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Escorpio chateando con los signos:

Cuando a Escorpio aún se le para al ver a Sagitario:

Acuario sabe lo que Escorpio quiere:

La frialdad de Escorpio con Libra no tiene limites: 

Escorpio a Géminis:

Cuando Leo quiere la atención de Escorpio:

Amistad entre Escorpio y el depresivo Capricornio:

Piscis tan romántico con Escorpio:

Las excusas del gordo Tauro para no responderle a Escorpio:

Cuando eres Aries, tu mejor amigo es Escorpio y te deja en visto:

Virgo desearía nunca haber conocido a Escorpio:

Virgo: Deseo nunca haberte conocido.

Escorpio: Oh. Gracias, supongo. 

Como destruir las ilusiones de Cáncer:

Conversación entre dos Escorpios nivel:


This guy has the fountain of youth installed in his backyard lol. Pic on the left was taken on Apr 2014 while the right pic was shot around Sept-Oct 2016. That’s 2.5 years in between and yet he doesn’t look a day old in the right pic.


Sooooo, in their continued obsession with discrediting Mackenzie, Extreme Shippers conducted some in depth data mining and found a pic of a gay couple who posted from the same hotel as Mackenzie 6 days prior to her pic. The view was similar. They then found more info on the gay couple and realized they were there for Pride Week, which would mean they would still be occupying the supposedly “same room” as Mackenzie at the same time Mackenzie posted her pic.

Since ES are SO logical *eye roll*-the only explanation was that Mackenzie was engaging in “fuckery” and had either photo shopped herself 😂 in the pic or was posting an old pic of herself…because 1. Mackenzie has nothing better to do than troll the Outlander fandom to make people believe she’s with Sam and/or 2. It’s part of her “bearding” contract….. I’ll give you a few minutes to laugh your asses off …….😂😂😂😂😂😂…….

OK, we all caught our breath? Yeah, Extreme Shippers–nice desperate try–except 1. Sam himself liked Mackenzie’s pic (is he engaging in “fuckery” too…or could it be–*gasp*–that he’s her boyfriend and took the pic?); 2. Her friend Paydin commented Mackenzie was indeed in NYC “enjoy your break from work in NYC;” 3. And Paul Camuso posted a comparison of the gay couple pic and Mackenzie’s pic PROVING they are not from the same room. Same hotel, but NOT same room.

The only ones engaging in “fuckery” in the Outlander fandom are Extreme Shippers.

#WhoYouCallingPhotoshopped #BitchesPlease #PhotoshopThis

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First day of the hiatus and shipperville is already panicking and trying to steel themselves with "Only listen to Sam and Cait about their whereabouts. Ignore the noise from attention seekers" posts (and there are many). So, I hope they will remember to actually not posts about MM and drama anons. Their platiude about "spaces in your togetherness" to explain separate hiatus plans are ridiculous though. Working together doesn't make a vacay together irrelevant or unnecessary. Quite the contrary.

Shaking my head over this, anon. Does this mean some of the ES will no longer follow MM then bash her posts as “innuendo”? That would be a welcome development but I doubt it will happen. Somehow I think with the revving up of the ES engine after the pics and videos of the last day in SA that we will see the same pattern.