escape from the spirit world


Avatar Kuruk: It was love at first sight.

Avatar Roku: When love is real, it finds a way. 

Avatar Aang: Why would I let go of Katara? I love her! 

Avatar Korra: He's all into that prissy, beautiful, elegant, rich girl. 


When I was a young Avatar, I traveled the world, challenging other benders to tests of strength. I loved impressing people with my bending prowess. Especially girls. I was arrogant, proud and boastful. I never thought about settling down until I met the love of my life.

We met during the new moon celebration, when the sister tribes would come together as one. It was love at first sight. Her name was Ummi. She was from the Southern Tribe. And she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. With Ummi in my life, I decided to change my irresponsible ways and settle down.

We were to be married in the Spirit Oasis. But on the day of our wedding, tragedy struck.

Ummi fell into the spirit pond, as if some unseen force pulled her in. She didn’t drown. She disappeared into the Spirit World… Koh took her to punish me for my past mistakes.

Every year, on the anniversary of our wedding, I traveled to the spirit world, hoping to save my wife from Koh… But I failed.

—  Avatar Kuruk.

                           ~ The World Edgeworth Only Knows AU ~

Miles Edgeworth is an esteemed prosecutor, who finds his world turned upside down when a peculiar client asks for his help to save the hearts of his cohorts.  When he accidentally enters a contract with her, he discovers that evil spirits have escaped from the spirit world, and only he can draw them out of his colleagues’ suffering hearts before they become corrupted forever.  And he doesn’t believe a word of it.  He’s mistakenly believed to be the “Demon Prosecutor” by his client, who has the ability to lord the demons back to where they belong, and now Miles will go through a journey to strategize his most difficult case yet … making friends.

Notes: This AU takes place during the events of the trilogy, but is an overarching storyline that focuses on Edgeworth developing bonds with all of the Ace Attorney characters, and working on his social skills.  Instead of using gaming knowledge, he has to figure out how to use his investigative and skills from the courtroom to resolve and support each character’s personal problems.  If you guys have any more ideas for this, I’d love to hear them!  Shoot them over to me!  :)

(And yes, I may or may not have made this entirely because the school uniform looks like Edgeworth’s suit.  And that I liked the idea of his being forced to bond with people because of ridiculous supernatural reasons that he still doesn’t want to put any stock into.)


There is so many ways Chell’s story could go but either way, in the end, Chell would had help a lot of spirits (including the spirit cores like Wheatly), defeat Glados, and sadly when escaping from the spirit world,  would die in the hands of Gray. 


So yeah that’s all I got.  XD

Edit-Forgot that benders can bend if and only they enter through the portal Korra opened. Oops! XP


i recently stumbled upon some Avatar: The Last Airbender gems that i’ve never seen before! apparently there were a handful of ‘Chibi Shorts’, three to be exact, from the Season 2 + Season 3 PAL Region DVDs. they were cute 3-5 minute skits a nice DVD Extra. (watch them here: ONE, TWO, THREE)

i also found the Pilot episode which was great. a little more anime-esque, if you will, and not as streamline. Prince Zuko didn’t change much from the A: TLA Pilot but did you know that Katara was originally called Kya?–of course, the creators didn’t just trash the name, as we come to find out that Kya is the name of Katara + Sokka’s mother.

but better still is this 'Animated Graphic Novel’ (or Motion Comic) called Escape From The Spirit World. no voice overs, just pictures moving slightly and subtitled dialogue. very simple concept of Aang walking through the spirit world, interacting with his past lives and learning about the responsibilities of an Avatar. anyone can pick this up and enjoy it, whether you’re a fan or new to the show. really enjoyed it.

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Do you think Korra's going to overthrow the Earth Queen or at least intimidate her into ruling more fairly, like Avatar Kyoshi did with the Earth King in "Escape from the Spirit World"?

That’s what I’m hoping… well, the former rather than the latter.

I have a bit of an unusual take on Kyoshi, at least in contrast to the near-universal fanon view of her.  I don’t think she was particularly good at ending injustice or legitimately strong on foreign policy.  Instead, she was the product of a time where non-monarchical (or, at least, representative) government was almost unthinkable and she acted accordingly.

Kyoshi’s actions towards the Earth King regarding the peasant uprising were less than ideal, even ignoring what the Dai Li turned into.  The peasants felt the Earth King’s role was outdated and that he didn’t represent their interests… exactly what the people of the Earth Kingdom feel in Korra’s day.  Kyoshi bolstered an oppressive government that was failing and ensured its survival for over 400 years, but the sentiment that almost triggered its collapse never went away.  She chose stability over justice, believing she could force the Earth King to represent his people’s interests… and she might have succeeded during her own lifetime, but even she couldn’t live forever, and I can’t imagine the message she sent by slapping the Earth King on the risk but taking his side anyway wasn’t heard loud and clear by the other world leaders.I don’t think Kyoshi’s decision was that unusual for an Avatar, either.  We’ve got a bunch of examples of Avatars who are more interested in stopping people from fighting than getting at the issues underneath – Kyoshi’s the most obvious one, of course, but Roku was pretty bad too, and even Aang needed his friends’ (and especially Zuko’s) help to understand that the world couldn’t be put back the way it was.  Wan, of course, was the Ur-example, sticking the Spirit of Darkness in a tree and closing the spirit portals to keep him there.  I suspect we’re going to see more of this in the final part of The Rift, too, with Yangchen devising a stabilizing solution that ended up blowing up later on, and Aang either following in her footsteps or acting on someone else’s impetus.In other words, I think that Wan essentially codified stabilization-above-all as a core principle of the Avatar when he became the first Avatar, and it’s been backfiring ever since.  Korra’s first act as the first Avatar of the new age, in contrast, is one of destabilization.  Whatever Korra does to the Earth Queen, I don’t think there’s going to be much precedent for in the actions of past Avatars.

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Is there a resource available where everything canon in the avatar universe is listed? (the show, the comics, escape from the spirit world, republic city hustle, possibly games and or free comic book day comics?)

Yes, right here! This list contains every episode, comic, webisode, graphic novel, and canon video game, from both series in chronological order.