es gorgeous

if you have stretch marks you are gorgeous

if you have beauty marks you’re gorgeous

if you have freckles dotting you’re face all the way to your legs you are gorgeous

if you have acne you’re gorgeous

if you think you are too tall or too short, doesn’t matter you are still gorgeous

if you don’t know your gender or have always known you are gorgeous

if you have (a) mental illness(es) you are gorgeous

if you have a disability you are gorgeous

if you have hair “not fit for your gender” who cares keep rockin it!

if you have a bad family life you are still gorgeous

you are so lovely in every way don’t ever let anyone (including yourself) say otherwise! keep being stunning !!

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May I request a cap imagine where he and the reader are close friends but he loves her and he always tells her in French but she doesn't understand until one day he finally does thank you

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The gif isn’t relevant, or mine, it’s just hot you’re welcome.


HI ANON YES YOU CAN! It’s going to be short but I hope you like it! Translations will be in brackets because it’s much easier! My french is actually French-Canadian french so I hope that doesn’t throw anyone off but I’m too lazy to type everything into Google translate so you’re getting my french weird french instead. Hopefully my grammar is ok? 

French Steve is like, my dream Steve because we would talk shit about the other Avengers/Their drama together and no one would understand (Except maybe Nat because she probably speaks it tbh)

“Tu es plue belle de les étolies dans le ciel. (You are more beautiful than the stars in the sky.)

You giggled like a small child, “It’s just so mesmerizing when you talk like that! Can Bucky do it too?”

Steve smiled up at you, his head lay in your lap and the two of you were sprawled on the couch. The movie you’d started watching was playing on the TV, but the two of you ignored it completely now. The main character had made a joke in French and since you knew Steve spoke it, you started pestering him to say things over and over because you liked his accent.

“Yeah, Bucky’s not too bad.” He shrugged, “He can’t do the accent very well, but he tries.”

You laughed. His attempt at being nice about his best friend was cute. “So basically his French is shit.”

“I didn’t say that!”

“But you didn’t disagree!” You argued with a grin, “Come on, say something else!”

His bit his lip in thought, trying to figure out what to say next. “Um…Quand tu n’es pas avec moi, mon coeur souffre pour tu. (When you’re not with me my heart aches/suffers for you.)”

“Wow Rogers, you could pick up some serious chicks with that kind of talk!” You teased ruffling his hair and the cheekily poking his forehead.

He blushed, a shy smile reaching his lips. “Unfortunately she’d have to understand it or she’d be completely clueless as to what I’m trying to tell her.”

“Eh,” You made a face. “That part is important too but I just think that maybe the accent is enough to get them to swoon.”

“It sure seems to make you swoon.” He pointed out with another shy smile. 

You’re face got slightly hot because you couldn’t really disagree. “Yeah, well…French is a very romantic language…”

Steve sat up, and pulled you closer until you were practically on his lap. “Je adore vos yeux, elles sont très belles.”

You legs fell to either side of his lap and your arms slowly made their way around his neck. You bit your lip, “What does that mean?”

I love your beautiful eyes.”

Your eyes slightly widened, surprised that he had said something so sweet to you. He was smiling brightly, his lips looking so soft and inviting. You leaned in slightly, not even thinking twice about what you were doing.

“Tu es magnifique. (You’re gorgeous.)” He breathed, his face a mere inches from yours.

“Ok,” You blurted cluelessly, pulling him forward and smashing your lips against his roughly. The two of you made out for almost an hour on the couch, neither of you able to stop. 

The truth is, Steve was hot but he was also one of your best friends and you’d never really thought - much - about kissing him. You didn’t want to ruin anything. But now that it happened there was no stopping it, you were falling hardcore for America’s Sweetheart.

“Je t’aime.” He whispered against your lips, you knew what that meant. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You pulled away breathlessly, a huge grin plastered on your face. “Oui.”

Je t’aime = I love you + Oui = yes, aha

That was fun! Hope you liked it!!