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Ivar playing with a husky pupper at the dog park. He’s an incredibly socially submissive boy, though he does like to play rough-n-tumble when other dogs make it clear that they’re willing to engage.

I wish I’d been able to get video of him playing with the Akita I mentioned in our last post but I was out of battery. He’s been attending the dog park since he was first old enough, and has earned himself a reputation as a slightly socially awkward but incredibly sweet boy who’d much rather walk calmly away from a conflict and play with someone else than take offense to a transgression and escalate the situation.

I notice that doggy-dogs are far more prone to the latter, while well-socialized wolfdogs are more prone to the former. 

Sikh man allegedly shot by gunman who told him to “go back to your own country”

  • On Friday, a white man in Washington approached a Sikh man and shot him in the arm. 
  • The gunman allegedly told the victim to “go back to your own country,” the Seattle Times reported. The shooter is still at large, and the 39-year-old victim’s name has not been released. 
  • According to the Times, the Sikh man was working on his car in the driveway of his Kent, Wash., home when the gunman walked up. The two began talking, and the situation escalated into an “altercation,” according to the Times, and the Sikh man was shot. 


title of the article: Boy Band Beatdown! Watch Louis Tomlinson Flip Photographer During Airport Brawl

what should have been the article: Louis Tomlinson Defending Girlfriend From Paps Who Won’t Stop Harassing Her, Trying To Get To Her While She’s Being Cornered By Three Girls, Security Just Watching, Slipping In Haste And Dragging Pap With Him While Shouting For Help, To Afterwards Pry A Girl Off Of His Girlfriend To Stop Her From Hitting His Girlfriend To Eventually Walk Away With Her To Avoid Having The Situation Escalate More But Being Arrested Anyway

Vorkosigan Saga Characters as Onion Headlines, Part One


  • I Have A Huge Crush On My Captor
  • Vanquished Foe’s Skull Makes Surprisingly Bad Wine Goblet 


  • Area Man Going To Go Ahead And Consider That A Date
  • I’m Not One Of Those Insecure Generals Who Needs To Win A Lot Of Battles
  • Congress Members Spend Afternoon Drawing Pictures Of Their Dream Capitals


  • Military Now Considering Limiting Soldiers With Severe PTSD To 3 Combat Tours
  • Man Always Carries Gun In Case He Needs To Escalate Situation
  • Army Holds Annual ‘Bring Your Daughter To War’ Day


  • Man’s Insecurities Versatile Enough To Be Projected Onto Any Situation


  • Area Man Just In Bad Mood Because He’s Tired And An Awful Human Being
  • Man Announces Plan To Take Out Anger On First Less Powerful Person He Sees


  • Dating Profile Flatly States Man Looking For Someone He Can Control


  • Buddy System Responsible For Additional Death


  • Family Infighting Apparent In Funeral Guest Book

Kareen Vorbarra

  • Area Woman’s Safety Net Braces For Another Impact
  • Geopolitical Balance Of Power Somehow Unaffected By Death Of Princess


  • Near-Death Experience Followed By Right-On-The-Money Death Experience

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Need a nurseydex prompt? How about the boys wrestle and the situation escalates quickly (romantically)

“Nurse, would you knock it the actual fuck off.”

