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Question: In Clandestanakin 'verse (I'm calling it that, probably) - how does Anakin get Luke to Bespin if he's not torturing Leia? I think you said you would have Han pretend to scream -- would that be enough to drive Leia's pain through the Force if Leia knew that Anakin was on her side?

So one of the very significant differences in this ‘verse is that Leia has some training in the Force. She’s been learning for years from Ekkreth (as she thinks of Anakin - nobody knows his real name before his reveal to Luke), focusing especially on the mental disciplines. In fact, in that area at least, she’s much better trained than Luke is.

So I think what happened on Bespin is basically this: Leia, Han, Chewie, and the droids made their escape from Hoth as in canon, ended up on Bespin as in canon, Vader followed them as in canon, they were captured as in canon - and then Vader took the princess off for questioning. Everyone, naturally, assumed they knew what that really meant.

Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, Ekkreth and Leia were basically giving each other an epic series of updates, being frustrated together at the complete ridiculousness of this situation that was never even supposed to happen, and finally Ekkreth said, “I need to meet with Skywalker.”

Leia was a little surprised, because Luke had never worked in Alliance intelligence, and Ekkreth had never mentioned him before. She looked at him for a moment and then she took a deep breath.

“The Emperor has you hunting him, doesn’t he?” she asked. “What are you going to do?”

“Tell him the truth,” said Ekkreth, and then. “He’s my son.”

And that was huge. They both knew that. Because Vader’s true identity had been a secret since the beginning of the Empire, and Leia had always called him Ekkreth in her head, because she certainly wasn’t going to call him Vader. But everyone knew that Luke’s father was Anakin Skywalker.

They were both quiet for a long time. And then… “All right,” Leia said. “I can get him here.”

Ekkreth (Anakin, she thought, he’s Anakin Skywalker!) nodded. “I’m going to have to torture Solo,” he said. “For the look of it. He doesn’t strike me as an especially good actor, so you may need to pick up the slack.”

“He can do it,” said Leia staunchly, but she could practically feel his incredulous stare.

“We’ve had a slight weapons malfunction,” Ekkreth said, completely deadpan. “We’re all fine now. How are you?”

Leia groaned. “Well,” she admitted, “maybe he’s not the best at improv…” She almost imagined she could hear him laughing. “All right, fine, I’ll handle it.”

“When L - “ He stumbled. “When Luke gets here, you’ll - “

“I’ll tell him,” said Leia.

They went back to their respective roles.

Han got “tortured.” And meanwhile Leia basically sent Luke a feeling through the Force, a general sense of “Please come here.” It wasn’t actually meant to be a worrying feeling, but…she was worried. She was worried about the Emperor, and what he knew, and about Ekkreth, and about Luke, and about herself and Han and Chewie, too, and some of that feeling leaked through to Luke.

Luke was supposed to arrive, be captured, and then be brought to the same prison block where Han and Leia were being kept, so that Leia could explain. But things got…complicated. (Because of course they did.)

First, Boba Fett tried to steal Solo and run (because in this ‘verse Vader didn’t hand him over). And then Lando decided to go stealth himself and organized a really very impressive covert rescue of Leia, which…was not the plan, but then they had to focus on getting Han back before Fett could escape, and meanwhile Luke ended up finding Vader, alone.

Anakin was very frustrated.

He ended up knocking Luke out cold, finding Leia’s presence in the Force - she was…on his shuttle? why? - and bringing Luke along. At which point the plan finally did kick back into place, and Leia did end up explaining everything to Luke when he woke up.

Bespin was a wild ride from start to finish, basically. The only person more confused than Luke was Han.

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Your pregnancy thing is amazing! I'm just curious, how do you think Han and Leia's relationship developed while they were stuck in the asteroid? (considering so many people believe that they were intimate on Bespin and such) do you think it got to the point where Leia was perfectly fine with being 'intimate?'


well, a couple things - first, the pregnancy thing was totally a result of me being weak for dramatic tropey trash, and I’m surprised so many other people loved it - so yay! I’m not alone in my drama! Second, half the credit for that angst goes to Indy, who is very awesomesauce and also weak trash like myself (ily buddy). 

