Difference between a WOMAN and a GIRL.
  • A woman knows what she wants, a girl doesn't: When it comes to romance, a woman knows what qualities she wants her man to possess. She knows what could make her happy and what couldn't. A girl, on the other hand, once faced with a lot of choices, will get confused. For she is willing to try whatever is laid in front of her.
  • A woman knows her priorities, a girl doesn't: A woman knows how to rank her priorities. She knows what she ought to do first. A girl, however, doesn't. She goes with whatever is up.
  • A woman understands, a girl needs to be understood: A woman doesn't judge quickly; she has to hear what you have to say before forming her own conclusions while a girl assumes. A LOT. She overthinks and jumps to conclusions without listening to your side, that's why you have to exert efforts to understand her.
  • A woman forgives, a girl holds grudges: Because a woman understands, she forgives. She moves forward and doesn't keep on bringing back your past mistakes whenever you quarrel. A girl, however, keeps on bringing your past mistakes and holds them all against you. She has it in her heart to forgive, but isn't ready yet.
  • A woman dates a man, a girl dates a boy: A woman knows that only a man can keep her sated, happy and loved once they're in a relationship. She goes out with a man, not a boy, because a man is as mature as she is. A girl dates a boy, on the other hand. She goes out with a boy because he is as innocent and immature as she is, unlike a man.

Why do people commit themselves into a relationship?


For boys, sometimes they just want it so that there is someone they could use, in the sense that when he’s talking with his friends about girls he wouldn’t be out of place because he also has someone. Or sometimes they just want it so that they wouldn’t labeled gay, in the sense that even though how much they would act like gays in the stripped clubs or they would look funny by getting too clingy with his boy friends, there wouldn’t be any rumors that he is actually gay and people would see it as just a mere joke because he has girlfriend. Or sometimes they just want it so that they could have someone whenever he’s down, especially when his parents are on a fight again or his academic performance is getting worst he wouldn’t be so lonely because there is someone who would sacrifice time to help him with all his school works. Or sometimes they just want it so that he can tell to his ex girlfriend that he already moved on, because he has already someone else.

For girls, sometimes they just want it so that there is someone who would play prince charming on her true to life fairy tale, because there is someone who would always make her feel appreciated and special. Or sometimes they just want it so that they could go with the trend, because all the girls in her group are already in a relationship. Or sometimes they just want someone whom they could always count in on rough days, because they know that this specific person will never turn them down because he loves her. Or sometimes they just want it so that she can tell to his ex boyfriend that she already moved on, because she has already someone else. 

But let me tell you this, immature relationships doesn’t always work for long. Yet, I’m not after the span of the relationship instead I’m after the authenticity of the relationship. In the sense that, the both of you were in a relationship not because you just needed someone to fill someone else’s role or you just needed someone who would help you in times of trouble. And it will be too much spiteful if you would just engage into a relationship because you wanted to use them, when in fact the person who got into a relationship with you was too serious about it. Remember that, love is a give and take relationship, thus true love doesn’t actually mean needing someone, but it is about being there for someone that needs you.