They had spent the entire morning lifting box after suitcase after backpack up two flights of stairs to the attic and he could barely feel his shoulders, arms and thighs burning. Of course Nursey had shed his shirt on the second trip up, and after the last box was deposited he dropped to the middle of the floor, lying spread eagle as sweat dripped down his chiseled body and holy SHIT Dex has to catch his breath. Yet as Dex continued to unpack his things, Nursey was attempting to grab his ankles and tickle the bottoms of his feet. He was turning to grab a box of flannels when Nursey yanked him by the ankle towards the middle of the room, sending flannels flying and landing Dex half on top of a barely dressed, sweaty Nursey. He struggles to stand but Nursey pulls him to his chest then flips them, running his fingers up Dex’s sides. Dex can’t breathe as Nursey straddles him, pins his arms above his head with one hand and uses the other to tickle the strip of skin between his pants and his rucked up shirt. He squirms and laughs unabashedly and uncontrollably as Nursey’s hand works its way up under his shirt but he slowly realizes that Nursey is sitting in his lap and caressing his stomach, half naked and glistening and incredibly warm. So Dex uses every ounce of strength in his body to flip them, landing between Nursey’s legs with one arm pinned above Nursey’s head and the other trapped between their bodies, unbelievably close to his crotch. Both are panting hard into the small space between them and Dex can feel his shirt sticking to his skin. Nursey pulls his arm free but it’s immediately captured by Dex and stretched up next to the other.

“See? How do you like it, punk?” Dex growls as Nursey wraps his legs around Dex’s waist and struggles to try and flip them, pushing all of his body weight against Nursey and pinning his hips to the ground.

“A lot, actually.” Nursey has fallen completely still and lax, with his legs wrapped around Dex’s hips and his arms pinned above his head and their mouths inches from each other. “I really, really love it.” And then Dex really can’t control himself because Nursey’s cheeks are flushed a warm pink and his naked torso is pressed against Dex and before he really processes what he’s doing he’s pressing their lips together and Nursey is moaning very loudly into the quiet room. Nursey’s lips are incredibly soft and gentle, yet he immediately tries to entice Dex’s lips open with his tongue and Dex ends up laughing against his mouth at the ridiculousness of the situation.

“I feel like we’re in a cheesy porno.” Nursey chuckles but also tries to act offended.

“I was trying to be romantic!” Nursey teased.

“Derek Nurse, the hopeless romantic, thought tackling me to the ground would be romantic.” But then Nursey’s face looks a lot more serious and vulnerable and he’s leaning in to brush a soft kiss against Dex’s lips before whispering, “I want you so badly, Will. Not just this, I want everything with you because,” He gasps quickly and closes his eyes, obviously gathering some courage, “I’ve been in love with you since freshman year and all I want is you.”

Dex’s body feels incredibly alive and completely numb at the same time but he can definitely feel his head nodding and his hands moving to cup Nursey’s face and his lips moving to kiss Nursey again and again and again.

Everybody remembers Wes, our precious phandom baby, right? Picture this, it is very important:

Danny and Wes get stuck in lunch detention together for causing some sort of scene or something, okay? Wes was trying to convince people of Danny’s ghostly-ness, and Danny made the situation escalate until they got into trouble.

So they’re sitting there, quietly eating their lunches and shooting glares at each other, when Danny’s ghost sense goes off. Students start running down the hall, screaming about a ghost. Danny and Wes stare at each other for a few seconds in silence. And then, maintaining eye contact, Danny transforms into Phantom before rushing out to save the day.

tucker & dale and the instigation of internet mob culture

Re-watching Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (the parody movie where the rednecks in the woods are the hapless protagonists and its the bunch of paranoid college kids causing all the problems.)

Originally posted by maemaewolf

I’d forgotten how much the situation was escalated by the one teenager who was clearly looking for an excuse to hurt people.  The college kid that, at the beginning of the movie, explicitly declares himself a better person than those around him.


He’s the one who tells his friends “what’s really going on here is worse than you think.” He’s the one who insists they handle it themselves and not through official channels. He’s the one who casts his opponents as “pure evil” and says “we finally have a chance to fight back without rules.” When some of the other teenagers express uncertainty he’s the one that says if they can’t handle what needs to be done, maybe they deserve to die, too.

“We have to burn this place to the ground.  Destroy it completely. You have no IDEA what this is all about, do you Allison? These freaks are evil. And they deserve everything that’s coming to them.”

