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Send Me An Angel (Yondu Udonta x Female Reader)

Summary: You’re part of Yondu’s crew and the two of you have been involded for a while now. Nothing serious but you want more. You’re in love with him but is certain he doesn’t feel the same. Yondu keeps pushing you away because of his past and who he is, thinking he doesn’t deserve you. But you are determined to show him otherwhise. 

A/N: Thank you @missmendelsohn for this wonderful idea and also for beta reading for me!

Warnings: Angst, Fluffy Smut, Nightmares, Self-Doubt. 

Every night was the same - shadows of the Kree Reapers slithering through the darkness of his dreams; soon his breathing increased rapidly and become gasps of breath. On awakening, despite the nightmare ending, a ghastly feeling of being watched by invisible eyes prolonged, leaving an uneasy feeling and Yondu felt paralyzed for minutes, staring into the abyss.

Every night you were woken by the screams next door and every night you wanted to run in there to hold Yondu in your arms, while whispering soothing words to calm his mind. But you never did, despite that his haunting screams cut through your heart and pained your soul. You never did because you knew that he didn’t feel the same as you. Too many times had he pushed you away upon showing him any kind of affection or asking too many intimate questions.

Tonight was different however. You heard his footsteps outside in the ship’s corridor after the screams ended and you frowned. This was highly unusual. You got out from underneath the sheets and opened the door to walk outside, only wearing a pair of loosely fitted pyjamas shorts and one of Quill’s old t-shirts he didn’t use anymore.

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Now you’re getting it June!

At a rifle class taught by a retired commando a few years back, I remember hearing the saying that the worst time to learn how to shoot was in the middle of a gunfight.


If there is anything you should take away from the insanely unrealistic “The Handmaiden’s Tale”, is that being prepared for the worst and having the skills and ability to save your, and your loved one’s life is never a bad thing.  You’re not going to be very effective at escape and evasion if you’re learning fieldcraft on the fly.

The second thing is that the concept about as unrealistic as a Zombie Apocalypse. Margaret Atwood, the Canadian author of the original novel, must have written it as an intellectual exercise.  I’m a bit more concerned about the nitty gritty:  where are uptight hyper religious assholes going to recruit an Army for their ranks?  Given that literally a quarter of my active duty or retired Army and USMC grunt friends have been married to strippers for a portion of their lives, pretty sure that they will NOT be joining the American Taliban.  I am also pretty sure the fellas who never married strippers… the barbarians, the warrior poets, the adventurers, or folks who just needed a job and purpose for a bit would also find an authoritarian, theocratic regime outright distasteful and worth destroying.  Pretty sure you’re not gonna find many experts in chaos, violence, and high explosives in the puritan camp.

Furthermore, the scenario is pretty insulting to average Christians who just want to do their own thing and not impose christian style Sharia law on others.  I’m like… Jesus!  Did Margaret Atwood ever meet a real cop, soldier, or practicing christian ever in her life?

This series has been praised to the high heavens by the fawning entertainment press as a relevant mirror to the United States of America (with its recent SCOTUS ruling supporting gay rights) but skips right over the fact that homosexuals are literally hung in Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Somalia just like the “brutal” scene in episode 3.  It is certainly interesting to see the mental gymnastics folks are using to somehow use this to attack conservative positions in America while skipping right over the DIRECT parallels to Islam.


Windson Low Tech

Plaus/Den Kit

An exercise in plausible deniability: We are composing a set of items that help us GTFO of urban environments should the need arise. Think HVT hostage situations or comparable in non-permissive environments. Carry everything you need in such a situation to at least get out of restraints, closed confinements, and be able to run. You will be searched; more or less cursory. Everything that can’t be explained away is out. No carbon fiber and no Zirconium dioxide. No dedicated tools. Handcuff keys? Nope.

Pictured is a sample collection of stuff that just happens to be useful, if you know how to use/combine/create further tools from the ingredients:

  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pin, large/small
  • Paper clip, large/small
  • Paper fastener
  • Plastic wrapper band
  • Electric fuse
  • P-38

Here is some tradecraft: In a suit, you won’t be able to explain away most of even these items. But in a casual jacket, you just worked on your car, house, whatever; all of that, kept loose in a pocket, doesn’t arouse suspicion. The trick is to carry it wrapped in the cloth, it’s small and light, but as a bundle, it becomes suspicious. So, whenever a potentially tricky situation is to be expected—just open the safety pin and sprinkle the contents inside the pocket. It becomes just a bunch of unrelated stuff.

