’t help myself. Also, all quotes from The Princess Bride are written by William Goldman and do thusly belong to him.

The Doctor was angry. Very angry. Not at you, but just at… the situation. You were sick, you see. If you had developed cancer, he would have been able to cure you. If you had contracted some rare tropical disease, he would have had that covered, too. Broken bones, muscle damage, third-degree burns, paper cut? He would have had everything under control in no time at all. You wouldn’t even have had time to realize that you were in pain. But you didn’t have any of those things.

You had the flu. A silly strain of simple, stupid, human flu. And there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.

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A little help (Jungkook Scenario)

Word count: 3380 

Idol: Jeon Jungkook (BTS)

Genre: Angsty but fluff

A/N: This is for the beautiful anon who requested this, and for everyone out there having a bad day/week/month/year, I’m one of those, but don’t you give up! Better days will come! I hope you enjoy it, please take care. xoxo (I took some Coldplay’s Up&Up references bc I love it #sorrynotsorry)

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Your phone wouldn’t stop ringing and you were starting to get mad. Well, even more if that was possible in any way. You looked at the screen just to confirm it was him. Didn’t that boy ever give up? It was his 11th time calling you… on a row. You thought by now he should have understood you didn’t want to talk to him, or to anyone to be honest.

But God… he kept trying, so you turned off your cellphone. Seeing his cute derp face as his ID picture was making you weak, and threatening to steal a smile from you. And you were so out for smiling today.

Yes, even if it was only ten in the morning you were pissed enough to declare this day a total failure. It wasn’t all today’s fault though, it was sunny the weather was on point and everyone seemed to be happy. Everyone but you of course.

Today’s morning had been just a perfect summary of the past four years as a trainee: a complete mess.

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“You let the team down, Guy.”

"Immortality, my darlings." AD

You know how the writers and the cast say, after the reveal you can rewatch the series and think how obvious it has been from the start???

WELL, remembering the trailers and the first episode- most people’s plus my initial guess was Ali being the anonymous stalker cos it’s the most obvious!

And i think the show really just went rounds, but it really comes back to Alison Dilaurentis. And i will tell you why:

• the first few seasons, -A was centered on making the girls remember Alison. It’s like every single day they were made to think about her.

Wasn’t that what Ali wanted in the flashbacks? To be remembered, to be famous in life and death?

“Immortality, my darlings.” You know what they say, you’re only dead until someone says your name for the last time.

• We’ve been told Alison saw Mona last before truly escaping that night… And we know how Mona liked to suck up to Ali and become her. I’m not surprised if Mona was “A” because Ali asked her to be… To take the fall, to become more like her.

Also remember: “I did everything you asked me to” we were told she was talking to Cece, but she was heavily drugged and thought it was Alison. But i read a great theory ( @peter-sluttin-it-up-hastings ), that cece’s visitor’s pass might have been really for Ali as she was presumed dead and it would be problematic for a dead girl to visit an alleged stalker - which is why she used Cece’s name as they always switch personalities anyway.

• Alison planned to escape that night beforehand. Blackmailed Mr. Montgomery, left her diaries, her shady quotes, etc.

• We know how Jenna always says something like “i’m not the one you should be afraid of, i’m not Alison”

• Alison picked out the girls, knows all their secrets, knows how they are and how foolishly they commit to her. Example: The first secret. Alison wanted to test their loyalty, to see how much the girls would do for her and if her game will work.

• “the bolder the move, the less anyone questions it.” THE INITIALS OF UBER A ARE FREAKING AD

• Can we not forget the time Mona fake died and got kidnapped, Alison looked extremely pleased ??? And conveniently that Mona was taken since she just called Aria how she can prove Alison is A.

• Alison was accused by the girls of being possibly -A and/or killing Mona, BUT redeemed herself after finding them in the dollhouse, making her look like a good friend after everything she’s put them through. (Don’t come at me i love Alison but i also love the idea of her being evil)

• remember when she just got back and supposedly she’s turned good but she stringed the girls back into her web of lies AKA her kidnapping story and even made Cyrus take the fall

• she was the original Red Coat. And emily did say she knew RC was in charge

• that whole Cyrus thing was ??? In her story, he used her and stole her things and even stabbed her. Then suddenly we see her in Vivian costume paying him off and shit.

No matter you turn that around, she lied.

• She escaped Rosewood allegedly to get away from -A, but when she fake died she followed the girls around knowing that they are being targetted by -A???? Which defeats the whole purpose of being “dead” if she just puts herself out there again, of course she’d be seen by -A.

You can argue she couldn’t help it, they were her friends but that brings me to the next point:

She said she knew -A, but never told the girls who it was after LOTS of opportunities of communicating with them. Why? If she really wanted to help them

• up til now the show claims the Liars being completely innocent during “that night” - which makes 0 sense as to why they were being targeted. Unless they really did something that has yet tocbe revealed OR it’s their dear friend Ali playing games on them like she did before that night.

• that quote of Aria about Everything being Ali’s show.

Well, to sum up what they did in the series:

  • solve Ali’s death
  • bring Ali safe back home
  • figure out who Ali’s brother Charles is
  • come back to hellsWood to free Ali’s sister Charlotte
  • figure who Ali’s cousin is

• and also remember how everything started again when Ali called them back to Rosewood. Like they were happy with their lives already, or at least out of that traumatic mess – and suddenly she calls them back and now they’re suffering again

• Cece was never big A. She was blackmailed by Alison to be A helper or take the blame for everything.

As Ali is in the possession of the NAT videos and was basically running around the whole night that labor day she found out Spencer was the one to hit Bethany (spencer’s flashbacks!!!). And Ian claiming the videos had something that could ruin the Dilaurentis, i assume Alison found out Cece and Spencer being siblings, thus blackmailing Cece into taking the fall or else spilling the beans about Spencer. Also, another hint is the blood on Spencer during the Dollhouse.

Taking this further, i think the NAT video’d Melissa and Cece talking “that night” – them planning how to protect Spencer. Cece talking Melissa into burying Bethany for S.

• Alison stayed with Charlotte over the 5 years to make sure she won’t talk.

• also, i already put this in a previous theory buttt i’m gonna mention it here again. When Wilden interviewed the Liars about that night, he observed it to be rehearsed as everything was exactly the same from their previous statement. Reminds me of that christmas episode, where we were shown how Jessica taught Alison to lie by making her repeat the lie over and over. Alison could have done that with the Liars, even easier as they were drugged.

Which is why they were all so shady in the Pilot.

•  This seasons many og characters have insinuated on Ali’s past, which makes me think it’s still relevant. example: Paige telling Emily, Ali is manipulating her again even lying about being pregnant.

• It started with Alison’s funeral and it’s gonna end with AD’s funeral.

But she achieved her wish, she will never be forgotten. She will always live in the trauma of many people she’s ruined.