I’d never realized before how closely every single plot point in the movie mirrors the way mob culture instigators will rile up the masses under the guise of “social justice”:

  1. You assume bad faith in your opponents.
  2. You declare your opponents subhuman and acceptable to hurt by any means.
  3. You discourage the use of peaceful or official methods to address the issue.
  4. You keep your followers in line through fear of the “other” and threats of ousting them into that group if they become “contaminated.”
  5. You revel in as much chaos and pain as you can inflict–

–after all, you’re the good guy.

How the group would react to your abusive parents coming to Alexandria:


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•  You would come from a run and would not want to believe your eyes as you see them standing in Alexandria talking to a few people who seem completely unaware of who stands in front of them 

• As soon as your group would find out who they are they would all immediately feel anger and protectiveness over you 

• Carol would feel the urge to protect you through her own experiences with domestic violence 

• Rick would tensed tell them to leave immediately or he will show them consequences, while not wanting to let the situation escalate and make it more difficult for you

• Carl would interrupt his father angrily, telling him to not even give those people who treated you that bad a way to find a deal

• Before anything else would happen Daryl would storm to your parents and would punch your father to the ground while no one would hold him back anymore

• Him being completely furios through his own past and not wanting that you ever have to meet your abusers again and be reminded of everything you had to go through

•  Eugene would swallowing stare at the scene before him but would promise himself to overcome himself and do something when you would be in danger through them

• Michonne would have to hold back the pregnant Maggie to not fight them and hurt herself and the baby in the end, even though Michonne would like to do it too

• Morgan would know that he would protect you if they would attack you even if that means that he has to kill

• The situation would probably escalate through your anger filled parents attempting to go over to you but before anyone else could do something they would be stopped through Carols bullets

• They would sink to their knees while Rosita would think that they got what they deserved

• Your friends would get them away as fast as they could so you could come down again

• Father Gabriel would actually hope that they will burn in hell and would tell you that you can always come to him when you feel the need to talk

• Glenn would come to your room as soon as he knew that you were comfortable to talk about what happened and would listen and talk to you or just give you a big hug

• Abraham would tell you that he will kick anyones ass who comes too close to you  again and everybody would agree with him and tell you that they will always stand by your side

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I know that’s not the easiest topic so I hope I did / handled it the right way and made no one feel uncomfortable or anything and in case you’re going through any kind of abuse please seek help, you deserve to live a beautiful and happy life!
And if you feel the need to talk, my messages, inbox etc are of course always open.

I have heard claims...

…that there is a blog out there that is sending hateful messages to Portal blogs and trash-talking Geekenders.

This saddens me.

If you don’t like the work that Geekenders does, fine. That’s your prerogative. We can’t please everyone. But what would be the point in actively speaking out against the company? Hurting others in an attempt to make yourself feel better? That never works.

Also: hateful messages to other Portal blogs? To what end? What would you be looking to accomplish?

To those of you who have received such hateful messages, keep track of them. If you must respond, do so calmly and rationally. No need to “smack a bitch,” as one Anon had suggested. Escalating the situation is only going to make things worse. And Tumblr has means of reporting abuse for exactly these reasons.

The Anon who told me this had named the blog that is reportedly saying these things. I have chosen to respond in this way so that I would not be directly calling out that blog. I’m not a fan of publicly shaming a person, especially based on claims from one anonymous Tumblr user.

To the user who is allegedly saying the hateful things: please stop. There are plenty of other things in the world that are worth getting angry over. A parody musical of a video game that has hurt no one and the blogs based on that game aren’t among them.

To the blogs receiving hateful messages: be the better person. Document, ignore, and respond rationally if you have to respond at all.

Trying to convince people to be respectful and courteous on the Internet may be an exercise in futility, but I needed a workout.

If somebody comes to your door selling a home security system and asks if you have one, always say yes.

If they ask which company, tell them it’s none of their business.

Many people looking for homes to rob will come to your door asking about security systems. It gives them a chance to case the home and look for weaknesses like if you don’t have a dog or if the house is homed by women or the elderly.

