esc research


Okay something that drives me crazy on both sides of the political spectrum:

When you debate embryonic stem cell research, fetuses should never once be mentioned. Ever. Ever ever ever. Biggest pet peeve. No, embryonic stem cells are not taking from “aborted fetuses,” thus, why it is called EMBRYONIC. Embryonic stem cells are taken from in vitro embryos. As in, when someone decides to use in vitro fertilization to have a baby, they usually have leftover embryos. These embryos are either used to have another baby or are thrown away. The end. Many don’t come back for the other embryo(s) due to financial reasons or multiple births the first time. Occasionally, they will be used for ESC research instead of getting tossed in the trash. Embryos are NOT pluripotent once they attach to the uterine wall. The pluripotent nature of embryos is everything. That is 100 percent the sole purpose of embryonic stem cell research. Pluripotent nature. That’s it, and that pluripotent nature is the reason we are now growing hearts, livers, and ears in a laboratory. It’s a big deal. But it’s important to keep in mind that anything after day six is virtually useless. Fetuses have ADULT stem cells. Even embryos once out of the fallopian tube have adult stem cells. No one is using fetuses for embryonic stem cell research, because it would be adult stem cell research, and we already have… oh I don’t know ADULTS for that? Do not bring up aborted fetuses or anything that does not have to do with in vitro fertilization, or people like me in the science field will already know you have no idea what you’re talking about.