es 330


1966 Gibson ES-330 (plus a Toronto street scene).  

The Epiphone version of this guitar was the Casino.  At well under 7 pounds, this guitar is light as a feather (well…a heavy feather anyway…).  One day I hope to find a 1968 ES-330.  ‘68 was the year they went to the “long neck” on which the the neck join is moved up by several frets (from 15 to 19 maybe?  I can’t remember exactly…), making access to the top-most frets easier.  The ES-335, 345 and 355 always had this join, but it took until 1968 to find it on the 330.


I sold my 1996 Epiphone Casino to help pay for the new 1969 Mustang.  This is a lovely guitar, and though I didn’t want to sell it, the fact was that I fon’t play it that much, and I have a vintage Gibson ES-330…which is pretty much the exact same guitar!

The buyer AJ tuned out to be a drummer in a well-known Canadian band called Cuff the Duke.  He also has his own band called Odd Years.

Here’s one of my favourite Cuff the Duke songs (AJ on drums):  

And here’s one from Odd Years (AJ on guitar and singing):