Edit: Great advice from /u/OA27

Furthermore, document the encounter to the best of your ability. This is not the time you want to shoo someone away immiediately. Be comfortable being uncomfortable and without escalating the situation, ask as many questions as you can. Who are you with (even if they lie, they likely have told that lie before), contact numbers, etc. Did they come in a vehicle? Take the plates down, make, model, any damage to the vehicle. Which direction did they go in, did they talk to any neighbors.


headcanon: in every photo taken, viktor tags their engagement rings. it starts out purely innocent and adorable. but soon there are fan accounts called “vikturi engagement rings”, and when they get married viktor continues to tag them as wedding rings. the situation escalates. rp accounts of the rings emerge. there is fanfiction about the rings. people throw giant gold hulahoops after their skates. gold rings are now patented. no one else can get married. vikturi is the ultimate endgame.

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How do you think Mackie (or at least your fic Mackie) feels about the Weibo/panda/gym rat fuckboy selfie/sexting China ordeal?

he is the living epitome of popcorn.gif

do I think Mackie texted Seb to make fun of him for sexting Beijing and they wound up playing dick pic chicken? 

yes I absolutely think that happened.

so we already know, right, we already have this:

When Seb’s phone dings, he gets some kind of sixth fucking sense about who and what it’s gonna be before he even thumbs open the lock screen.

He’s not wrong.

Why are you painting your abs on, kid, Mackie says, just right to the point as ever, and Seb frowns at himself in the gym mirror, twists sideways slightly to see what he looks like from a three-quarters angle.

shut up, he texts back, knowing as he does it that it’s only gonna escalate the situation, and half an hour later when he’s using his thumb to tug the elastic band of his underwear down so low it’s just not quite obscene, he thinks, what did you really expect.

If anyone asks, this isn’t why he did it.

but here’s the other side of that conversation:

 It’s all over twitter when Mackie gets the chance to look, and all he can do for a minute or two is laugh, kind of disbelieving, because: what the fuck, Sebastian.

Why are you painting your abs on, kid, he types out, knowing immediately that it will get under Seb’s skin like nothing else.

shut up, Seb says, and Mackie rolls his eyes, sees how the three dots are flashing at the bottom of the screen. Seb keeps typing something else and then pausing, like he’s thinking about what to say, maybe, and Mackie takes pity on him, taps out a reply.

No, really. You need some validation? Need me to tell you you’re looking good, or something? Don’t you have Xavier Dolan for that now?

It’s mean, really. When he scrolls through the rest of Seb’s screenshotted Weibo adventures, waiting for him to stop choking on his own tongue long enough to reply, he can’t help but be weirdly charmed by it the way he always is. The duality of goddamn man, that’s Sebastian Stan. Trying his best with shirtless pictures and still falling immediately into weird, dorky sweetness as soon as he opens his mouth.

you know I value your opinion the most, Seb gets out eventually, a response so carefully neutral Mackie can only imagine how long he’s agonized over it. 

Well, he says. In that case.

you’re just jealous of these biceps, tell me you’re not

You look good, man. I’m not saying you don’t. You wanna make it a thirst trap, though, it could probably use a little more work.

Seb’s always been a quick learner. By the time he’s pushing his sweatpants down, sending Mackie a shot of the groove of muscle along his hipbone, the barest suggestion of dick, Mackie thinks he should probably just give the fuck in and call him already.

Inch by Inch

Anon Requested:  Omg 30 and 86 with jungkook please?? I just love jealousy scenarios thank you so much~

Honestly jealousy scenarios with Kookie are MY FAVE. Well jealousy scenarios with anybody are my favorite lmao. I hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1805

Warnings: Jealous / Angry Jungkook, Slight Cursing

“I’ll forgive you if you kiss me.”

“Stop being so jealous.”

