Open Water: Pt. 5

A Bucky x Reader / AU

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A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to get out. Life and whatnot. Only a few more parts left I think! Let me know what you think! Hearing from you guys makes me want to write more! ♥

Word Count: 1,760

- language.

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The trek back to your makeshift campsite went quicker than the initial walk down to the spring. You suspected it was because the air between you and Bucky was different now. It wasn’t as claustrophobic with rage, the kiss he’d bravely planted on your lips changing everything. The only thing it didn’t change, was that you were both stranded on a desert island in the middle of nowhere.

The day was flying by quickly, the position of the sun indicating it was already past noon. You both still had to make a better shelter than the dinky one you had now, build another fire to cook your dinner, and write ‘help’ on the beach for passerbys. You stopped cold in your tracks on the way back, your knees suddenly weak, your will power diminishing. Sitting on a nearby rock, Steve the iguana blinked up at you from his coconut.

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Our Song Part 2

Title: Our Song Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,856

Warnings: Fluff, Smut

Part 1

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A/N: Here is the second and final part to Our Song. Technically another submission to @torn-and-frayed songs of season 1 challenge. As always, feedback is very much appreciated! 


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“Let me prove it to you,” he demanded. “I promise, I’m done and I will prove to you that you’re the only one that I have ever wanted.”

 “How do I know this isn’t some excuse for you to play around with me again?” you questioned, placing your hands on your hips.

 “Because you have my word.” He was completely serious. There was no arguing, there was no other words exchanged. You were going to have to go by that. You were going to give him six months to get his act together, and if he couldn’t prove that he really did care about you in that time, then you were gone, and this time for good.

 “Do you want to drive back tonight or wait until tomorrow?” he asked you.

 “I’m still not feeling 100%. I don’t want to risk throwing up in baby,” you told him and he nodded his head.

 “Have you eaten anything today?”

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Everyone Knowing About Your Crush on Peter (Except Peter) Would Include..


PROMPT?: The Avengers all knowing about your crush on (Tom Holland’s) Peter Parker would include? Also, I love your blog! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

A/N: this is honestly the longest title i have ever had for anything

WARNINGS: extreme fluff

  • Patching up Peter on the daily.
  • Everyone starting to whisper when you come out of the other’s room.
  • Everyone snickering when the two of you sit next to each other.
  • Getting incredibly embarrassed and blushy when Peter asks what’s going on.
  • “Oh nothing, underoos. Go back to being clueless.”
  • Whenever you see him, or anyone even mentions him, you smile.
  • Getting slightly irritated whenever Peter refers to you as his best friend.
  • Tony almost feeling bad for you because Pete is such an idiot.
  • Even Aunt May knows.
  • Peter knowing something is weird when Aunt May starts mentioning you more often.
  • Spending the night and waking up cuddled up next to him and scrambling to the other side of the bed before he can wake up
  • Peter making you blush out of nowhere
  • “(y/n), you look nice today.”
  • Patching up Peter one day after a mission and he just sighs and looks at you.
  • “What’s wrong, Petey?”
  • “I have a huge crush on you.”
  • Almost choking on your drink.
  • “Like, HUGE.”
  • Almost laughing out loud at him.
  • “I know you probably don’t like me back but I figured I should-”
  • Cutting him off with a kiss.
  • “You’re an idiot, Peter Parker.”
  • Hearing a loud and collective “FINALLY” from outside the door
you again? (part two)

part one:

Characters: joker x reader

Warnings: happy joker, weed, drugs, alcohol

The night had officially begun. J had made some drinks and gave you a tour of the warehouse, that was surprisingly chic inside. Your last stop in the building was J’s room.

He took your hand and led you to the bed. It was a king sized bed with black sheets and purple pillows. The silk pillows felt like heaven when you plopped down onto the bed, you feet hanging off the side.

J plopped down on the other side, looking up at the ceiling with a thoughtful look on his face. “Whadaya’ thinkin’ about?” You questioned, turning on your side so that you faced him.

“Us. Who we used to be.” He answered, his familiar blue eyes giving you a jolt of home and déjà vu.

“Well for starters you weren’t this crazy the last time I saw you.” You laughed out, enjoying his company.

He clicked his tongue and smiled. “Well last time I saw you, you were begging me for pot money.”

You both laughed at that one. Once upon a time, you two were best friends… with benefits. But besides the matter, he was always there for you when you needed him.

Once upon a time, he was your rock. Your shoulder to cry one. Your savior.

That was all a long time ago, though.

“Do you remember that one time you snuck me out of my house, just so I could go to your stupid science fair?” You laughed loudly, recalling that you were grounded that night.

J laughed loudly too, only it felt genuine. He smiled at you, and you smiled back. “I would have done anything for you, doll.”

It got quiet for a bit, and your stomach squeezed with unanswered questions. “J?” Your voice was slightly higher than usual.


“When- when you left for college. Why-” you paused, not sure how to approach the question or how J would react. “Why did you never come back? You never called- I- I thought you hated me or somethin’.” You played with the chipping nail polish on your fingers and waited for a response.

“It’s none of your damn business!” He snapped out, the crazy look in his eyes igniting like a match. You backed away off the bed and tear started to gather in your eyes.

“No! It does fucking matter Jack! You wanna know why?” You yelled, blinking quickly to hold back the water fall behind your lids. “I was all alone! I was scared and lost! Did you know my parents kicked me out? I was on the fucking streets and every time I tried to call you you ignored it. You ignored me.”

He was silent for awhile. Before he grabbed you hand, and pulled you closer. “You know I never meant to hurt you doll.” He purred in your ear and you shivered at his touch.

He tilted your chin up with his pale finger, every single movement sending volts of electricity through your body. He looked down at your lips with his wicked smile, and started to lean in.

His lips would have met yours had it not been for his door opening quickly and a shrill squeal met your ears. “Puddin’!” The blonde, pale beauty stood at the door smiling brightly at Joker, until her eyes met yours. “Who’s this puddin’?”

“One of daddy’s old friends. His close friend.” His eyes hid the secret that only you two knew, a joke Harley was left out of.

She smiled lightly at you, though you could see the green in her eyes. You were touching her man and she didn’t like it.

You lit up another blunt and brought it to your lips, craving the first drag of smoke. It had been your release for as long as you could remember. You sat up, pushing J off you lightly and pulled your heels back on your feet. “Well it was nice seeing you again, J. Nice to finally meet you Harley.” You winked at the blonde and gave J a kiss on the cheek before taking a hit and waltzing out the door into the cold gotham night.“