Babel To Mordor “Les Enfers Pavillonaires” France Photo Hugh Ardoin

Rising above the tenements and the charred remains of a lost industrial age

A shining tower, that is no more than an assembly of cardboard boxes held together by some cling film, reads like the epitaph to our wayward imagination

The dark foreboding skies above pretend to be the smoke emanating from the eternal fires of Mordor

The kingdom of all despairs is calling in a thousand languages, the spiralling hopes scrambling to the sky to fall again

A dream fostered by an other dream, the emptiness of the last hopes hollowed by so many failed attempts

The crackling electric wires and the parabolic antennas plugged into paraplegic minds, like cupped hands held up to catch the rain of twisted words

The railway extends like it is the only escape route, like the cold plank leading to oblivion, the first and last jump overboard…

Hugh Ardoin Les Enfers Pavillonaires Gallery

I think love is when you know that there are plenty of other people you could fall in love with, but yet that one person is the only want you to put in the dedication for. The only one who you want to wake up in the morning beside. The only one you want to be with at their best and worst times. The only one you want to feel safe with. The only one that you want to spend the rest of your life with despite any obstacles that may be thrown along the way. But love is also wanting that other person to be happy. And sadly, sometimes that other person realizes maybe their happier without you. But that doesn’t mean you have to become bitter towards them. Despite all of the pain they might be putting you through, despite how furious and broken your heart may be due to losing someone you wanted to grow old with. You should still want them to be happy. Because sometimes people come in your life, not to stay, but to make you a better person. So be grateful for the time you were so privileged to have with someone you really loved and be grateful that God lead them to you, even if your upset that they weren’t meant to stay forever.
—  Gabriella R. || Took me a while to realize this.

Winston Churchill left an apology letter on his bed before escaping a prison that read:

 "I have the honour to inform you that as I do not consider that your Government have any right to detain me as a military prisoner, I have decided to escape from your custody. I have every confidence in the arrangements I have made with my friends outside, and I do not therefore expect to have another opportunity of seeing you.“ 

He went on:

“I therefore take this occasion to observe that I consider your treatment of prisoners is correct and humane, and that I see no grounds for complaint. When U return to the British lines I will make a public statement to this effect. I have also to thank you personally for your civility to me, and to express the hope that we may meet again at Pretoria before very long, and under different circumstances. Regretting that I am unable to bid you a more ceremonious or a personal farewell,

I have the honour, to be, Sir,

Your most obedient servant,

Winston Churchill.

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