Dear Bestfriend,

First, i want to thank God for sending a person like you. I am blessed that we both found each other and this is absolutely priceless. I just want you to know that i love your company. I go crazy and vain, i enjoy a lot of things with you regardless of the personalities we have. Yes, i am weak but with you i get stronger. You are stupid and i am weird. You are bitch and i am a slut. Sorry if i annoy you a lot. I fail but you still here right by my side whenever i want someone to hang on. We are not perfect but that `s what i love about US.
Bestfriend, thank you for listening when i make drama to you. Thank you for the overnights, thank you for sharing your food, thank you for being a loyal fan when i sing. Thank you for keeping my secrets. Thank you for showing me that i am not ALONE. Thank you for showing that i dont need a BOYFRIEND. I know we came from different mothers but you are not just a bestfriend, you are a sister. I love you bestfriend.