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Fic: Infodere Chapter 4

Well, this has been a long time coming! Thank you so much to all the lovely people who have sent me messages about this story (and others) and been so supportive of my writing. Particular shout outs to @cranesmuir-witch​ and @outlanderedandoverhere​ who have both given me amazing amounts of encouragement and support and without whom this chapter would probably never have actually gotten finished. Thank you.

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She was like a living flame in his arms. The heat of her as she moved against him took over his senses and he thought that he could be consumed by her. He could smell the mingled scents of smoke and something citrusy in her hair, feel the soft skin burning white hot under his touch, feel her breath against the side of his face as they moved together. She arched her back slightly increasing the pressure between them. He could hear cries of pleasure but could not tell if they came from him or from her. They were one being as they moved. Her hands were in his hair, his on her back pulling her closer still. He could feel his pleasure building and tried to slow himself. She felt it too, grinding against him, pulling his lips to hers, her tongue darting out to find his own. He had known nothing like this intensity in a woman’s arms before, this feeling of complete unmooring. He murmured against her lips, near senseless gaelic, words falling from his lips like a prayer. He felt her tighten around him as her own climax came and he allowed himself to let go completely, he could dimly hear her crying his name over and over through the haze of it.

They collapsed against each other, both breathing heavily. He pulled her against him as they succumbed to fatigue and fell into a satiated slumber.

She rose slowly from sleep as if fighting her way through a thick fog. The watery light told her it was still very early. The air still smelt thickly of smoke from the previous night, but the scent of something else also hung heavy. A familiar scent, she shifted slightly and opened an eye. Red hair spilled across the pillow and she shot into seated position. Jamie.In her bed. Naked. Very naked. It took a moment for the events of the previous evening to reassert themselves and she breathed deeply. Closing her eyes the could see him as had made love to her, she could feel his hands on her back, so big they covered almost the whole area, the way he felt moving inside her. She shuddered a little at the memory of it. At the fire he had ignited in her. Did she regret it? No, no, she had no regrets. But might he? She had invited him into her bed with nothing more than a few kisses and near death experience to precede it. She glanced around looking for her clothes, very aware that Jamie was not the only one in a state of undress and suddenly feeling vulnerable. Might he reject her?  She was struggling into shorts and a vest top trying to move as little as possible in the limited space of the tent so as not to disturb him whilst her mind and emotions were still so muddled. Too late, she felt the air move behind as Jamie shifted himself onto one elbow. She froze, not daring to turn around as if it might render invisible to him. She felt a gentle hand on her hair as he played with a length.

“Is everything alright, Sassenach?” He spoke softly, he too sounding as uncertain as she felt. “Yer doing a lot of huffing and puffing there” She could hear the smile in his voice. She took a final, life giving breath and turned slightly. Her first thought was how beautiful he looked. A lock of red flopped over his forehead and his face was still a little sooty from the previous night. Moving her gaze, she could not ignore the fact that he was, quite frankly, built like a greek god. His muscles were lean and defined and the thicket of red hair on his chest made her long to touch him. He beat her to it. He reached out and ran a single finger down her jawbone and neck, reaching her shoulder he ran his hand down her arm and took her hand.

“Is everything ok?” he asked her again, His voice was sincere and she felt the ice in her belly subside a little.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Just, just..I, I guess…” She trailed off with a shrug. Jamie sat up fully so he was facing her properly and took her other hand.

“You were just wondering where this left us?” He asked, raising a ruddy eyebrow. “Aye, the same thoughts are running through my head as well.” He dropped his gaze and for a moment looked so utterly vulnerable that it made her heart ache a little.

“And where does this leave us, Jamie?” He raised his eyes and met hers.

“Where do you want it to leave us, Mo Nighean Donne? Is this..? Are we…?”

Without really thinking about it, she leaned forward and kissed him gently.

“I’d like us to be. I mean, we could try.”

