escapades in shirt making


The printing was a success! There was a bit of grey flaking, but that’s unavoidable on black shirts as its part of the pretreatment process for printing. Sorry the emblem shot is a bit blurry; my camera can’t really focus on reds. But I’m very happy! It cost $31 total to get the front and back printed, which is more than reasonable considering how sturdy this shop’s work is (I’m a junior in college, and I still wear shirts this shop made that I bought freshman year in high school that are near pristine) so I think I’ll keep doing work for them in the future! I’ll be opening my online shop soon, so I’ll be taking orders for shirts in the future.


Here’s the finished shirt vector! All original and not drawn from screenshot material like the last one. Man Specula is really fun to draw but she’s also really difficult? I mean she doesn’t have as many pretty colors as Shadow does to differentiate her parts, but man she’s still a gorgeous ‘noid. But yes! I’m very happy with how it turned out and if anyone wants it I will either put it up on redbubble or run a limited custom printing using a local shop. The local printing will cost more, but you’ll be guaranteed a much more stable and durable product.

Also, if wanted, I will make this a sort of matching set shirt and put each 'noid on a different shirt if requested! So, yay or nay on posting to redbubble? Or would you rather I commission the local shop for a private, limited run printing?