Silence is a form of communicative power, which can be used beneficially or as a way to hurt someone else. When you choose not to respond to someone, you show that person that he or she does not have full control, and your actions are not dictated by anyone but yourself. While silence can be used to de-escalate a situation, it can also be used to manipulate others or make them feel powerless. It’s important to use silence in a constructive way that encourages later communication.

You threw yet another pillow at your boyfriend who still hasn’t spoken to you. It’s been a full three days and he has barely even given you a glance. The pillow hit him dead in the face while he was watching a new drama that was on tv, you had wondered why he would come to your apartment if all he was going to do was ignore you but you figured if he wasn’t speaking to you now then he more than likely wouldn’t even answer your question let alone listen to you.

You let your eyes roll again once seeing him simply pick up the pillow that had landed on his lap and drop it beside him on your bed. You let out a loud groan while falling back onto the floor where you had been sitting. “Honestly Jungkook I don’t even know why you’re acting like this, you’re being very immature.” You say and soon receive a scoff from Jungkook.

“Oh I’m immature.”

“Wow it speaks.” You slow clap, sitting up and for the quickest second you could’ve sworn that you saw Jungkook quickly flick his eyes over to you but it was soon covered up with a roll of his eyes. “And it shuts up once again.” You sigh, “Jungkook, what’s wrong? Three days of not speaking to me is a little excessive.”


You groan once again and stand up from your spot on the floor and make way for the tv, you start off by standing in front of it blocking any kind of vision Jungkook had. You would lock your eyes on him but he’d simply just stare back at you, no emotion on his face, he was cold right now and you were growing very tired of it. “Jungkook.” You cross your arms over your chest but still Jungkook just stared at you, eyes now narrowing as if he was shooting daggers at you with just his eyes. “Jungkook!” You raised your voice louder yet he still didn’t budge, he just sat up straighter on your bed but never losing eye contact with you. You heaved a sigh and turned around and clicking the power button on the side of the tv. Jungkook’s eyes now shot a glare at you and you rolled your eyes again. “You’re honestly being so childish, why can’t you just tell me what’s wrong instead of giving me the silent treatment for three whole days! You’re obviously just going to still be pissed at whatever you’re pissed at if you don’t talk about it,” You sigh again crossing your arms over your chest again. “So why don’t you just tell me what’s wrong and we can-“

“Why don’t you go ask your boyfriend what’s wrong?” His voice cut you off, it was harsh and cold and it took you by surprise to say the least.

“What?” Your eyebrows scrunched up in confusion but eyes stayed wide in shock at the harshness of his tone towards you.

“Go. Ask. Your. Boyfriend.” Jungkook enunciated each word as if what he was saying was obvious yet you couldn’t have been more confused.

“Well I am asking my boyfriend so if he could just fucking answer me that’d be great.” Your attitude left you without a second thought and Jungkook now stood up, he was angry now from your choice of words but you couldn’t care of how he was feeling as of right now just because he was being so rude to you. You both hated being talked to in any disrespectful way so you two were just riling each other up at this point, trying to push the other over the edge inch by inch and you were both close.

“No! Obviously I’m not because you wouldn’t be hanging onto other guys when I’m not around!” Jungkook yelled. “You wouldn’t be hugging other guys, you wouldn’t be talking to other guys, and you wouldn’t be laughing at what any other guy said because I’m your boyfriend (Y/N), not these other guys that you feel the need to hang over.” Jungkook’s words came straight at you, each word he said he took a step forward trying to make you feel threatened by his demeanor and tone of voice. You stayed still, feet planted firmly on the ground not moving away. Your eyes stayed locked on his angry ones and now your eyes narrowed up at him, glaring hard.

“Stop being so jealous.” You stated.