THIRD: Man, an excuse to talk about why my favorite pair of jerks did the horizontal space tango in one of my most cherished movies of all time? SIGN ME UP

Alright. Well, I have several reasons for believing this, but I’ll list them in list form because I love lists and also it makes things easier: 

1) The amount of time they were on the Falcon between escaping from Hoth and arriving at Bespin. Honestly, there’s no way that Luke’s training could have taken anything less than at least three weeks, so we have two options: either, they spent a significant amount of time on Bespin itself, or they spent a significant amount of time on the ship travelling to Bespin (remember, they were going at sublight speeds) and being stuck alone with their feelings and Chewie (who let’s face it was probably shamelessly enabling/encouraging them) and Threepio, but Threepio doesn’t count mostly unless it’s in a conversation about REALLY BAD TIMING. Considering how much obvious sexual tension there was pre-Echo Base evac, their kiss in the circuitry bay, and character development stuff (which I’ll touch on later) it really kind of … makes sense that they were intimate. Like. Two adults who have the serious hots for each other stuck on a cramped spaceship for 3+ weeks with not much else to do outside of tinkering with the ship and talking. HMM.

2) Body language. I made a post about it here.I cannot believe I actually made that post, but I did. 

3) OkAY SO CHARACTER ARCS. One of the major aspects of Leia’s character arc is to admit that she can and will depend on and open up to other people. Neither Han nor Leia is good with feelings, especially not at first - they internalize stuff and refuse to deal with it and when they do it’s in an explosive and defensive manner and riddled with unacknowledged insecurities. Not to say that by the end of the movies, their relationship hasn’t reached an incredibly healthy, mutually-supportive and wonderful point - or at least, a point with POTENTIAL for that - but especially around the time of ESB, they’re still working through that crap. Except, in the movies, they to lots of time gaps, and so parts of the character development are pretty implied. For example, you jump suddenly and drastically from their interactions at the end of ANH to the beginning of ESB and - well, what happened in between? It’s literally all implied, save for a few mentions of events that are so vague and nebulous in themselves that you have to infer things from your inferences. 

BUT. It’s pretty apparent, as we can all agree even pre-Hoth evac, that both of them care quite a lot about each other. However much Leia struggles with confronting Han’s leaving at the beginning of the movie, it’s evident that she really doesn’t want him to leave. And however much Han huffs and puffs and threatens, he goes back for her when he could have left and literally hauls her bodily out from that command center, blocks her body with his when the roof half-caves in on them, pulls her aboard and without hesitation delays his paying Jabba off to deliver Leia back to the Rebels in one piece. They care a lot about each other. 

Now, here’s where my headcanons come in. I really do think that they - who were already close friends pre-Hoth, Luke and Leia and Han (and Chewie), three orphans who found each other in what seemed to be a crazy twist of luck and held each other up post-Death Star - spent a lot of that trip, especially at first, really opening up to each other emotionally, Or at least, letting down some of their shields. I have headcanons about Leia’s nightmares, about how even though Han knew about them from before he’d never really experienced them first hand, how he found her screaming one night and let her cry against him and in mutual unspoken agreement neither slept alone after that; how they played a game in the quiet hours; a “you ask me one question I ask you one question” game, which started out about stupid things like “what’s your favorite smashball team” and turned into “where’d you get that scar” and “do you miss you parents, still?” and “you know I had a little sister, once”. 

How Leia spends all her time terrified of becoming attached to something for fear of losing it (and Han doing the same thing but wanting to admit it even less than she does, because he’s convinced himself that people don’t matter and here are these two kids and their stupid rebellion proving him wrong and now  he can’t leave her if he gets attached, look at what’s already happened because three years later -) and finally being like “screw it, I don[t care if I get hurt anymore, I’m going to get hurt regardless, might as well enjoy it while it’s here” sort of thing - I mean, Leia’s arc takes her through this journey to maturity that spends a lot of its time really, really struggling, both mentally and emotionally and physically. She struggles, and undergoes a lot of pain. She’s no doubt got bad nightmares, and depression, and all sorts of awful symptoms of ptsd. And I think that the arc is intertwined in that, that before she can mature, she has a couple low points where she just goes “screw it” and doesn’t care anymore. So this is one of those times - relinquishing the suffocating feeling of responsibility and deciding to cherish what she has, before she loses it. That’s part of her growth - being able to learn that you’re still capable of and encouraged to love things, despite the risk of losing them. 

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