escape 2

Fuck this narrative.

It erases disabled people. The elderly. Children.

It’s classist, ableist, racist, and just wrong.


Fuck capitalism, liberalism, and political ideas of worth and value.

Edit: Seriously wish I knew I could edit sooner! 1. “How is it racist?” It’s racist due to white supremacist policies. POC make significantly less than white people. It’s a big wage gap. Redlining. Gentrification. The New Jim Crow. Systemic and institutional racism. Discrimination in hiring and promoting, housing, loans, and so forth. Whites in general owe a lot to generational wealth, something POC were long excluded from. POC often don’t get the same recognition or compensation for their work. School to prison pipeline, racist policing, unfair sentencing, the much higher percentage of Black, Indigenous, and other POC in prisons compared to their resourcing respective general population percents is a huge problem. It makes it much harder for POC to “move up the ladder,” more likely to live in poverty, and have a harder time escaping poverty. 2. Why liberalism? Because liberalism has become neoliberalism, moved farther right, become less interested in effective measures and actual justice. 3. But communism kills people and anarchism doesn’t work! Okay, I’m not going to debate this point, only say that there is enough food, housing, and other basic needs to take care of everyone. To be continued…

my piece for the @notyourpuppetsfanzine!!! I was sort of inspired by not only the bubble, but my own childhood/younger teen years/general time period of when I was in a uh, bad situation. I tended to “escape from reality” (gravity falls pun intended haha) by daydreaming, doing art, and coming up with stories. I thought about how I’d kind of feel when you wrap yourself up in that fun, fake world, and it just makes the real world and the reality of your situation feel worse. I mean yeah it’s nice to have an escape, just everything feels dull in comparison until you get a real escape and the world becomes as bright as your fantasies. anyway, this project was really such an amazing thing to work on- really, I can’t put into words how much it means to me, not only seeing it complete but by seeing the heartfelt response to it. I never thought people could care that much, but I guess people surprise you in the best ways sometimes. <3


“A playlist to heist to. A playlist to fight to. A playlist to fuck shit up to.”

I Like to Win, for the Fake AH Crew

i. “I Like to Win” – Shonlock ii. “Light That Fire” – Oh the Larceny iii. “Outlaws” – Disciple iv. “Warriors” – Imagine Dragons v. “We Own It (Fast & Furious)” – 2 Chainz vi. “The Resistance” – Skillet vii. “One For the Money” – Escape the Fate viii. “Another Way Out” – Hollywood Undead ix. “Fortune” – Krewella x. “We Go” – Matthew Parker xi. “Got That Fire” – Royal Tailor xii. “It Has Begun” – Starset xiii. “Like A Machine” – Thousand Foot Krutch xiv. “Infected” – 12 Stones xv. “Strike Back” – We As Human

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