If there was a sentence that could piss your boyfriend off it was the one that just slipped out of your mouth. It wasn’t that it slipped out because you were thinking it, but it was more for you to say to yourself rather than him just because you know how Jungkook gets. When he gets angry, oh boy is he angry. It’s not that he has anger issues because he knows how to control his anger, he just has little outbursts which you’ve seen plenty of times in your almost one in a half year relationship. He’d throw things, some breakable but mostly soft items that couldn’t leave a dent in the wall, he’d also say words he didn’t mean and you would do the same. You both knew it was just anger and in the moment and once the fight would be over you both would apologize and say you didn’t mean it. You both also have been trying to work on it and not say things that would purposefully hurt the other and so far Jungkook was doing a far better job than you have in the past.

Jungkook’s hand slammed down onto the dresser your tv had been placed on, the slap of his hand on the hard word shot through your ears but you didn’t flinch, you knew he’d never hit you or lay a hand on you that would harm you in any way, he got angry when you two fought that part was true and very clear but he would never lay a hand on you, you knew that enough to never feel the need to flinch. You just blinked at him and raised an eyebrow. “You done?”

“No I’m not done!” Jungkook now screamed, his voice lowered in the raise of his voice. “You don’t even see what you did wrong!”

“Because I didn’t do anything wrong! He’s my friend Jungkook! He was my friend before he was yours and you always seem to forget that!”

“I don’t care if he’s your friend, my friend, any of the boys’ friend! You guys shouldn’t act the way you two do!” Jungkook threw his arms up letting them fall down and hit his legs, the frustration was evident in his actions as they were in yours too but this was really bugging him.

It wasn’t a secret that you were friends with a lot of Jungkook’s, but there was one friend that you had actually introduced to Jungkook and the two had actually hit it off pretty well which you were happy about but if you knew that introducing them would lead to a fight between you and your boyfriend you might have never introduced them in the first place. You wanted to desperately give in and just apologize for you being maybe a little too close to your friend but you had known him for so long that your actions came natural to you, and it’s not even like you were attracted to your friend, he was just a friend nothing more and you just needed Jungkook to realize that.

You closed your eyes momentarily and sighed, you opened them again and looked up at him. You were ready to just give it to him straight, tell him that he needed to stop being so jealous and learn to trust you, you two have been together long enough to trust each other when with other guys or girls so you were actually really irritated with his behavior, but once your eyes hit his face you immediately had all of your prior thoughts slip out of you, Jungkook’s eyes were tinted red, he looked as if he had been holding his breath because his face was now red too, his fists were clenched onto his pant leg and what your eyes went to first, the tears. They were welled up in his eyes and you noticed he wasn’t blinking either because one blink and all the tears would soon fall out. “I’m sorry.” You simply said, the words coming out before you could even think about what to say.

Your hands found themselves grabbing onto Jungkook’s arms, your grip trying to reassure him that you really were sorry but he still didn’t budge, you were almost certain that he went back to the silent treatment and you couldn’t help but sigh for what felt like the hundredth time that day. “Please don’t give me the cold shoulder anymore, I really am sorry. I’ll try to be more careful when around him okay? He’s just a friend Jungkook I swear, just please,” You sighed again now slipping your hands in his, he instantly interlocked your fingers with his as he was just as desperate as you were for this fight to be over. “Please forgive me.” You dropped your head forward having it land on his chest and you could now feel him sigh.

“On one condition.” You raised your head and gave him a confused look. “I’ll forgive you on one condition.”

“And what’s that?”

“I’ll forgive you if you kiss me.” Jungkook said with a wide smile spread across his lips. “Only then will I-” Your lips immediately went to his, hands still interlocked and you had to go on your tiptoes to reach him but no matter what your lips found his and kissed him. He kissed you back straightaway and it had felt as if the world fell away around him. It was quick in the beginning but ended up being soft and slow, it was comforting from the blow up that had happened only minutes before. His hands resting in yours, thumb caressing the tops of your hands. You could feel his heartbeat beat against your chest and you couldn’t have felt more at ease by anything else than the closeness that you were with Jungkook.