“Aye, I’d like that verra much, Claire.” He kissed her back, pulling him close to her, one hand cupping her face the other on the small of her back. She leaned into the kiss, deepening it, wrapping her arms around him. She pulled him down with her onto the makeshift bed of sleeping bags and blankets, savouring the weight of him on top of her, the pressure of his body, the hardness of him against her stomach. She closed her eyes and lost herself to him once more.

By 11am the site was a hive of activity. They had divided the team up with half excavating as normal and the other half, clearing the fire damage and going through the boxes. The sorting areas were ruined and a makeshift area set up outside. Jamie had little time to talk to Claire but was as aware of her as he was of his own presence. The way she strode across the site, back straight, shoulders back, the way the curls escaped from under hat, the curve of her hip in the khaki coloured combats she wore. He had fallen for her hard and he knew it.

The days passed in a flurry of activity. There were no further untoward incidents and the dig was progressing as expected. Dr Zapote and Dr Moreno spoke in local schools and colleges about the work they were doing and groups toured the site. The conservational nature of the dig was highlighted . They worked themselves to the bone during the daylight hours and in the evenings he and Claire would sit by the fire and share their stories, revealing themselves to each other. And when the sun went down they would retreat to Claire’s tent where they each discovered the secrets of the other, revelling the intensity of their connection.

Three weeks into the dig, Claire left with a convoy carrying excavated finds for the airstrip in a nearby town. It was expected that she would be gone for four days and Jamie had been counting the hours until her return. She had travelled with Luisa and a group of interns who would be returning to Mexico city and would be bringing back a new group to complete the next phase of the dig. On the day she was due back, Jamie found himself utterly unable to focus, straining his ears for the rumble of trucks up the dirt path. When eventually, he heard the sound of engines approaching he practically knocked the archaeologist he had been working with to the ground in his hurry to get out of the tent.

He strode towards the makeshift parking lot as three trucks pulled in, grinning from ear to ear. But the smile died on his lips as he rounded the corner. Two of the trucks were the expected vehicles, piled high with people and equipment, but the third was not what he had expected to see.  The dark blue police truck drew to a halt and three officers, heavily armed got out.

One of these officers strode over to wear Jamie was standing, fists clenched as he tried to remain calm, as his eyes darted over the group spilling out of the trucks,  looking for Claire.

It took a moment for his brain to translate from the Spanish the officer spoke but when it did, his world tilted and black spots danced in front of his eyes.

Accident. Serious injuries. Possibly deliberate.

His stomach heaved. Claire. Oh God, Claire.

Connected by @0blue-bird0

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Summary: After escaping from Alabasta, the Straw Hats end up on a marine controlled island where the Big Bad of the week has the ability to turn friends into enemies. Now the rest of the crew has to scramble as Luffy finds himself under her control. Zolu centric adventure fic (but with an overall Nakama focus.)

Illustrated a scene from this fic for @opbigbang! >u< // Go reead~~

#7: The End

Don’t know how I managed to make this a 7 part ficlet thingy – but thanks for reading!

I’m about to go devour some pozole, so I’ll catch y’all in the new year!

Leave comments, send me questions, request stuff!

And, as always, thank you :) x

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“So are you guys dating again, or?” asked Harrison as he stirred some sugar into his tea. You were at Tom and Haz’s house out in England, enjoying the warm summertime. 

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“A scarf was wrapped around the lower half of his face and, even from her position on the far side of the grave, she could make out the wild and frizzy hair that escaped from the wide brimmed hat he wore low over his gigantic sunglasses.”

Totally not a skeleton. Nobody suspects a thing.

I got the hat last night and I just had to try it out. But of course I don’t have a mask yet so… I CHEATED. HAH.

Vax and Grog’s Pranks

“He started it!” “AND I’M GOING TO FINISH IT.” “Nuh uh!” “Uh huh!” 

Grog pranks Vax: 7
Vax pranks Grog: 11

Thanks to agent-of-chaotic-order, @BabbaForrest, @EBalensuela, @GraphixDave, holpike, i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, and @SilentEnGee for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 61.

