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all of rourke’s questions & answers from the time loop! (book 2 chapter 2)

rourke asks mc for their name

R: what a delicious name. I had my people search all over the world for you. and we never could find you. and to realize that all this time you were a student at hartfeld, like aleister… let’s just say, if we survive this, i’ll be firing my intelligence staff.

“where is everyone?”

MC: the guests at the celestial. what happened to them? we know they went to the emergency shelter, but there was no trace after that.

ROURKE: when it became clear that mount atropo was to erupt in a cataclysmic event, i ordered a full evacuation. i can only pray they all made it out safely.

“what was that tube we found you in?”

R: a sleep tank filled with a tachyon-slowing fluid. my research showed that mount atropo’s eruption would case a cascading temporal event. tearing space-time apart. if i were to endure that effect, i risked instantly aging into dust… or reverting to before i was born. anything could’ve been possible. 

R: before the eruption, i entered the tank to keep me at my current age.

R: i’d set it to awaken me shortly after, but clearly the time effects of the blast derailed the schedule release.

“what was that radio call we heard?”

R: the one you heard over the satellite array in the observatory, yes. I strongly suspect that was an echo from our planet’s likely future.

MC: an echo… from the future?

R: yes. right now, we are in a bubble of time, safe for the moment. but an eruption of mount atropo risks plunging the planet itself into a prehistoric time, when all the world was lava.

R: civilization would immediately be engulfed in the fire of a bygone era. That my young friend, is what i need your help to prevent.

“why did you bring us here?”

R: i presumed this would be your question.

R: during the most recent expansion of the celestial’s facilities, a worker discovered a photography buried in the sands. it was dated to be 500 years old, despite the art of photography only having existed for 200. 

R: photographed therin were eleven young people. all of you, except aleister. i knew you must somehow be critical to solving the island’s mysteries.

MC: why not just tell us that?

R: frankly, i intended to. i intended to enlist your help to save the world.

“what’s with all the secret doors in the celestial?”

MC: we keep finding these secret passages and rooms all over the hotel. the library, that weird museum, the security office behind the game room.

R: needless to say, once i uncovered the true perils of la huerta, i needed to… remodel the resort.

MC: you should’ve closed it!

R: and invite the scrutiny of my rivals? who could try to steal the island for their own nefarious purposes?

R: no. it had to stay open.

“tell me about the sea monster.”

R: ah. so you’ve met cetus.

MC: cetus? it has a name?

R: roughly translated from thousands of years ago. a name of legend. but as you’ve no doubt seen, the beast is far more than legend.

MC: it wasn’t that tough. we blew it ot of the water with a little plastic explosive.

R: a cocky one, aren’t you? it was survived far more dangerous foes than you, little friend.

R: it only re-emerged in the last week before your arrival. i’ve no doubt the two of you shall meet again.

“what was the time portal gun?”

R: you know it better than i. i’ve never been through it.

R: but yes, as you surmise, it is a portable prototype, created in an effort to understand the island’s… eccentricities.

R: it carries the occupant forward in time exactly 204 days. no more, no less.

“what happened to the boats in the marina?”

R: you’ve visited my private marina! you are resourceful. why couldn’t i have had a child with your cunning and persistence? [rourke ruffles MC’s hair]

MC: back off.

R: i’m not so bad once you get to know me. in any case, the explanation is simple. after the evacuation, i feared the hostiles could use the long-distance watercraft at the marina and attack neighbouring islands. i couldn’t allow that to enter the realm of possibility.

“what is this island?”

R: my young friend, you are asking the questions i’ve asked myself for a very long time. thirty-seven years… two and a half billion dollars later… and all i can say is this:

R: this island is the single point at which time folds in on itself. past… present… future… all happening in simultaneity.

R: what exactly that future holds for us is… well, uncertain. and ready to be moulded by the right person.

  • Magnus and Alec: *kissing*
  • Jace: *enter the room*
  • Jace: for whither thou goest, I will go
  • Magnus: what the f-
  • Alec: jace, what are you do-
Come back Bitch-chan...
Laito Sakamaki - Daisuke hirakawa.
Come back Bitch-chan...

Laito’s brute end… [Dark Fate]

Yui: … … … …
Laito: Hey, Bitch-chan. Open your eyes. I’ve told you many times, haven’t I?
Yui: … … … …
Laito: Your body is very cold. Don’t sleep in a place like this[They are at the church], let’s get a warm blanket.
Yui: … … … …
Laito: Right now… … Hey…! Hey! Hey!!!
Laito: I said hey! Hey! Hey!! HEY, HEY, HEY!!!! Hey—
Laito: No matter your appariencie… hey…
Laito: My Bitch-chan… …
… … … …
Laito: U..ugg… UwaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


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xD I’m still doing Lars drawings, what the hell is wrong with me? I am just so hyped because I really like the character (I said it) so… I did this. I have something to say, I did this because the movie in latin american was translated like “Mi novio es un zombie” (My boyfriend is a zombie) but… in english isn’t the same xD that’s why I uploaded with the title in english and spanish. So… Hope you like it =) enjoy!

Why was Maki not chosen?