Also non-suspicious:

  • Dental floss
  • An old credit card
  • A piece of leader wire
  • A couple small zip ties
  • Nails
  • CD/DVDs are nice to have, if they make any sense in a pocket dump.

That’s about it. Bring any dedicated GTFO tool or implement and you will be treated quite differently, you’ll lose any element of surprise and won’t even have left the makeshift tools above.

Rule: The more you bring, the less you’ll have left.


  • Light sticks
  • Metal saw
  • Handcuff keys
  • Lockpicks
  • Diamond wire

Observe – Evaluate – Control
[Windson How Tos] | [Limited Edition Patches]


Light Box Project:

After some investment in materials and some continued testing one of the ideas I had last year seems to be getting closer to a final product. When other items came along it got put to the back burner and then brought out again as time allowed. In short I was asked for a lighting method that could be turned on and off, that glowed and did not produce large volumes of light, that could be used to allow navigation and signalling as well as be Jerry rigged for other covert uses. Also it had to be totally stand alone not requiring batteries or further components adding to the bulk or weight of the item.

I had tried chemical lights in a variety of ways but its a one shot deal and you cant exactly turn them off. You can throw them in your shoe or sometimes in a pocket but that can lead to light escape from the pocket depending on what the material is. Also you need a lot of them if you intend on doing anything for extended periods of time.

After some further experiments with glowing materials from hard plastics to soft granules all the way down to dust the final product was reached. Above is the final prototype of the material to glow, without the correct top coat. The final top coat to affix it is on order and the vacuum chamber is not set up yet to remove the bubbles. The final top coat is also crystal clear and is UV stable magnifying the sunlight inbound to the particles.

What we have is a container that holds a simple to charge glowing powder that is long lasting and durable. Its sealed into the holder with a clear top coat. You can charge it with sunlight, UV light or any other form of light. The big difference is a sliding lid makes it easily to turn off or on or vary the intensity..

Once the final components have arrived and a final sample is made I’ll post some further images and some further demonstration photos. Double sided tape could allow for a permanent marker or simple velcro for fixing to a jacket, bergan, helmet etc.

More details to follow, any thoughts or views on this idea please feel free to let me know.

External image
submitted by Juan Robles

A backup to the EDC gear I have on me at all times. Always close at hand.

You know I made a list of people that we need to talk more about: 

  • Matilda of Flanders- wife of William the Conqueror 
  • Empress Matilda- the first woman to fight for the right to rule England 
  • Queen Matilda- Stephen’s wife, who was pretty bad ass too
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine- Was the Queen of France AND England, Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right, went on a fucking crusade, successfully secured a divorce, evasively escaped two men who were trying to kidnap her and force her into marriage, rebelled against her second husband, basically ruled England during Richard I’s reign, and was a HUGE influence over John when she was still alive. Ran around Europe, even as an old woman, getting shit done. 
  • Edward III- BEST KING EVER (also an adoring husband but whateves) 
Captain prison break

As requested by anon. :)

[Previously: Espada prison break]

The captains have been arrested! What were they arrested for, and how will they escape from prison?

1. Ukitake (Arrested for assisting Kaien’s suicide)

Escapes by: Faking an illness.

Luckily, Ukitake can cough blood on command, which means that he is taken to a hospital, which has lower security. This allows Ukitake to make his escape.

2. Kyoraku (Arrested for murdering a man, a kid, and a bunch of wolves)

Escapes by: Knocking out the prison electricity.

He then escapes in the darkness.

3. Kenpachi
 (Arrested for assault)

Escapes by: Breaking through the wall.

He just sorta walks right through the prison wall. He was actually trying to get the dining hall, but he was super lost. 

4. Aizen (Arrested for treason)

Escapes by: Making a deal.

As it turns out, Aizen has such valuable information that he is able to leverage his knowledge for an early release. He has to wear an ankle monitor, though.

5. Hitsugaya
 (Arrested for breaking and entering)

Escapes by: Not going to prison in the first place.

Despite his loud protests to the contrary, Hitsugaya is not tried as an adult, and the jury actually finds it kinda cute that he thought he was a detective. He’s given community service.

6. Byakuya (Arrested for tax evasion)

Escapes by: Hiring really good lawyers.

As it turns out, Byakuya is just too rich - and his crime too white collar - for him to go to prison.

7. Shinji (Arrested for stalking Ichigo)

Escapes by: Having help on the outside.

Urahara helps him escape. Now Shinji owes him for life.