Me, in my English Major aspect: In classical story-telling format, the plot generally follows a three-step equation, beginning, middle, and end, wherein the characters and plot line are established in the beginning, the situation escalates in the middle, and the plot is resolved at the end, with some potential variation. The MSA series is meant to be about six videos long, and the first two have neatly introduced the main cast and laid the threads for the various plots, while also setting the viewers up to enter the escalation stage for the next two videos before the final pair complete the story. A simple, yet well-executed example of good story-telling format.

Me, in my Fan Girl aspect: So… in Hellbent we’re gonna resolve the miscommunication issues amongst the Mystery Skulls while simultaneously eliminating the threats of ??? and Shiromori, leaving the next three videos free for lots of reconciliation and hurt/comfort fluff, right? And even if it isn’t, it’ll all be fine in the end, right? RIGHT?

Me, in my English Major aspect: Well, technically we haven’t even fully established what genre this story is - it could be a tragedy for all we know.

Me, in my Fan Girl aspect: (goes and sobs in a corner, clutching knees and warbling ‘I ain’t afraid of no Ghost.’)

…Any dog can bite, regardless of its breed, and more often people are bitten by dogs they know. It’s not the dog’s breed that determines risk – it’s the dog’s behavior, general size, number of dogs involved and the vulnerability of the person bitten that determines whether or not a dog or dogs will cause a serious bite injury. Dogs can be aggressive for all sorts of reasons. A dog that has bitten once can bite again, and a dog that has never bitten could still bite.

Don’t rely on breed stereotypes to keep yourself safe from dog bites. A dog’s individual history and behavior are much more important than its breed, and since you don’t always know a dog’s history or behavior, it’s not a good idea to make assumptions. Instead, concentrate on prevention: educate yourself, teach children about proper interactions and behaviors with dogs, and learn how to recognize risky and escalating situations with aggressive dogs. These steps – not breed-specific legislation – will lead to fewer dog bites.
—  (part of) American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) position on Breed Specific Legislation

Working theory:

Violet is upset and

drowning away her woes in juice because

She tried really hard to de-escalate the situation. But her efforts were in vain. She knew that something was amiss and not right with Jeff and the game in general. But it didn’t matter.

And was the only one who was ready to try to help him and jump to his defense. She has no idea what’s happening, but she’s so ready to be there for someone who needs it. Heck, Jeff and Violet aren’t even close friends and she’s still ready to help.

Anyway, so I think she’s just really upset about the gym class incident and maybe how she couldn’t help Jeff in time. So instead of out right voicing what her problems are right now she’s being passive agressive af, which seems to be her natural go-to attitude towards everything.

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Any wisdom?

1. It is okay to not forgive people. Not forgiving people who have hurt you doesn’t make you a lesser person. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty for not accepting their apology. They were the one who wronged you, who hurt you. You don’t have to forgive anyone who hurt you. Don’t let someone try to undermine your hurt/anger at them. It is okay to not forgive. It is okay to not forget.

2. It’s okay if you didn’t fight back. You were afraid of escalating an already terrifying situation. You were trying to keep yourself alive. What happened to you is still valid. You are still valid if you didn’t fight back.

3. It’s okay if you have to take twice, three times, four times as long as someone to do something because of your illness. Your life is hell when your mind or body starts attacking you. It is stressful, it is exhausting. You take your time and congratulate yourself when you reach the end that everyone else had already got to.

4. It’s okay if you walk away after years of a relationship of any kind. You do not owe anyone your happiness. If you are not happy, leave. It’s okay if you don’t want to put more work into a relationship that is drowning you. Just speak your goodbye and walk away.

Ichiban Kuji Event: Fortune Favors the Bold (B Prize: Karuta)

On today’s not-an-episode of Tiger & Bunny: Heroes get hype about card games and Nathan de-escalates a situation by escalating it in an entirely different direction.

Previous installments: Prologue

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