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A Thrill of Hope - shadowofrazia
By Organization for Transformative Works

The man had brown skin, flushed red from the cold wind outside, and there were strands of wild black hair escaping from the red hat he’d crammed on his head. Judging by the strain the fabric was under, Draco suspected the man’s head would be just as warm without the hat.

“Excuse me,” said Draco, “but this booth is occupied, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.”

“Yeah, sorry,” said the man, not sounding particularly sorry at all. “‘M hiding.”

Ooohhh and the fun begins……

Senior Year

It was the first day of senior year for most of the cul-de-sac kids in Peach Creek. Aside from Sarah and Jimmy who would be starting their first day of high school. So much had happened in the last four years. Our favorite Ed’s were starting to grow up. Ed joined the football team, leading to him bringing his grades up and switching to a healthier diet. Eddy was actually part of the debate team, all those years of arguing with Kevin and the rest of the Ed’s was like practice for the young schemer. And Edd, sophomore year he took the biggest leap of his life and came out to the whole school.
The rest of the cul-de-sac stood by him, always having his back and protecting him from bullies. He was still the same beanie wearing, gap toothed grin boy they all grew up with. And later that year Kevin came out as bisexual. Incidentally, this lead to the two dating. It was like your typical Sixteen Candles jock falls for nerd scenario. After they announced their relationship status, no one dared to mess with Edd again.
Now, almost two years later, the boys were in love and worrying about what next year will bring. Edd had received a scholarship to MIT, and Kevin had a full ride to UCLA for football. Who knows what would happen? Edd was terrified, but Kevin knew deep in his heart they’d be okay.
“What’s your first class dork?” Kevin asked Edd. He was leaning against the lockers while Edd organized his new locker.
“It’s uh, AP Psychology in room 112.” Edd said fishing out his schedule.
“Choice dude. I’m in room 116 across the hall for English 4 Honors.” Kevin said proudly, thanks to Edd he was able to bring his grades up high enough for a few honors classes.
“Oh Kevin! Honors? That’s wonderful!” Edd said gleefully, jumping into Kevin’s arms to hug him. Suddenly they were pulled out of their embrace by the bell warning them it was time to get to class. Edd closed his locker and walked hand in hand with Kevin to their first class of the day.
“Have fun learning bout people brains dork.” Kevin said, giving Edd a peck on his nose.
“And I do hope you enjoy your first honors course Kev!” Edd yelled back as he walking into his class. Looking around he silently curse himself. The classroom had long tables instead of individual desks, which meant he would be forced to share a tabletop with other people. Walking to the from table, he chose a seat to the far left of the room in front of the teachers desk. While he waited for the class to begin, he started organizing his table space. A fresh new notebook, along with two pens and two pencils were placed in front of him.
On the other side of the campus, Nathan Goldburg stepped out of the main office with his new schedule in hand. Moving and switching schools was not how he wanted his senior year to start out, but hear he was, in the small town of Peach Creek, at an even smaller school. Looking down at his schedule he saw his first class, AP Psychology and then checking his map, he saw it was all the way on the other side of campus. Hearing the warning bell, he took off running as fast as he can. There was no way he’d be late his first day!
Knocking over a few people, Nat made it to class as the final bell rang. He looked around the room, trying to pick a spot to sit. He saw a small teen siting in front of the teacher desk wearing a black beanie, grey bottom up and black skinny jeans.
‘Damn that’s a cute one.’ He thought to himself as he moved to sit to the left of him.
This boy had sat a little too close for Edd’s liking, so he in turn scooted away. Trying not to make eye contact with whoever this teal haired teen was.
“Hey, I don’t bite! Names Goldburg, Nathan Goldburg. But you can call me Nat, cutie.” Nat said smiling and holding out his hand. Suddenly a loud bang erupted throughout the classroom. Edd flinched, and pulled his beanie down over his face. Nat just looks down at the hand on the table in front of him.
“But I do.” Came from the voice of whoever the hand belonged to. Edd knew who it was, but still hid his face.
‘Oh dear oh dear.’ He thought to himself.
Nat looked up at the new guy in front of him. Red SnapBack laid backwards on his head, a few red locks of hair escaped from under the hat. Freckles covered his angry face.
“Hey now, I was just trying to be friendly to, uh hey what’s your name?” Nat said smoothly.
“Eddward.” Edd said in a small whisper. Still refusing to uncover his face.
“Eddward. I was just trying to be friendly to Eddward over here.” Nat finished.
“Yeah, well you’re being a little too friendly to my dork.” Kevin snarled.
“Your dork? Oh! Is this little cutie here taken? Oh goodness me! I’m so sorry!” Nat said over dramatically.
“Yeah well hands off Goldburg. Or you’ll hear from me at practice tonight.” Kevin said, turning to Edd.
“Hey Dee, I’m sorry if I startled you. You can come out now.” He said a little more softly as he crouched down in front of Edd.
“Oh it’s alright Kevin. Please get back to class! You might get in trouble!” Edd shooed him away.
“Alight dork. Watch it Goldburg.” Kevin said as he left the room.
“You got it cap'n!” Nat said, realizing just who this Kevin person was. It was going to be a long and interesting year for everyone.
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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Fireworks