8. Soi Fon
 (Arrested for stalking Urahara)

Escapes by: Hiding in the laundry.

She’s pretty sure she invented that technique.

9. Rose (Arrested for a noise complaint. It was a, um, bad one)

Escapes by: Using a guitar pick to dig his way to freedom.

It takes a very long time.

10. Kurotsuchi (Arrested for poison and assault and forced imprisonment and torture and illegal experiments and unlawful surveillance and )

Escapes by: Drugging the guards.

He uses a different drug for each guard, in fact, because he wants to see which one will work the best.

11. Kensei (Arrested for punching a guy)

Escapes by: Getting assigned to the prison kitchen.

He then smuggles himself out by hiding under a whole bunch of potato peels.

12. Unohana (Arrested for serial murder)

Escapes by: Murdering everyone in the prison.

They maybe should have seen that one coming

13. Gin (Arrested for treason)

Escapes by: Nobody knows.

He just keeps leaving the prison….and then coming back. He’s been interrogated like nineteen times, but he just won’t say where he’s always going.

14. Tosen (Arrested for treason)

Escapes by: Becoming a spokesman for prison reform.

He writes a book and then becomes a media sensation.  He wants to change the system from the inside out. Instead, he’s released and then everybody forgets about him.

15. Yamamoto (Arrested for illegally creating zombies)

Escapes by: Pretending to be old and decrepit.

Then, when Sasakibe smuggles in a sword disguised as a cane, Yamamoto suddenly rips off his shirt, reveals his abs, and makes his escape.

16. Komamura
 (Arrested for being outside without a leash)

Escapes by: Having opposable thumbs.

It’s pretty easy to escape a dog kennel, actually.

17. Yoruichi (Arrested for public nudity)

Escapes by: Having the ability to transform into a cat.

Everybody is all, “How did a cat get into this prison?? We’d better let it go!”

18. Urahara (Arrested for smuggling and selling stolen goods)

Escapes by: Being friends with Yoruichi.

When she escapes, she brings him along for the ride.


One of the world’s rarest and most unusual animals…The FLYING JACKALOPE is most frequently found in South Dakota’s Badlands around Wall. It is extremely shy and capable of blinding speed to escape detection. Because of its evasive nature it has not been considered one of the “endangered species” despite its rarity. This prize photo was taken with a telephoto lens a short way east of Wall.


Ok so heres a…bio thing on my new OC!  I had random scrapped ideas and decided to put them together!  I’m still developing him, so things will probably change.

 Name: Casey 

Age: 14

Rank: C- 

Natural Ink Color: Cream 

Main Weapon: Classic Squiffer 

Rest is under the cut!

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Final Prototype Testing once again:

This final prototype is one thats really simple but really useful! An elastic closure holds everything tightly together and expands or contracts depending on what you carry. Once you pull it back over itself you can unfold the roll and lift the cover.

Inside there is plenty of space for a combination of tools, and if required a light to help you. Sections that are sewn help organise your shims, EZ Decoders, lock pick sets, Photon Freedom light, handcuff keys, quick sticks or anything else you need including mini cyalumes! Not just one of each, you can pack a few of each into the kit and it will still close.

The rear has a loop for adding a lanyard for easy carry or just drop it into a pocket. By far one of the most useful tool kits you can have with you at any time no matter what you are wearing. The all black 1000D cordura means it will take all of the work day you have and still not cause a problem.

The lid is sewn to favor it wanting to close preventing loss while you get to grips with the task at hand! When you are done, fold the sides in, pull over the elastic closure and off you go. Simple works best, this is the most complex item in its simplest form.

Once final testing is complete these will be made available! How do you feel about an item like this?

Some Hinata fans are the worst. I have heard that

  • Hinata can beat Katsuyu. 
  • The sannin summonings are easy to beat. 
  • Hinata can predict where Sakura would be so Sakura cannot escape. Hinata has better evasion. 
  • Hinata has rotation and that can defend against Katsuyu. 
  • Air palm can defend against Katsuyu’s acid, rotation too and send it back to melt Katsuyu and leave acid on the ground that would hurt Sakura. 
  • Hinata let Hanabi win.
  •  Hinata could have refused promotion to jonin. 
  • Hinata can see cherry blossom impact and escape because she can see it. 
  • She can see Sakura’s chakra in her fists so she can avoid cherry blossom impact. 

Hinata cannot beat Sakura, especially with Katsuyu on the field. WTF? She gets rekt.