Me and makemykurokogodokidoki were talking a few weeks back about imagining Lollibunny in a swimsuit and how she’d show off to Rabbi and tease her because wow such sexy ♥ Well, I got carried away and here’s the result of that and a little bonus of Rabbi’s reaction in her summer wear as well, pfft. I am so tempted to make one for Rabbi in actual swimsuit wear, so fucking tempted, omfg.

When you’re out in nature, especially one filled with monsters, there’s no telling what predators might to do lure you into their trap…You should know this Varina, you studied this sort of thing for years. 8\ And thus for not being careful, she was turned into the demon that she is today~ Human!Varina is the cutest thing, btw, ugh, that poofy hair.


Not really a new OC, since I’ve had her for the longest time now, but I finally finalized her design. She has many nicknames, but no real name (or at least she prefers not to say); Rabbi is one of the names her LolliBunny gives to her. You can’t tell because of her large amounts of clothing (and those leggings), but from her waist down it’s basically lots and lots of fluffy fur; think Tsintah, but fluffier. She has no sense of style (most of the things she has is basically things she could buy cheaply; she’s pretty much a hobo) because all she wants to do is keep warm, it’s a must since she gets sick easily; her body is fragile and has been so since she was little and it doesn’t help that she lives in a cold area, weh…

Like I said before, she is Marco’s host, but he has to be extremely careful with her because if he isn’t he could kill her from too much energy extraction. That’s why “out-of-body-transformations” with Rabbi are extremely rare. However, when Marco takes over her body, she does gain strength from his energy, the downside to this though is that she may have either half control or no control over her own body, so it is risky.