1.4k words, G rated. 

This is a slightly out of season Bonfire Night Scorbus first kiss. It was originally meant to be a ficlet but when I started editing it it sort of went a bit wild and doubled in length. 

Beta’d (at least the original ficlet was approved) by @bounding-heart, however any typos in here are entirely my fault. 

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Heyyyyyyyyyy can you update the pining tag? Thanks


The Bowling AU (oneshot | 4,466 | Teen)

The boy’s got on a red beanie a faded Beacon Hills high t-shirt and baggy gray sweat pants. His face is framed in dark black glasses. He’s got his hands in his pockets and there’s something about him that reads mischief. He’s easily one of the more beautiful people Derek has ever seen and he’s quickly becoming overly fixated on the boys moles and the dark wispy unkempt tendrils of hair that escape from under his hat. Derek has to sit down. Like right now.

Fuck You, Deputy Hale! (Complete | 17,558 | Explicit)

“He’s very close to me, almost too close, like so close that I can smell him. He smells wonderful. Manly. Not too strong. He smells like pine and forest and speed stick deodorant and something else; something familiar. I’m just trying to place it when he leans in and whispers in my ear.

"Oh stiles you’re hilarious.” He says. His voice has lowered like 2 octaves, which is surprising cuz it’s already pretty deep, and he has this sultry way of blowing a bit too much air of of his words while he’s whispering. I immediately shiver and I’m made aware of the fact that I’ve closed my eyes. I open them and peek to my right. He’s grinning at me. Like he knows something I don’t and he’s going to use it to ruin me…“

Or the one where Stiles wakes up on his dad’s birthday to a full breakfast made by Deputy Derek Hale and some very confusing and wonderful things happen…

The Truth of It (oneshot | 2,161 | Mature)

Derek took the picture late one night the summer between Stiles’ junior and senior years of college, the last of their four summers together. Or not-together. The last of their four summers of whatever it was they were to each other in those years, fucking nonstop and spending nearly every waking moment together for three months at a time, both of them aggressively maintaining the it’s-just-sex-it-doesn’t-mean-anything rule they set their very first time together, the night of the pack’s high school graduation party when, slightly drunk, Stiles kissed him for the first time, determined and eager, heart pounding in Derek’s ears.

disappointing-cheesecake  asked:

Do you know of any fics where the pack (or just stiles & derek) go 10-pin bowling? Or to an arcade or something?

uhh I have this one which is tagged with ‘eighties arcade games’

Ice Cream is Overrated by kototyph (1/1 | 2,344 | PG13)

Stiles is hopelessly competitive. Derek is just hopeless.

And these are the ones that I found which involve some type of bowling…

Stay in Your Lane by mikkimouse (1/1 | 5,382 | PG13)

Stiles works at a bowling alley and has a crush on Derek Hale, a frequent customer. He deals with this in the most mature way possible: by giving Derek dumb nicknames for every game he plays.