I think I’ve seen one or two people wondering and asking the same question Maki made in the begining of Loss, and because I’m 98% sure I know the answer, I thought I’d drop in quickly to explain it.

As the opening prolouge/flashback begins to end, after Maki asks why only four were Chosen, our Narrator pops in to basically answer Maki’s question.

All things are created from a true trait, and that trait is shared. Each trait equally influences each other as it changes to its next form. However, what happens to those who could not recieve any influence?

So, every living being has a true trait that they share with someone else. When those with the same trait influence one another they become new beings entirely. Basically, the “true trait” the Narrator speaks of are the Crests.

Let’s look at Taichi in Adventure to demonstrate how this works. Each Crest represents a “true trait” that requires finding balance between two “corrupt” forms of that trait. In Adventure, Taichi had two corrupted forms of his Courage; the reckless, “act before thinking” kind of bravery, and the cowardice. The former happens when Taichi had too much courage, while the latter when he didn’t have any.
   An example of Taichi being reckless would be Taichi just casually walking through the electric fance in Etemon’s pyramid without caring that if he had taken half a step to the left he’d have died. And an example of Taichi being cowardly is when he couldn’t bring himself to go through that fence to save Sora because he was too afraid to do it.
   Taichi did share his trait with Agumon. While Taichi had a hard time balancing it, Agumon always seemed to have just the right amount of it at all times. When Taichi was being too bold, Agumon would try to point that out to him, and when Taichi was frozen by his fear, Agumon would cheer him on and try to help him to get going again (for example: Agumon cheering Taichi as he pushed his hand through the electric fence).
   Because Taichi and Agumon both shared the trait of Courage, and because they successfully managed to have an influence on one another, they managed to activate the Crest, allowing Agumon to evolve to MetalGreymon, while Taichi grew as a person.

The same more or less applies to all the other Chosen in Adventure, I wrote a whole essay about this a while back so I don’t think I need to explain any further how the Crests worked in Adventure here, you probably already got the idea and, after all, that’s not what we’re here to truly discuss.

We’re here to discuss “why only four were chosen”. And based on the question the Narrator asked, I think we all know why.

Just to be sure we’re all on the same page here, Maki was a Chosen Child. When she asked why she “wasn’t chosen”, she’s not asking why she wasn’t a “Chosen Child”, she wouldn’t have a Digivice if she wasn’t a Chosen. What she’s asking is why her partner didn’t evolve to Ultimate.

Maki thought Homeostasis had specifically chosen four out of the five children and their partners to evolve to Ultimate, leaving her Megadramon to die basically. She was asking why she had to be the one who had to lose her partner Digimon, why the Homeostasis had decided to do that.

But indeed, that’s not what happened, Maki misunderstood it. The Homeostasis might have assisted the partner Digimon to evolve to Ultimate, but the Homeostasis didn’t decide who could and couldn’t evolve. The only requirement for that Ultimate Evolution was a mutually influencing bond between the Chosen and their partner, and sadly Maki had never truly bonded with her Bakumon, they hadn’t influenced one another through their shared trait (whatever it might be). It’s not that Homeostasis didn’t want Megadramon to evolve further, it’s just that Megadramon couldn’t evolve further.

Adventure did demonstrate how Digimon can evolve in many ways, Gennai even told the Chosen that SkullGreymon wasn’t a “wrong” kind of evolution, it just wasn’t an evolution fit for fulfilling their duty of saving the world. Bakumon is known to be a Vaccine (with a Holy Ring to boot) while Megadramon is a Virus, so it should be no scretch of imagination to suggest that Megadramon was basically Maki’s SkullGreymon. That only further supports the idea that they didn’t have a great bond between them.

Of course, this isn’t to say Maki didn’t love her partner, she clearly did, sadly that love (which might’ve been one-sided too) wasn’t true influence that allowed both of them to grow, and thus Ultimate evolution wasn’t possible for them. It’s incredibly sad, indeed, and the fact that Maki didn’t understand that and instead blamed Homeostasis for her partner’s death is pretty heartwrenching.

I must say that I really loved this bit in Loss, because it does give a lot of insight to how Ultimate Evolution has been happening so far in tri., it might be giving us some hints on what’s to come in Part 5 - Symbiosis, and it might even give us insight to why the Tags existed in Adventure in the first place.

Now we can’t know for entirely sure, but based on what we know, according to Adventure the Agents created the Tags and Crests to help the Chosen on their quest, but also know the Tags were essentially placebo MacGuffins. The Crests were just physical representation of the Chosens’ traits, the traits were inside their hearts right from the start and the physical ones weren’t needed, it’s just that these ones would literally light up when the Chosen expressed their true traits, influencing themselves and their partners.

So I can’t help but to wonder, is tri. trying to suggest that the reason Gennai and co. made those placebo lights was to help the Chosen know they’ve fulfilled the requirement to be able to evolve? Did the Agents make those Crests to make sure no more kids would have to go through what Maki did without understanding it?




a close second to my favorite panel of this chapter

Izuku. Izuku you don’t have a pen or paper my child you’re doing this entirely out of habit and that’s the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen oh my god this is so cute c ri es