Of All The Bowling Joints in the World by museohmuse (1/1 | 4,891 | PG13)

“‘I - okay, here’s the thing.’” And the red flag shot up. Nothing good came from Scott saying 'here’s the thing.’ 'Here’s the thing’ was the reason Stiles’ face was on the wanted wall of the Chuck E. Cheese the next town over. 'Here’s the thing’ was the reason Stiles had a small scar on his chin from a water balloon. 'Here’s the thing’ was exactly why Stiles had trust issues.“

In which Stiles came out to have a good time and honestly he’s feeling like he might be falling in love now.

The Bowling AU by Shadowspeaker (1/1 | 4,466 | PG13)

The boy’s got on a red beanie a faded Beacon Hills high t-shirt and baggy gray sweat pants. His face is framed in dark black glasses. He’s got his hands in his pockets and there’s something about him that reads mischief. He’s easily one of the more beautiful people Derek has ever seen and he’s quickly becoming overly fixated on the boys moles and the dark wispy unkempt tendrils of hair that escape from under his hat. Derek has to sit down. Like right now.

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Could you please write me a CS "Always being on the brink of admitting their feelings for each other but then getting interrupted" AU??? Hopefully ending in smut ;)

A/N: So I decided to go more canon divergence than AU with this one…. Let’s pretend that the whole Emma becoming the Dark One thing never happened. This picks up after they returned from the Heroes & Villains alternate reality. 

Rating: M because sMut… sorry, not sorry.

Word Count: 3700ish

And If It’s My Last Chance to Say It

He’s alive. He’s alive. He’s alive.

Emma could hardly contain her joy. Scratch that – Emma couldn’t contain her joy, bounding up the stairs two at a time and launching herself into his arms as he stood at the foot of her bed. The force of it toppled him over with an oomph from Killian and a series of manic giggles from Emma, and after a few moments of lying sprawled on top of him, she crawled up his body, straddling his hips and taking his hand and hook in her fingers.

He was alive and she loved him so much it hurt and she could finally, finally tell him and see that look in his eyes when he realized absolutely for certain that he made good on his promise from Neverland to win her heart without trickery.

“Look, I didn’t mean to cause any panic. I woke moments before your parents and came up here looking for your boy.” Despite his initial teasing when she’d thought he hadn’t returned from the alternate reality, he was now quite serious about it not being his intention to worry her. He was looking for her son because he loves her and he loves him and she loves him and ugh she just has to say it before she explodes.

“He’s fine. Henry’s fine – I’m just… glad you are too.”  Glad was putting it lightly, but she was still nervous. Inexplicably nervous because anyone with eyes or ears could tell she loved him (probably). Saying it shouldn’t have to be such an ordeal.

“What is it?” His concern for her was adorable.

“When I – watched you die… I was afraid I was never going to get a chance to tell you something.”

“Tell me what.” It wasn’t a question. Because that cheeky bastard knew what she was going to say, didn’t he? Probably. Open book and all.

“That… I – ”

“Emma! Killian!  

Of course. Leave it to her parents to ruin the moment. Then again, it might be a matter of life and death (those were all too common in this sleepy little town, after all), so she probably shouldn’t be so annoyed.

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Why I’m All About The Darkness On the Edge of Town (4x12)

Once Upon a Monster Mash-up is BACK … and so are my reviews. Are you excited? I know I am! In this episode, prepare yourself for:

O.G. Gargoyles!


And happy endings for everybody!

Not that kind of happy ending, guys

Read on to be schooled by Professor Notrumple, Head of the Department of This Is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things.

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Do you have a rec for socially anxious derek?

theres this one but thats all i could find

The Bowling AU by Shadowspeaker (1/1 | 4,466 | PG13)

The boy’s got on a red beanie a faded Beacon Hills high t-shirt and baggy gray sweat pants. His face is framed in dark black glasses. He’s got his hands in his pockets and there’s something about him that reads mischief. He’s easily one of the more beautiful people Derek has ever seen and he’s quickly becoming overly fixated on the boys moles and the dark wispy unkempt tendrils of hair that escape from under his hat. Derek has to sit down. Like right now.